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    DailyBibleVerse displays the BibleGateway.com VOTD in Minecraft at a set interval or when a user logs in. It also responds to the command /votd.


    Download - https://cr-wd.com/minecraft/plugins/DailyBibleVerse

    Change Log
    • 1.1 - Fixed pull pointer on server shutdown. Code clean up. dl
    • 1.0 - Initial Release dl
    Source - https://github.com/croemmich/DailyBibleVerse
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    BibleVerse? on no :D
    DailyChuckNorrisVerse would be nice *laugh*

    Thanks man.
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    I must say that I think this is an excellent idea.
  4. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhm...
    Well - I bet someone is gonna find a use for it. I'd like a plugin to get quotes from the Qur'an and the Talmud too. :3
    No wait, perhaps by brilliant scientists, yes, that's it. ^^
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    To the subjective ones:
    People. Please don't be subjective. Look at this as a plugin, and don't put your own opinions on it. This will cause more and more arguments.

    I don't say this cause I'm a strong believer of Religion (In fact I don't got a religion, and I'm a lazy "dun care" athist).
    I would just like to keep the forums easy to read through with objective posts, I don't care about your opinion. I want to see the plugin and possibly the suggestions. And if I find something that can be improved and/or any other ideas/question, I tell the author about it in the posts.

    Technically; keep it objective, not off topic and keep it harmless.

    To the bukkit team:
    If a person makes a plugin for a religion,macs/pc only,special people. I actually suggest it to upload it to some special forum/topic. Since people actually start flamewars,arguments,off topic discussions on normal forum(s)/topics.

    I hope this sorts out in the fill ;)
    To the plugin owner:
    I got a request for the plugin owner thought. Add a opinion to get text from a website, not from one specified website containing religion. And make it able to change!

    If you do that, I'll be satisfied :) ... Anyways, good work.
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    We will not be catering to any special groups just to prevent flamewares, blah, blah. We will moderate obvious inflammatory comments but we are not here to hold your hand. The OP built a specific plugin from a request. Get Over It! I don't care what people do as long as they act with some basic decency.
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    Just a suggestion silly person >w> ... I always post suggestions.
    I'm fine with the Bukkit team moderating the commands by hand, I'm just trying to find a simpler solution. I'm not the person who cares much about it.

    When it comes to this plugin, it's published official and not made specified for one person.
    It might be requested but still added to the public. That way I believe I should be able to add requests.

    And I'm sorry. :) I don't want to tell you what to do.
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    for those of a religous nature this will be a good plugin, i am agnostic and take no offense to the plugin why should anyone?

    If the sounce code is released i can see it being adapted to any site, (comes to mind is haivng it dispaly random posts from a forum section)
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    While your plugin looks really cool (The formatting detail I like, and how it can pull off text from a site is also equally as cool) I, like many others, don't have a need to post excerpts from the bible on my server. Is there any chance we could get you to have it pull data from any website, or show us how to program that in ourselves? It would be a very, very useful tool if this were the case :)

    Thanks, and good work!
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    for croemmich : great idea and i agree whit some others make it this way so you can choose wich hmtl page you want to take text from and how much (that sort) it would be better to change the name than to dailyintertext or something but any how Great plugin :)
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    very neat plugin ty, I am definitly installing this on my server
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    Hey, dude, you mind writing one for the Qur'an too? You could even add the I Ching and famous quotes from Darwin, make it into a modular/choose-your-own thing. :)
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    ajay xalaxaaxax

    Great mod, thanks.
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    I fully support this idea.
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    I'm not practicing - but I am very happy someone made a plugin like this. if you dont like it - don't download it.
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    i totaly support this.
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    Wow... Can we just stop all the bible jokes and flame wars even if you dont believe in the bible... Take his source and make your own religion .. buddhism.. hindu... who cares just stop trying to flame us with your stuff. And dont make fun of our religion thats like saying "HAHAHA BUDDHA UR A FATTY!"
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    Some think religion based plugins are 'bad' because they have been programmed by society to support a universal 'rainbow' style belief system. Want a kuran / Santabook - go write the plugin for it.
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    Enough with the religion bashing! I don't care to have a bible verse plugin on my server but that is not the point. It is a freaking plugin that scrapes data from a website and displays it ingame. That is cool. Get over the religion part of it and start critiquing the plugin for what it is.

    NOTICE: If anyone makes another religion bashing post I will delete it. If it continues I will ban you. I would like to think we can practice freedom of speech without being assholes.
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    love your response so true :)
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    Hey Creommich,

    Any chance you'll update this plugin to support other websites as well?
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    Possibility of a daily Qu'ran? Daily Guru Gath sahib? Daily Tripitaka? Daily Talmud? Just a few Suggestions :) oh what about some of Richard Dawkins quotes, i have a link :D
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    I may. Right now it is hard coded to read the xml format from BibleGateway.com. What sites are you talking?

    I have to laugh... I thought my topic would be buried in a day and nobody would ever see it.
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    If there was a way to set it up to any website would be awesome, kinda like wikiquotes or something. Chuck norris joke of the day does sound funny for at least the first week it would be on a server.
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    This plugin reminds me of the book of Eli. I get very excited about the "faith" system. I don't care if you believe in buddah, Anti-Christ, Science or Satan. Just as long as you believe in something. :p

    PS: Watch the Book of Eli - it was awesome!
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    Thread locked while it is being cleaned up. Past this point, infractions are going to fly because this community is better than this.
    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 8:51 PM ---
    Thread unlocked. Keep it clean or we'll have to get involved.
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    I just have to say, out of all the plugins I've seen that display in-game text, this one by far is my favorite. Now I'm going to echo everyone else's thoughts and sigh "Ahh, if only I could adapt this plugin for my own personal usage*..." especially if it also was available for .html files that were offline and stored on a server.

    *And by that I mean my own custom text.
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    The code is open source. I am considering forking the project and making a more generic displayer. The problem with using html is two fold: parsing bad html is really difficult and html was never meant to be a data descriptor... that is what xml is for.
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    Ahh, okay. And I have no idea how to script lol, so for now I can only dream.
    Also, thumbs-up on the fork idea, rather than a conversion or something (not giving into haters ftw).

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