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    This plugin allows for players to see exactly how many days have passed since the creation of the world.

    • Server broadcasts message at the beginning of each day.
    • Use commands to get information about today.
    • Ability to customize daily message.
    • Add events for certain days (in Calendar\\events.data).
    • Change the name of each day and month (in Calendar\\calendar.data).
    • Event hooks for each new day.

    All commands are under /c
    • /c date - Gets the current day.
    • /c time - Gets the time.
    Date Format:
    There are 7 properties that can be used when customizing the date format, these are:
    • %dd - Prints the current Day.
    • %dddd - Prints the Day of the Week.
    • %wd - Prints the Day of the Week as a Number.
    • %ww - Prints the Week number.
    • %md - Prints the Day of the Month.
    • %mm - Prints the current Month.
    • %yyyy - Prints the Year number.
    Here are some example formats:
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    Example: %dddd, %md of %mm, %yyyy
    Prints: Saturday, 15 of June, 2

    Example: Day %wd, Week %ww
    Prints: Day 4, Week 14

    Example: %md/%mm/%yyyy
    Prints: 15/June/2

    Example: Good Morning, Today is day %dd
    Prints: Good Morning, Today is day 103

    Example: Today is day %md of the month of %mm, year %yyyy
    Prints: Today is day 15 of the month of June, year 2

    Event Hooks:
    To use the hooks in this plugin, simple create a class which extends the CalendarListener class, and call AddCalendarListener, passing it your CalendarListener.
    When this event is fired, it passes a CalendarEvent. The CalendarEvent contains the total number of days which have passed (as a long), and the current day of the week (as a String).

    To Do:

    • Add commands to get date and time of day.
    • Add the ability to set events on certain days and at certain times.
    • Add event hooks for other plugins.
    • Change to allow for specific dates (ie. 23rd June, 2013).
    • Add in any extra features suggested

    1) Extract the Calendar.zip and copy the Calendar.jar and Calendar folder into your plugin directory.
    2) Run your server.
    3) Open the calendar.data in the plugin\Calendar directory.
    4) Edit any of the properties, or just leave them as they are.

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    • Fixed bug with /c date command.
    • Added event hooks for other plugins.
    • Added customizable events (in Calendar\\events.data)
    • Added ability to customize the format of the daily message (DateFormat in calendar.data)
    • Added the CustomDate property. Leave false to use a default 'earth' date, or set to true if you want a custom date.

    • Forgot to change some parameters i use for debugging (should only be a problem with v1.2 and v1.21), all fixed now.
    • Removed code leftover from attempted custom events.

    • Updated to work with latest build of Craftbukkit (build 271).

    • Fixed bugs in creating the date.
    • Changed calendar.data to include 4 new properties (showdayname, showweek, showmonth, showyear).

    • Fixed null pointer exception when getting date.

    • Fixed an error in the new version of bukkit in getting the time.

    • Fixed command bug.

    • Fixed date not being in correct format when using /c date.

    • Changed path location, hopefully fixing error on Linux.

    • Implemented customisable days and months.

    • Fixed a couple of numbers.
    • Implemented commands.

    • Initial release.

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    We won't wait anymore ! (server admins are always hurried, aren't they ?)

    I've just read a message from Multimac saying "yes" to all that : yes he will release an updated version, and yes he is ok to send people the whole source so that we can make our own modifications.

    So here is my UNOFFICIAL updated version, that i've called 1.52 :
    Tested for compatibility with craftbukkit #493

    Thanks again Multimac, for your great plugin, and your agree to help you to maintain it.
    Have fun.
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    Nick Stevens

    Oh cool. In that case here's my own unofficial build attached as well although I named mine 1.4. Again tested with CB #493 but also somewhat modified over the original. Here's what I did (roughly):
    • Restructured the logging
    • Removed the (seemingly) inactive CalendarEventListener stuff
    • Added a parser for the events file (as it didn't seem to be getting read)
    • Added event triggers to TimeWatcher that successfully fired at the correct times (again didn't seem to work prior)
    • fixed TSLPC
    • Changed the namespace
    I'm glad Multimac is returning to this as I'm not all that proficient in Java and all of the above took me an age and gave me a headache. lol

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    My Calendar 1.52 source (forked from Multimac's Calendar 1.51) :

    Changes were minimal :
    - some warnings with Eclipse were cleaned
    - compatibility with last craftbukkit : using onCommand() and changed the plugin's constructor. Only that.
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    Nick Stevens

    Good call posting the source, Baptiste. Here's mine. I forgot to mention in my previous that I also switched to OnCommand() in this too.

    Good to see development springing back up around this plugin. :D

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    Please support the auto-updating plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate. To do so please provide a permanent direct link to the author of CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    The below is information they provide
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    My Plugin didn't supported, how i get it to work with CButD?
    Give me a permanent link to your Plugin, i will add it. That's all no changes at your SourceCode or something else, all I need is a permanent link to the newest version of your Plugin. A good place for this is http://www.dropbox.com/ or for OpenSource https://github.com/.

    I really enjoy using your plugin and would like to see it work well with the above listed 'updater' plugin.
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    Baptiste's version doesn't allow me to change the date format (it keeps resetting it to the default format) and Nick's version has a TimeEvent problem or so... :(
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    Edit: Oh nevermind my last entry! I tried Baptiste Pillot's version and it worked like a charm!
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    Nick Stevens

    I'm actually working on a rewrite, but I'm not sure when I'll be done.
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    Does this work on Signs? Say If i put %ddd on a sign would it say the date?
  11. Wow, that would really rock! Signed!
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    Wonderful! Please tell us when it's done!
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    My version seems to work, for the date format (not tried to change the time format, thus). Are you sure ?
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    Everything seems to have gone fine after all, I must've been seeing things that weren't there!

    Anyway I was wondering; would it be possible to update it to allow color-coding the times/dates? :)
    Or maybe a command to change the date in-game? Perhaps through more use of Permissions? :)

    Just a thought. :)
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    events not working for me :(
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    Maybe because it's Inactive.
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    im using plugin of another developer from here.

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