[INACTIVE][INFO/ADMN/TP] ModSiren v4.5 - The Ultimate Moderator Plugin![1060]

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    i no longer will keep this active since HARDLY anyone uses it. sadly it didnt become popular as i hoped.

    Take and do whatever you want with this...

    Acknowledgements: (open)

    @cholo71796 - Helped with the Ticker System!
    @matejdro's Jail API!
    @Jaker232 - For His Command Tutorial !
    @DrBoweNur - For helping figure out Command Args & Teleport/ Ticker System.

    Behold, ModSiren! This Super Simple Admin Plugin Allows For Players to call for help! Ive been working on this plugin for awhile and onCommand had been troubling to me now i have finally figured it out!

    Screenshots (open)

    • Ticker System Showing Who The Moderators Are!
    • Conjoined With LitterWarn! Warns Mods Of Illegal Drops!
    • Sends Message To Mod - " Player Needs your Help! "
    • Sends Message To Mod- " Player Reported Illegal Activity! "
    • Sends Message To Player - " Help is Being Sent "
    • Sends Message To Player - " Mod Will Receive The Report Soon! "
    • Teleportation to reported player or to help player!
    • Multilingual Support! Configurable!
    • Permissions - For Mods Only!
    • Jailing System!
    • Simple! :D

    Commands:* More To Come *
    /report - This allows players to report in illegal activity!
    /siren - This Allows Players to Call for Help!
    /Shelp - This Allows Players ingame to see the commands!
    /reply playername - This Allows mods to teleport to the accused!
    /jsiren playername time reason - This Jails Players!
    Open Configs ONLY with Notepad++. ALSO! Delete the old config before updating! Otherwise its very difficult to setup the configs :D
    The Configs Load up on plugin start. it should be in the plugins folder. Titled * ModSiren*
        IllegalBlockone-Message: ' No Littering! It Makes Lag '
        RepeatMod-Message: Put your Moderator Names Here.
        ModSiren-Message: ' needs your help'
        ReplySecondary-Message: ' isn''t online right now! '
        SirenReport-Message: Mod Will Recieve The Report Soon!
        RepeatModTwo-Message: Secondary Line-for extraspace!
        HelpTitle-Message: '------~Siren Help~------'
        ModReport-Message: ' Reported Illegal Activity!'
        HelpSiren-Message: /siren
        IllegalBlocktwo-Message: ' --Dropped An Illegal Item'
        SirenSent-Message: Help is being sent!
        HelpReport-Message: /report
        HelpReply-Message: ' /reply * Mods Only! * '
        RepeatTitle-Message: ' Your Moderators Are - '
        ReplyMain-Message: Sent to the accused!

    Jailing System - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-rpg-jail-v1-2-2-jail-bad-players-953.1912/

    The Permissions - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissions-3-1-6-the-plugin-of-tomorrow-935.18430/

    Permissions:* More To Come *
    - 'Mod.Report' - This Allows For Mods To Receive The Report!
    - 'Mod.Siren' - This Allows For Mods To Receive The Support Call!
    - 'Mod.Reply' - This Allows Mods To Teleport To The Accused!
    - 'Mod.Jail' - This Allows Mods To Jail Players!
    - 'Mod.Litter' - This Allows Mods To See If Player Dropped Illegal items!
    • Ticker System! Added In v4.5!
    • Permissions *Done* Added To v1.5
    • Finish the Reply Command - Got Help :/ DONE Added to v2.5
    • Iconomy? Charge Players When Calling For Help? - * if I get Enough spark from it * Wont Do It
    • AFK Check - * is this possible? * only if it had a afk addon. wont do it.
    • Mailing System? - * Depends * same as ticket system.
    • Cool-down System for the commands? - * High Priority *
    • Ticket System - * High Priority *
    • Mod Stalk command " Invisibility ". * High Priority *
    • Configs? - Added To v3.0
    • Jailing System! Added in 3.5! Uses @matejdro's Jail API.
    • v4.5 Updated to 1060CB/B
    • v4.5 i added a ticker system that *SHOULD* repeat every 8-10min. It shows a message of who the moderators are!
    • v4.0 i conjoined my Litterwarn plugin. then added a permission node for that.
    • v3.5 Added Jail Commands. Uses @matejdro's Jail API. 1 bug is known! ill work on it asap!
    • v3.0 -Configurable Messages For Multilingual Support!
    • Nothing New! updated to cb1000. New Permissions system will be added in a bit.
    • Cb953 - Finished up the reply command.
    • CB 953 - Added Report command. I need to figure out the Teleportation for the next command. /reply <playername>
    • CB953 - Moved to this build to make this stable. v1.6
    • CB985 - Permissions Added & Color Added! v1.5
    • Finally Released! CB 985
    Based on a work at github.com.​
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...or-plugin-jailsystem-multilingual-1060.26146/.​
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    Excellent tool, I haven't tested yet, but awesome.

    I'm running RB not CB, so that's why I can't test it. And, source code? I want to see how this is possible, so I can get to see if I can make messages send to OP only.

    Okay, thanks.

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    v1.5 Released. added permissions / colors / player feedback message / tweaked permissions setup. Send me ideas :D
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    Nice major update.

