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    tl;dr - a Plugin that displays an MOTD and the player list in a specified colour, as well as inform users of a new user. Can be set up to display user's name and country when joining

    Config file can set MOTD (up to 5 lines) and the colour you want it to be exported as
    !infreload reloads the MOTD
    !motd displays MOTD again along with the playerlist (This Command can be edited in the informant.properties)
    !playerlist displays the playerlist (This Command can be edited in the informant.properties)
    Please note!:!motd and !playerlist will ONLY be set as the default, if you set them as active in your informant.properties file. e.g. to enable !motd, enter "motdcmd=" or "motdcmd=!motd". If you don't wish it to be !motd you can make it "motdcmd=!<anything you like>" and it will trigger the same as !motd. Same goes for !playerlist, you have to set it to use it. and you can set it to whatever you like.

    1. Install the informant.jar into your plugins directory and start and stop the server (creating the informant.properties file in the server root directory then /plugins/informant/<here>)
    2. Edit the informant.properties file to show "motd=Your MOTD Here"
    3. For multiple lines, line 2 would be "motd2=this is line 2" up to "motd5=this is line 5, the last line"
    4. Below that, type "colour=" and then 1 of 16 colours
    dark blue
    dark green
    dark aqua
    dark red
    dark purple
    dark gray
    light purple
    5. the "!playerlist" command output can be customised using "playlistmsg=". e.g "playlistmsg=Current players are: " which will, when !playerlist is typed output "Current players are: MarkusNemesis"

    Inside your MOTD, you can have % codes:
    %p will display the connecting player's name. (e.g. "motd=Welcome %p!" will output "Welcome Markusnemesis!")
    %n displays the player count. (e.g. motd=Welcome %p, there are currently %n player(s) playing" will output "Welcome MarkusNemesis, there are currently 1 player(s) playing"
    %l resolves the user's IP address to a country. NEW!

    All of these outputs will be in the colour you chose.

    6. Server now informs others on the server of a user's first time when they join. This message is customised using "newusermsg=", e.g. "newusermsg=%p is new! say hi!"

    7. Player joining the server executes the new "playerjoined=" field in the properties file. playerjoined= uses the same %commands as all and displays to all players.

    How to disable features:
    Refer to the example informant.properties file below for an explanation as to how.



    DOWNLOAD Version 1.5
    Download Version 1.5.1 build #107
    Download Version 1.5.2 build #450 NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE
    DOWNLOAD Version 1.6
    Download Version 1.6 build #470 !help now displays help
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #470 player list now displays on login if set to.
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #556 (Informant builds were based off bukkit builds, not craft bukkit builds... Has since been recompiled for craftbukkit #556)
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #602
    Download Version 1.6.2 build #602 (No new features, just bug fixes.)

    Any suggestions? please leave them below!

    Updated to CraftBukkit #81

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    Currently working on it as we speak. I was sick on Monday so i never went in. But I have set up my phone to act as a remote control to my home server (i have no monitors, they both drowned with my PC during a cyclone a few weeks back...) and am actually developing (basically) on my phone.
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 5:59 PM ---
    Version 1.5.2 is out, only bug fixes thus far.
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 6:07 PM ---
    Oh and sadly due to the changes in the command structure, you can no longer customise the commands.

    The commands are now static, and to ensure uniquity, are now:


    Currently, what is holding me back on making the commands customisable again is the way the new commands system works. So until the Bukkit team work on it, I cannot.

    the reason why it is /showplayerlist is so it does not conflict with other commands. I really wish i could make it /list but a lot of plugins use /list. Sorry, I too am quite upset at the Bukkit team for limiting this functionality, considering the feedback my feature had received.

    I do believe they would collide. When my PC situation improves, ill work a lot more on making informant very mix and match oriented. But right now, there is only so much i can do on my phone at a time before insanity sets in..

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    Any reason why this http://pastebin.com/ewUAuPiE
    Won't appear on initial load?
    And when I reload it appears with this? (I'm using BigBrother, HeroChat, Permissions, MyHome and AFK) inf.png
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    Great Plugin! One question doing /showmotd also shows who is currently playing, is that supposed to happen?
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    I will look into your problem soon, But for now it is late and my thumbs are aching from this cursed touch pad.
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    Don't bother, I'm going to un-install then re-install all of my Plug-ins again. Thanks anyway.
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    Well I bothered but I cannot reproduce your error. Everything works fine on my side for as long as there is a config file.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 1:27 AM ---
    Thinking of re-implementing the commands system by bypassing the Bukkit commands, and making the command syntax "!commandhere" instead of "/commandhere", thus allowing the custom commands again. The command wouldn't show in the chat box as it will "cancel" the chat event.

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    Alright so almost everything works great now, colour can be fully customised and that constructor thing is gone. Is there any way to remove the following parts in the red boxes (namely a list of people online and the country the person is from?)

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    ill punch that out thursday
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    Okay, I figured out the Informantv1.5.2 clashes with Permissions, or at least it is for me at the moment. I'm not sute if there is a way for me to get around this or if an update is needed, thanks anyway!
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    Please post your config file so i can reproduce this error, I cannot reproduce this so far.

    Also please post your "prevusers.list" file as well. It SHOULD have a "##DoNotRemove!##" at the top to stop this very issue.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 6:35 PM ---
    Bug reproduced. It is because your prev users file is empty (as in, Zero Kb empty), so please put something like:

    If there is no log in message in the config, it creates one for you. I suppose i can make 1.6 allow you to enable and disable every feature. That will take time.

