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    tl;dr - a Plugin that displays an MOTD and the player list in a specified colour, as well as inform users of a new user. Can be set up to display user's name and country when joining

    Config file can set MOTD (up to 5 lines) and the colour you want it to be exported as
    !infreload reloads the MOTD
    !motd displays MOTD again along with the playerlist (This Command can be edited in the informant.properties)
    !playerlist displays the playerlist (This Command can be edited in the informant.properties)
    Please note!:!motd and !playerlist will ONLY be set as the default, if you set them as active in your informant.properties file. e.g. to enable !motd, enter "motdcmd=" or "motdcmd=!motd". If you don't wish it to be !motd you can make it "motdcmd=!<anything you like>" and it will trigger the same as !motd. Same goes for !playerlist, you have to set it to use it. and you can set it to whatever you like.

    1. Install the informant.jar into your plugins directory and start and stop the server (creating the informant.properties file in the server root directory then /plugins/informant/<here>)
    2. Edit the informant.properties file to show "motd=Your MOTD Here"
    3. For multiple lines, line 2 would be "motd2=this is line 2" up to "motd5=this is line 5, the last line"
    4. Below that, type "colour=" and then 1 of 16 colours
    dark blue
    dark green
    dark aqua
    dark red
    dark purple
    dark gray
    light purple
    5. the "!playerlist" command output can be customised using "playlistmsg=". e.g "playlistmsg=Current players are: " which will, when !playerlist is typed output "Current players are: MarkusNemesis"

    Inside your MOTD, you can have % codes:
    %p will display the connecting player's name. (e.g. "motd=Welcome %p!" will output "Welcome Markusnemesis!")
    %n displays the player count. (e.g. motd=Welcome %p, there are currently %n player(s) playing" will output "Welcome MarkusNemesis, there are currently 1 player(s) playing"
    %l resolves the user's IP address to a country. NEW!

    All of these outputs will be in the colour you chose.

    6. Server now informs others on the server of a user's first time when they join. This message is customised using "newusermsg=", e.g. "newusermsg=%p is new! say hi!"

    7. Player joining the server executes the new "playerjoined=" field in the properties file. playerjoined= uses the same %commands as all and displays to all players.

    How to disable features:
    Refer to the example informant.properties file below for an explanation as to how.



    DOWNLOAD Version 1.5
    Download Version 1.5.1 build #107
    Download Version 1.5.2 build #450 NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE
    DOWNLOAD Version 1.6
    Download Version 1.6 build #470 !help now displays help
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #470 player list now displays on login if set to.
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #556 (Informant builds were based off bukkit builds, not craft bukkit builds... Has since been recompiled for craftbukkit #556)
    Download Version 1.6.1 build #602
    Download Version 1.6.2 build #602 (No new features, just bug fixes.)

    Any suggestions? please leave them below!

    Updated to CraftBukkit #81

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    Thanks i like this plugin, i was wondering if you could update it to support multiple lines for the MOTD?

    Also if you could change "currently playing are:" to something like "The following players are online:" or "Current Players Online:" the "currently playing are:" doesn't really sound correct grammatically.
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    I'll add in support for up to 5 lines of MOTD and a customisable "Currently playing: " entry as well.

    Give me a few moments.
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    Thank you so much, i look forward to the update. ^_^
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    Update made, currently in testing.

    Version 1.1 released.

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    Nice, thank you :D
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    Is there gonna be something like: "Arandomperson123 Joined for the first time!" thingy?
    Would be kinda awesome =D Thnx for this plugin =D
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    i could indeed. would you like me to work on that now?
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    I agree i think that would be a cool idea for the first time visit thing. :D
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    Right-o, working on that now.

    Version 1.2 released. Updating OP

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    What does 1.2 add exactly i don't see any notes, or is it the first time joining thing? :eek:
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    I'm working on the change notes now.

    1. the informant.properties file has been moved to /plugins/informant/here
    2. newusermsg=Welcome our new user: %p or something can be added to the properties
    3. prevusers.list contains the users who have joined the server once before.
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    Sweet thanks :D!

    I now only have 1 more request :p Could you make it either say something like...

    "Welcome majorcyto from the UnitedStates"
    "Welcome back majorcyto from the UnitedStates"

    or whatever the users country is, i think the welcome back option would be more suffice it could check the list and if it is NOT there first time to join then it could say welcome back, and what country they hail from.
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    So you want the MOTD displayed, then their personal greeting. Okay. Not too sure if their IP can be resolved to their country, but ill poke about for how and ill post here when i've figured it out.
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    Well the welcome back thing should broadcast to everyone on the server, so everyone knows they have logged on.
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    oh, rightio. I've no idea how to override the standard "MarkusNemesis has joined the game." message, but i suppose they can live with eachother.
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    Yeah pretty much, i had this back on hey0 it would say "Welcome majorcyto from the UnitedStates" or whatever country there from.

    But since you have a list you could check from to see if there new or not it could be "Welcome back majorcyto from the UnitedStates" on there visits after the first one. And it lets everyone know with a more detailed message? I dont know i really enjoyed knowing what country players were from lol.
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    Well after looking into it. I cannot find a 3rd party IP lookup that returns a useable result to extrapolate from.
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    sad :(
    It've been done with a hmod plugin, so i guess its possible...Is it possible any other plugin developers could help? :p
    I'm really going to replace LoginMessage with this if you'll implant the country-thing :D
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    Well, what i could do is make my home server run the IP location fetching, then your plugin will talk to it and do it that way. but uptime is not 100% :(
    --- merged: Jan 19, 2011 7:39 PM ---
    Eureka! I've gotten a good lead on how this shall work. location fetching is now in testing.
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    Yay i look forward to what you find, the one i was using used some kind of geoip.dat file or something.. i dont have it anymore though. D:
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    InetAddressLocator is what LoginMessage and rTriggers use. :3 The latter can do the "message for the person in addition to message for everyone" thing, but it doesn't keep track of people's first logins or anything.

    That would be a constantly growing overhead, especially with players who'd log in once, and never again (adding to the size of the tracking stuff).
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    Give me another 12 hours for this. I've not slept and it is 6pm. and i have places to be in a few hours.

    Everything is running except the %code and the newusers.
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    Version 1.3 released. now with Geoip lookup. Please report bugs.

    Changelog is here
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    Sweet thanks ill test this in a bit when i can and let you know how it works :D

    BY the way, I had to disable Version 1.2 because it was crashing the server, one person could log in but when ANOTHER person logged in (2 or more) It instantly crashed the server, not like crashed as in restart, it froze it and i had to restart it manually in the terminals.

    I disabled plugins one by one, so i know its informant for a fact i tested it about 8 times. Im not sure if itll be fixed in 1.3 but you might want to test this?
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    I tested it. it was an error in the "previous users" check. the vector would check the first entry infinitely rather than increment. Sorry about that.
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    Oh, its ok :D

    So you did fix it in 1.3 then? :]
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    Yes it is now fixed after a lot of pulling my hair out. But i needed a haircut anyway.

    Please suggest any changes or fixes, your input gives me things to do!

    in version 1.4 there will be the ability to change the "/motd" command to anything you like, as well as the "/playerlist" command. /infreload will be non customisable. But 1.4 is held off until futher input is given as to what to add.

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    Just tested it, it works correctly thank you Markus for putting in all my requests. :D!

    I look forward to what you have in 1.4, if i come up with anything new ill let you know :3

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