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    HeroicDeath - Player Death Notification Plugin (v1.11.2)
    Download HeroicDeath v1.11.2 [CraftBukkit 1174+]
    Download HeroicDeath v1.9.1 [CraftBukkit 1035~1173]
    Download HeroicDeath v1.8.2 [CraftBukkit 561~1034]
    Download HeroicDeath v1.6.1 [CraftBukkit 349~560]
    Download HeroicDeath v1.3.1 [CraftBukkit 348-]
    Latest Jar Only | In Development Jar

    Due to API changes, if you are not using the latest Recommended Build of CraftBukkit, DO NOT download the latest build of HeroicDeath. I have provided links to all legacy versions of HeroicDeath based on which CraftBukkit versions they support.

    CraftIRC Integration
    Do you use CraftIRC? Do you want HeroicDeath to send its death messages to your IRC channel? Xon has developed a helper plugin to do just that! I do not maintain or test this plugin, but I am happy to endorse it and link it for any CraftIRC/HeroicDeath users who want to use both together.

    JSONAPI Integration
    Xon has ALSO developed a helper plugin that pushes HeroicDeath messages to JSONAPI, allowing server admins to easily procure deaths via anything capable of reading a JSON string. Thanks, Xon!

    • Broadcast cause of death when a player dies
    • Shows who killed whom in PvP and with what item
    • Shows which kind of monster was responsible for eating a player
    • Optionally shows which world they were killed in!
    • Define an unlimited (within reason) number of custom messages based on cause of death, and a random message will be chosen
    • Log deaths to a configurable file, including timestamp and location of death!
    • Send messages on a per-world basis or to the whole server, configure which worlds should get messages and which shouldn't!
    • Define the text color to be used for the message, the player(s) involved, and the "murder weapon" (for PvP deaths)
    • Customize item names to be displayed for PvP deaths (Ex. "Excalibur" instead of "Gold Sword")
    • Supports items with durability! (wood, coal, dye, wool)
    • Item list doesn't need to be updated for future Minecraft patches! (If an item is not defined in the items file, the name of its Material will be prettified and used by default)
    • Supports following causes of death (all lines below the :Tag will be treated as messages for that type of death):


    1. FAST INSTALL: Drop the JAR in your plugins directory and reload plugins; HeroicDeath will automatically create default files. If you want to edit them before your first run:
    2. Download latest .ZIP archive from the link at the top
    3. Extract the archive into your main server directory (archive contains directory mapping)
    4. Open /plugins/HeroicDeath/config.yml and configure to taste
    5. Open /plugins/HeroicDeath/heroicdeath.messages and add/remove/edit death messages
    6. Open /plugins/HeroicDeath/heroicdeath.items and add/remove/edit item names
    7. Save all configuration files and reload your server

    The config file contains default text colors and logging preferences. You can specify the chat colors that will be used for broadcasting a death message, displaying the name of the dead (and their killer if applicable), and displaying the name of the item used to kill the player (for PvP deaths). You can now also choose whether or not to log death data, death messages, and a few formatting choices for your logs.

    This file is saved in the YAML format, so please be sure to maintain the formatting and change only the element values.
    Default configuration:

    Show Spoiler
    # HeroicDeath Configuration
    # Messages are defined in heroicdeath.messages
    # Items (for PvP kills) are defined in heroicdeath.items
    # This file is for configuration of colors, log preferences and localized mob names
    ## Color options
    ## message: Text color of death notifications, wrapped around names/item.
    ## name: Color for the name of victim and killer.
    ## item: Color for the name of the item used in a PvP death.
    #Color is defined according to the Bukkit enum ChatColor
    #Acceptable entries:
    #If color entered is inappropriate, HeroicDeath will default to the following values:
    ##message: RED
    ##name: DARK_AQUA
    ##item: GOLD
        message: RED
        name: DARK_AQUA
        item: GOLD
    #Logging Preferences:
    ##data: true to log a serialized object representing all the relevant information associated with a death
    ##messages: true to log death messages (as output to the server) to a separate file
    ##time: Whether or not to timestamp messages (if logging messages), and what timestamp format to use for data/messages
    ###stamp: true to timestamp messages
    ###format: Uses format strings from Java SimpleDateFormat.  Read all here:
    ##files: Filenames to store data/messages in.  A server admin could ostensibly change this value daily/weekly/monthly for collection of timed logs
    ###data: Data storage filename
    ###messages: Messages storage filename
        data: true
        messages: true
            stamp: true
            format: MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss z
            data: death_data.log
            messages: death_messages.log
    #Event Support:
    ##If you only want HeroicDeath to send its custom event for other plugins to pick up, and NOT send the death message, set this to true.
        only: false
    #Localized monster names:
    ##If you would like to specify custom localization for the mob names, edit the defaults below
        ghast: Ghast
        slime: Slime
        monster: Monster
        zombie: Zombie
        pigzombie: PigZombie
        spider: Spider
        creeper: Creeper
        skeleton: Skeleton
        wolf: Wolf
        unknown: Unknown
        giant: Giant
    ##useDisplayName: Set to true if you want HeroicDeath to display the player's display name instead of their fixed character name.
    ##serverBroadcast: Set to FALSE if you want HeroicDeath to only broadcast its messages in the world they belong to.
    ##worlds: Lists of quiet/loud worlds for broadcast targeting. NOTE: World names are case-sensitive.
    ###quiet: Worlds listed here will NEVER receive ANY HeroicDeath broadcasts.
    ###loud: Worlds listed here will ALWAYS receive ALL HeroicDeath broadcasts.
        useDisplayName: false
        serverBroadcast: true
            quiet: [peacefulworld, noobworld]
            loud: [pvpworld, nether]