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    For some reason I can't set the playerlistcmd to anything else than /showplayerlist. That's a bit long. If it's something else it will just produce: "Unknown console command.".

    Is it possible to use just /playerlist or /online?
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    As per the notification above the download link, this version no longer allows command customisation, due to a change in the Bukkit API. Please read the notification for more details.

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    Ok, so they are static. I'd like a build where they are hard coded to be /motd and /playerlist.
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    New Informant version underway, re-implementing custom commands and adding function disabling.
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 1:51 PM ---
    Informant 1.6 released. The commands system is now !command based.

    e.g. !motd displays the motd (unless defined in the informant.properties as otherwise)

    Features can also be disabled. Please read the example properties file for more details.

    Enjoy! and don't forget to post bugs!

    oh, and donate if you like my work and wish for me to work on this in a more hasty fashion.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 2:04 AM ---
    No feedback so far :| 40 downloads and not a peep :|
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    Download link doesnt work
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    Markus, regarding the custom commands, why not use "PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS" to handle your custom commands?

        public void onPlayerCommandPreprocess(PlayerChatEvent event) {
            // TODO: Do stuff here, exactly the same as onPlayerChat()
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    I feel that using my own system will protect me from any possible changes. But if people really hate my new command system ill look into this.
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    i love your plugin!
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    Markus, I found another potential solution to the custom commands problem. Plugin.yml in your plugin can specify command aliases as follows:

    name: Give
    version: 0.3
    main: net.madmanmarkau.Give.Give
    author: MadManMarkAu
    description: >
                 Command to give items to player.
        description: Gives user items.
        aliases: give
        usage: /<command> <item> [<amount>]
    My plugin implements onCommand() and checks for the command "madmanmarkau_give". If the user types "/give", Bukkit will alias this command to "/madmanmarkau_give" and pass it to my plugin. The command can be changed by editing plugin.yml in the .jar file with something like WinRAR. I'm investigating to see if Bukkit has built-in command aliasing in a config file somewhere, or if I can write a plugin to do it.
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    Editting yml files is the last thing i want my users to have to do, it's just far too complicated. Thanks for trying to help although.
    You're very welcome. Glad you enjoy it.

    163 downloads of this version. the record to beat is 1032 downloads, which was version 1.5.2 :D
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    interesting looking plugin, 2 things:

    can you maybe (when a new person joins) make the plugin broadcast how many UNIQUE players have joined? i saw something similar to this on a hey0 server

    can you maybe have it allow more than 5 lines?
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    Sure thing. Ill make it support 2.1 billion lines. And the unique player count i could try also.
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    When I log into the game, it doesn't show anything.

    Installed it correctly, copied your example essential.

    When I log in or do commands, dosen't work.

    Any Ideas?

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    Hmm upgraded to the latest craftbukkit version which broke the old outdated version of this I was using,then downloaded the latest version of this and /list does not work.
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    You know what would be awesome?
    When a Admin, Mod etc, comes in, it would display a public message like: Watch out! Admin Omni just entered the game!
    Thát, would be awesome.
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    Fixed my problem, simply added the GEOIP :)
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    Please re-read the OP, as due to changes in the command system, all Informant commands are now !<command> instead of /<command>.
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    Hmm, I'd much prefer to edit one yml file on my server than to try and get all the users on the server to figure out when they should use ! for a command and when they should use /. We're all editing yml for permissions anyhow.

    But it's moot really, this plugin doesn't really need commands at all, least of all server configurable ones. The message it displays is the only thing it needs to do (everything else is done by other plugins, or you can just reconnect if you're that desperate to see the motd again ;) )

    IMHO the less plugins do the better. Too many start with a good idea and then slowly feature creep until they are doing what a bunch of other plugins are already doing. I've 2 plugins that display some kind of motd, a few that list players in one way or another, 2 that let you teleport around etc, 2 that stop people from building to some degree or another - and it's not that I want 2, it's that what the plugins actually do - their good idea - is usually unique and the reason I have it installed. But they seemingly can't say "no" when folk ask for a feature. It compounds the command problem further because there are only so many ways you can say motd or teleport, fling, throw, leap, chuck.. :)

    But yes, the current plugin command thing is ugly. Everytime I upgrade the commands all change - and really that doesn't hurt me, it hurts the less savvy players that don't even know half the commands exist and I can see in logs the number who are trying commands that have changed and so on.

    Namespaces is one solution (programmers figured out you simply cannot hope for names not to clash decades ago) although it might result in more typing (ideally the client needs to allow command editing and a bunch of stuff like that) But, I personally much prefer plugins that have syntax like

    /guestprev add
    /guestprev remove
    /guestprev help

    There's less chance of a clash there and you can probably shorten to /gp

    Rather than the vain hope that generic commands like /add and /remove will be unique (or a roll your own solution that just seems to be saying "I give in, you figure out some unique command names") Or worse /LongCommandsLikeThis
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    Thank you for your insight, but as you stated, the less savvy people don't know. In my plugin's case, to inform the lesser knowledgeable folk about the commands, you can simply put on the last line of your motd, "type !help for informant commands, /help for others".

    I'm just trying to tailor to everyone. And i shall remain adamant in maintaining the scope of the plugin as it stands today.

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