[INACTIVE][INFO] AutoHelp 0.2 - Support plugin for Help [740-860]

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    Abandoned - functionality to be included in the Help plugin itself

    AutoHelp - Support plugin for Help
    Version: 0.2

    This plugin is a helper for Help. It populates the help list by creating a category for each active plugin. Information about the plugins and their commands are extracted from their respective plugin.yml information files that reside in the plugin jars.
    If there is no information in the plugin.yml there won't be any help.

    • Auto-populates Help
    • Zero configuration
    Download AutoHelp
    Source Code

    Version 0.2
    • Reads command permissions
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Great Idea. Thanks.
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    This might be what I need, cuz my help file is bare.. What are the instructions to install it? I use Clanforge to host, so I have to upload it and it may be rejected without instructions. Thanks.
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    Well, it is zero configuration. Meaning you put the jar file in the plugins directory, restart the server and that's it. No config files and no other dependencies than the Help plugin, naturally.
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    If this pulls data out of the plugins themselves, would it be beneficial not to install the supplemental help files if what autohelp does it well on its own? Since I have some of those files, they are getting categories for same

    Oh I see what it does, it generates the extra help files itself. . NICE.

    I could see this as middleware.. Authors could just define their commands and what they do in their plugin file, and autohelp will keep an up date date help system in place using help.

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    Actually AutoHelp doesn't create any files. This plugin is very simple, no big magic involved.

    It works like this:
    Every plugin has a file containing information about it. This file is named plugin.yml and contains information like the authors, version, name and a list of commands and their descriptions. AutoHelp simply goes through all active plugins, loading their plugin.yml and extracting the command information. It then passes this information on to the Help plugin which is currently being maintained by jascotty2. The the greatest strength of AutoHelp is also its greatest weakness:iIt is as up-to-date as the plugin authors keep their plugin description file. If a plugin author changes a command or creates a new one and doesn't document it, it won't show up in the help either.
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    have you uploaded it to clanforge for a review because im sick of using essentials and i need a simple help thingy. im using clanforge aswell if you didnt guess alredy
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    Hi, great plugin but im wondering if its possible to make it say some help pages are only accessible to admins etc, Because i edit the text inside the extrahelp folder to say, ''This command is only accessible to admins'' as the description and the command and i save it, but when i restart the server the text also resets, I Know it says Zero configuration but after reading your post above i realise why it keeps resetting itself, im wondering if theres anyway to get around this?
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    We don't get direct access to upload and configure. We have to upload it with link and instructions and they will do it... I just uploaded it with your instructions. So should be uploaded soon baring any problems.
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    Great, I'll use it on my server.
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    I just installed it and there is a HUGE console spam even after a second time starting the server. It appears to be re-collecting the information from each plugin every time the server starts....any way to stop this?
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    I would love to supply permissions information for each command. Unfortunately there isn't any so you would have to set it yourself. And with that we're only half a step away from manually maintained, static help files. So, no, not possible at the moment.

    I don't know how to properly reply to this question. Are my explanations in the first post insufficient?

    Well, it is in the nature of this plugin to dynamically collect help information each time the server is started or plugins are reloaded. Currently the AutoHelp is rather verbose, if it is inconvenient I will change the logging level for the information gathering phase so you don't see each and every command with default logging settings.
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    wow, i'm dumb. Downloading now XD
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    I would really appreciate it if you changed the logging level as it is highly inconvenient in my opinion. Thanks!
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    +1 Really useful plugin but the logging level is insane XD

    Thanks for this though :D
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    I would like to also express my negative feelings towards the logging.

    I rely on being able to see the startup from a console to see what is and is not broken, but this floods everything with info I honestly don't need.

    A great plugin nonetheless ;)
  19. A quick update fixing the logging would be extremely useful. :)

    Also in the future if you could add options to tune the help file to show only certain helps to certain people. Would be very useful.
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    Uploaded a new jar and source with greatly reduced logging. Links in post #1 have been updated.

    On Fileplay: http://www.fileplay.net/file/13758/autohelp-0-1-cb740-help2-4-1-r1

    AutoHelp aside, you can always view the server.log file in the minecraft directory. It contains all of the console output.
  21. I'm not sure but i think you'll have to add this to the changelog.

    Edit: Also big thanks for the update.
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    Thanks for the update, really appreciate it :)
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    youre awsome this is great best plugin ever
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    Man i feel stupid. I was like man why wont this work. I didnt read it works with the Help Plugin. I didnt want them to conflict so in uninstalled one before i installed the other -_-
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    Clanforge has it installed now. I didn't submit the update since I think that just doesn't show all the plugin info, not something I see... I took a quick look at it and thank you.. Great plugin.
    Quick questions: Im gonna make myself a regular user, so I can see what they see.... Currently, do they see all the commands they do not have access to? Meaning will they see my worledit commands even if they do not have access to it?
    Thanks. And again. Great utility, I have missed my 20+ pages of help, your addin made it show up with less clutter.
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    I use the server.log to see what is and is not broken. I do not have choice with brohoster. Change it to create its own log file?
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    My server recently has been being wrecked to shreds by what I believe a plugin issue. I am being lead to believe that it may be your plugin, but I certainly hope not. Just a little note, I'll try to get back with information to help you based on this.
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    Interesting. Can you elaborate "wrecked to shreds"?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I actually include the required permissions node in my plugin.yml in General; if others start to do the same, it could be a feasible way of including permissions in this.

    My only concern about this is what if the plugin already adds its commands using Help's API? Will AutoHelp add them again?
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  30. You might want to modify your plugin to support reading 'permission' from plugin.yml.
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