    Contains all the possible messages that can be displayed, sorted by type of death. Every line under a death type label is treated as a message for that death type, until the next label is reached. Labels are prefixed with the colon ":" and are self-explanatory.
    Variables accepted in messages:

    %d holds the name of the dead player.
    %a holds the name of the attacking entity (player or monster) for PVP and Monster deaths.
    %i holds the name of the attacking player's current item for PVP deaths.
    %w holds the world the death occurred in
    This file contains custom names for the item a PvP killer is holding. The names here will be replaced in the %i marker for PvP deaths. If a mapping is not provided for an item in this file, a default name will be used automatically.
    Item Format: NAME:ID:<Optional>DATA
    Item IDs and Data Values may be found on the Minecraft Wiki
    Optional DATA parameter uses hex notation, so purple wool would be "purple wool:35:0xa"

    If you have translated heroicdeath.messages into another language and would like to share your translation with the community, let me know! I'd be happy to share it here in the OP for those looking.

    German - By Keav -

    Changelog (Download Full Changelog)
    Version 1.11.2
    • Added 1.8 mobs Enderman, Cave Spider, Silverfish
    • Added passive mobs Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Squid
    Version 1.11.1
    • Fixed an exception that would occur if the player dies without being damaged first (such as by a rogue plugin)
    Version 1.11.0
    • Added support for MC 1.8.1 death messages (by removing them)
    • Added new MC 1.8.1 items
    • Added support for STARVATION DamageCause
    Version 1.10.0
    • Added support for SUICIDE DamageCause, mainly for the /suicide and /kill default commands.
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  2. @SquallSeeD31
    I would really like an option to keep theese message per world so to speak. My main concerne here isnt keeping pve/accident messages from going across worlds, but rather keeping the pvp ones in pvp world. Altough keeping all world specific would probably be best.

    My main world is a survival type and then we have addition worlds for pvp and personal challenge maps and the like. Problem is that when people go pvp crazy in pvp world it spams the crap out of the rest of the rest of worlds. Someone trying to carry on a conversation probably doesnt want to see 3 pages of people chopping up other people :)
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    This is added in 1.9.0.
    Set options.serverBroadcast to false and it'll only broadcast to the world the kill occurred in.
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    player kills not announcing who killed them, using spout -- does this support spout??
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    I have no idea what Spout is, so if it requires any particular changes, odds are I'm not doing them.
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    I use Heroic Death with mcMMO and many of my players train their acrobatics by falling, then dying (in various ways). It's kinda spammy in the chat. I was wondering if you could add an option to stop it from broadcasting non pvp deaths of the same nature (e.g. falling) that occur within 2 seconds of each other.
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    Like many other feature requests, it's not necessarily a bad idea, but it doesn't fit the design of HeroicDeath. I don't intend to discriminate between what constitutes a "real" death or not; the furthest I've gone with the control of death messages is my most recent build that allows admins to restrict messages to the worlds in which they originated.

    I can't tell if Joe and Harry are training their ability to fall down and die, so I just let you know that both of them have died. I can't really think of a good way to integrate such a request into HeroicDeath without it just being useless bloat to 90% of its users, so for those situations there's an event API that allows for external plugins to cancel/modify death notifications.
  8. Thanks for the broadcast option.

    Spout is the new name for BukkitContrib. I have Spout on my server, and you remember me saying bow/arrow something not registering always, aswell as skeleton kills going to herobrine? Spout is a plugin that most likely goes and pokes around everywhere. The plugin itself doesnt do anything but instead acts as a base for other plugins to use and for adding a very wide variation of features, like radio, capes, wolf names, speed improvements etc.

