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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zaros, May 30, 2011.

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    Latency Tester - Test your lag:
    Version: v0.2

    A very simple plugin that I was surprised to we wasn't already made. When the player types /ping the server returns a message. It also has a extremely small footprint.

    • A command to test for lag.

    Source Code

    Planned updates:
    • Add an ability to change the command and response messages.
    • (?) Permission support
    • More basic commands?
    Known bugs:
    • None!

    Version 0.2
    • Added console command support
    Version 0.1
    • Release
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    I'm pretty sure this is a CommandBook command, not a WorldEdit one. Just for clarification. :)
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    You're right, thanks. :confused:

    Edit: Check CommandBook with LatencyTester, and they had no issues. Shouldn't be problems any as no one would needs both.
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    would be great if the plugins would display how much delay in ms, u have.
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    It would be nice, but as far as I know java has no API for this. I could have the server send back server time, but that would be less useful for players in other time zones. I'll keep looking into it. :cool:
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    essentails already has a ping command, could you possibly use another word?
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    Mhm, is there something specific you would like? I'm working on a way to customize at the moment.
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    /latency would be fine


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    tha d0ctor

    /ping contradicts an essentials command, but you can always remoe that command from the plugin.yml of essentials with winrar
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    @tha D0cter Well I see this plugin as one for people that don't have the command already, but don't want to download a big plugin to get it. If some one already has the command, I have no idea why they would use this... :confused:

    Also, the command would have to be changed in the plugin.yml and the .class files

    @Hanswalter123 /lag version
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    thank u very much
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    You don't see your own chat messages until server sends them back to you, so simple "-" in chat is enough to test the lag. Unless you add the time calculation this is pretty much useless.
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    I wouldn't worry about conflicts with essentials, it's historically been a problematic plugin doing much more than it's name would imply, though people still seem to use it...

    Agreed, this needs the time calculation to be useful really.
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    If there was a way I could ping the user from the server and send them the result I would. As for time calculation, this plugin was designed as a simple way for me to experiment with commands. However, it serves as a utility just like the one built into CommandBook.

    I've already thought about sending back the time to the user or something of the sort, but this would be annoying with time zone differences. The server runs on different time than some players, and I feel the time zone difference would be annoying. Like I said, if there was a way to ping and return the result I'd use it.

    Thanks for the kind words. Regardless of it being 'useless', I'll continue to support and add on to it.

    Edit: I've found a ping utility and may attempt to add it in at a later time.
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    This would be great! I won't use the plugin for now until I can get some sort of metric back (like time in ms). But so far this is a great tool, and I agree. I am surprised no one has made something like it!

    Can't wait to see your improvements! :D

    Edit: And I agree, server time zone differences would make returning the time kind of useless, and not very user friendly. Keep up the good work :)
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    When I type in /ping, the server says pong +_+
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    Its.... supposed to?
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    Seems like he's on a server running essentials. That's what happens when you use the /ping command in essentials. Looks like your command conflicts with essentials command.
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    I don't run essentials.
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    It says pong in both console and to player I believe. Can't remember atm and not at home so can't check
    Edit: Thought about it, it shouldn't come from server. Are you running CommandBook?
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    I like this, some of my players always wrote "test" to test the lag, now they can do the same without annoying others. :)
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    Glad its useful, its partially the reason I released it. Hopefully I'll have a ping response added soon which will be even more useful. ;)
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    Cool, looking forward to it :)
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    can you please post a screenshot or textexample of what message i get in chat when i command /ping ?
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    Isn't the P:<value> you see when you press F3 the ping to the server?

    It does make sense, it's like 100ish with 2 people on the server I'm moderating, and 300 when people with shitty internet are on, or more people :)
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    same here only getting alway a "pong"

    useless plugin than if this is all
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    For now, all you get is pong. Its a utility command just like the one included in command book. Also, please no matter how simple a plugin is don't insult it. No one is making you use it.
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    TBH I use Essentials so I use it's ping command, which works identical to this one, and it really is a useful command, I do not know why people are knocking it... Yeah you can test lag just the same in chat, but some find it annoying, especially if you have a rather large server with fast chat scroll as it is. I use /ping all the time and most of my players do too, it's effective, simple, and works without disturbing anyone else.

    Though a measured time would be nice, the command as it stands is still extremely useful, so don't go knocking it for it's simplicity (Which sometimes can be way better then complexity!)
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    This is suppose to say pong when you type /ping right?
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