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    This plugin can read the text files in the plugin/Reader folder as normal commands. The command is the filename without the .txt extension. Using the command will read the text file, parsing colour. If the file is longer than 12 lines, it will be pagerized.

    Download: http://goo.gl/h27UV [Version 1.4]​

    You can also use colours with with §a, etc. *nix boxes might not like the section character, so for you I've made one that parses & -> §. This is also done when you append to a file ingame.

    /[cmd] : Using Permissions (reader.command.[cmd]) Eg: "reader.command.rules"
    /[cmd] [page number] : Read a certain page.
    readeradd [cmd] [line] : Append [line] at the end of the file representing [cmd]. Can be used in console. (reader.admin.add)
    readerreload : Reload all commands from file. Can be used in console. (reader.admin.reload)

    Optional Plugin Extensibility
    Permissions: link

    Change Log
    • Updated for latest Bukkit API
    • Compiled against Permissions 1.5 and changed the link to the new thread.
    • Removed unused line used for the help command in hMod.
    • Moved Reader folder to proper location for Bukkit plugins.
    • Changed command "reader add" to "readeradd".
    • Added command "readerreload".
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    Almost the same as MC... something. Anyways, I'll change to this IF it supports multiple word commands;
    /search chocolate
    /search awesome thingy thing thing 4
    /search muffins 2
    These all output a text file. Not the same text file of course.
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    andrew pearson

    Hey dude
    your download link is broken and I really want this plugin!
    good job
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    fixed the link
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    this seems to be a powerful plugin. looking forward to experimenting with it
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 8:01 PM ---
    does this support multiple word commnads? /warp base

    and does this support any variables such as %name. /give %name stone 64

    could you maybe post a few examples of how this can be used.
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    I asked for the same above. No reply so far. I second this for the second time.
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    I don't have much time. I could probably get it to work with multi word commands, no no time soon.
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    I'll change as fast as that happens :)
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    Can you the commands bindable to a bookshelf block?
    That would be crazy awesome.
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    I agree, that would be ... Easy and powerful o.o
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    Yes please! :D
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    It don't work for me, but looks great ! Can you upgrade it ?
    I have Craftbukkit build 493 and I get this error :

    I'm looking forward use this plugin, please solve this bug :)
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    Please could you tell what do i have to type in permissions to allow people to see my reader texts because actually they don't have the permission :/
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    is there a tutorial somewhere on how to use this?

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