    Unfortunently i cant remove Spout until LogBlock stops depending on it for chest logging.
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    Are you still having projectile damage problems after installing 1.9.0? I was really certain I had tracked them all down. =/

    Anyway, if Spout really is the cause, digging through it isn't really my idea of a good time, but I wouldn't come to that conclusion just yet.
  10. I have yet to test 1.9.0. But i have to run to the bus in 4 minutes. I will do that later this afternoon, or if i can ssh in via phone ill order a few users to test it out and get back with a reponse as soon as i know :)

    Edit: users say that it seems to work. Not very extensive testing yet.

    Ive been fiddling with broadcast, silent and loud. But all i seem to get is on/off for certain worlds while broadcasting to all if on, even though broadcast is set to false.

    Perhaps both options can not be used in conjunction.

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    If a player kills another player it no longer broadcasts it to the server, It only says [Player] was killed by Herobrine, How can I fix this?
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    What is your exact desired effect and what configurations have you tried so far to achieve it? Specifically, "options.serverBroadcast" TRUE means "I want the message to be broadcast to the whole server, EXCEPT for worlds that are listed as quiet", and FALSE means "I only want messages to be sent to players of the world it originated from, unless that's a quiet world, AND I want that message to also be sent to all loud worlds"

    Which version of CraftBukkit, which version of HeroicDeath, does this happen with ALL deaths or just PvP deaths, does this happen with ALL PvP deaths or just some, and if at all possible, what weapon was the player using to kill the other player?

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    I have the latest version of HeroicDeath but build 1000 that might be the reason, Because I cannot update my server at the moment.
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    Yes; as I mentioned in the first post, a break in a recent build makes 1000 incompatible with HeroicDeath 1.8.3 and beyond; you can download 1.8.2 for use with 1000.
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    Can you add a way to tell what world the death occurred in? Like '%w' in the custom messages would be replaced by the world name?
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    Good idea. I've added this just as you described it to 1.9.1. So just to be clear, there's no configuration option or default messages that include the world name, but if you want, you're welcome to add it to any message with %w
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    Hi! Can you add UTF-8 support? I want to use cyrillic characters in messages, but this plugin can't handle with them now.
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    Short answer: UTF-8 is already supported, but that won't help you. What you need is something I can't do.

    Long answer: Minecraft inherently supports UTF-8, but it only uses a small subset of the characters allowed. Client mods that have attempted to add support for a given language in the past have done this by changing the mappings of some of the characters so that it would display the target language instead. These mods basically have a lookup table that converts your cyrillic input into a character position in font.txt that's been modified, so that you see cyrillic in game. In other words, you type U+0411 (Б) and the mod converts it to U+00FC (ü) to send, and then the mod on the other end converts it back from U+00FC into U+0411 so your friend sees the cyrillic. You could save U+0411 in HeroicDeath, but it would send that literally to the client, which doesn't know how to map it, so you would just see garbage.
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    This is one of my favorite plugins I've seen. :)

    One question - what's up with there being more than one entry for some item:data combos, each with a different name?
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    Hey, just a quick question. Would it be possible for me to provide my users with custom death messages per item using this plugin? As in, one death message when killed by a gold sword and another when killed by an iron one?
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    Largely as a holdover from the hMod version of this plugin, they're there as a subtle hint to the server administrator who doesn't know the item IDs by heart (this was also ostensibly before everyone knew how to look them up). Mechanically, the last entry HeroicDeath encounters is the one that will be used for that item.

    @Derthmounter: If I want to maintain the old hMod method for handling messages, that might be a little tricky, but I'm tempted to rewrite the file-handling code anyway. If I do, I'll consider this feature for addition.
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    Thanks a bunch! Really looking forward to this if it eventually comes, because I've yet to encounter any notification system that does this.
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    Which version of HeroicDeath does your server report running when you type /version HeroicDeath?

    Also which version of CraftBukkit?
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    For some reason every single player-player kill is classfied as "other" (herobrine, unknown causes). Any reason for this? I appreciate it, and it's an awesome plugin!
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    Which version of CraftBukkit, which version of HeroicDeath?
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    Newest of both i believe
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    Okay, I bring it up because there was a recent break in CraftBukkit that causes builds below 1035 to be incompatible with HeroicDeath 1.8.4 and above. So if you haven't updated CB since RB1060 was released, or you haven't updated HeroicDeath in a while, I would understand those messages. Otherwise, it makes no sense to me.

    Please get me the output of /version and /version HeroicDeath so we can be sure. =)
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    Very sorry, how would i find that out? I really appreciate the help, most devs usually dont even post on here a lot :)
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    In game or from your console, type "/version". The resulting message is your CraftBukkit version. Then type "/version HeroicDeath" (case-sensitive!), which will give you the version of my plugin that you're running. Then let me know what you saw, and I can at least rule out a version mismatch.
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