    One Suggestion:

    Make a command that reports to the player by /siren reply <name> and it moves to the player's location and stay invisible for at least 10 seconds so the greifer doesn't know the mods are there.
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    is 985 needed? You should use latest recommended not development ones
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    I agree there. Why would you make a plugin that is built with a test build? Makes no sense, as the build is probably not stable and is going to change soon.

    @chernobyl360 I strongly suggest you keep your plugins on the reccommended build... it will probably be easier for you in the long run, too. I think this because test builds are changed and updated - hence 'test'.

    Hope I didnt sound like a total jerk tere.... -.-
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    sorry about that. 985 was needed because of another project im working on.

    EDIT: Updated once again for RB. :D

    sure ill try the reply command. but this is only for people that require assistance with a plugin/building/ etc.

    What i could do is /siren report <name> so that if a player does see illegal action the mod could do /siren reply <name> then this would go directly to the reported person...

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    @chernobyl Nice idea. I agree.
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    Added the report command / tweaked the permissions! anyone that used the previous versions please change the permissions for /siren to the new updated one!

    BTW added a ingame help command
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    I've noticed you used my command tutorial to create commands. Would be nice if I was mentioned.

    Might try to make a bukkit server with this plugin on Hamachi.
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    wow sorry about not putting a acknowledgements section. thanks for that tutorial!
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    @chernobyl360 Nice promotion! One thing, the command tutorial link has BB codes inside.
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    This seems really cool! I am using Moderator Ticket Request at the moment, is it possible to integrate some kind of ticket system into this? I need my moderators to be able to "claim" a ticket.
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    yea ill look into adding that. BTW how do Ticket Systems Work LOL? yes im dull like that :p.

    Thanks To DrBoweNur. i was able to add the teleport command. Its all " done ". just now to add side features. an fyi im going to be busy the next 4-5 days. i will NOT be near a computer. so no more updates for till next late Monday / Tuesday. i doubt i will need to do any drastic updates. But with this plugin im hoping to get alot of users. i believe this plugin could really help keep servers organized and keep stress levels down.

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    Well brief explanation then :p

    1. One user needs help protectiong some thing, he writes the command /modreq I need help protecting my house!
    2. This creates the "ticket". Every one with correct permission node (moderator) gets notified that "Player has created a ticket". When a moderator joins the server and there is open tickets, he will be notified that there is "X tickets open". All tickets can be viewable in a list by moderators through /check.
    3. A moderator execs /check and decides to handle one ticket, say no #12. The moderator then does /claim 12, this is so that every unique ticket can only have one moderator working on it.
    4. When the moderator is done with the request, they do /done 12

    Thread link is here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-modtrs-v1-4-1-moderator-ticket-request-system-953.11652/

    A feature I would like request is that, if a moderator joins and sees that there are open requests/tickets. He checks the lists and sees a ticket from an offline player. I would like to be able to send a small message/update regarding that specific request/ticket.

    For instance, if a user request zone protection, this ofc requires the user to be online at the same time as a moderator showing where should be protected. When a moderator sees a request from an offline player, it would be sweet if they could add a message/update saying something like "Try to notify me (or another moderator) about your request when you are online. You must show us where it is"
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    I am having a rather odd issue. When my players use siren. it just automaticly says that help is being sent. When I do it I see the warning that mods/admins are meant to get. However when my players do it. I get no warning. (Same with report. /reply works fine however) The permissions are set up properly. Even then I have the * permission and OP status. so id hope that would at least let me see it. However as it stands no mod/admin can see the distress signal unless a mod/admin sends it.
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    ok, im sorry for the wait i just got back from vacation.... could you give me - all the plugins you are using / permissions version / bukkit build

    Ill look into this, it may take a while.

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    No problem. Bukkit build is both 953 and 1000 (Same problem on both) Plugin list is quite long. Here ya go though
    Armegeddon, bedrock control, Bigbroteher, Biome, bookworm, chaircraft, commandsigns, defaultpermissions, factions, ichat, iconomy, inception, LWC, mcMMO, motd, movecraft, multiverse, nogrief, permissions, realshop, simplegive, styxspace, worldedit, worldguard and of course modsiren. Permissions is 3.15

    Edit: Oh missed a few. PLgsetspawn, PM plus, Weatherman, Superpowers.

    Edit2: Missed even more...: Retractable bridge Questioner.. Thats it! Crap. And cookbook!

    Edit3: I need more sleep.... Runecraft too!
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    i dont see anything that would affect my plugin. i haven't had anyone else tell me they had issues. all i can recommend is update the permissions from 3.15 to 3.16. then try that. just copy/paste those permission nodes up there and put them in the permissions .yml
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    Permissions upgraded. Removed all of my chat modification plugins and then some (Figured best place to start) No luck yet...
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    hmm wow yea im running into a very odd bug now on CB1000. any of the commands now just throw a message repeating the /siren /reply. im gonna need to fix this asap.

    EDIT: @Kailvin well i fixed my issues of not being able to use the commands. Check your permissions again. they should look like this...

            default: false
                prefix: '[MOD]'
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Member
                - 'Mod.Siren'
                - 'Mod.Report'
                - 'Mod.Reply'
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            - bb.admin.info
            - lwc.mod
            - Mod.Report
            - Mod.Siren
            - Mod.Reply
    Here is the relevant section of my permissions file.
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    all your permission nodes need to have the
    at the beginning and the end of your nodes like what i have up in my OP.
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    In permissions 2 they did. in 3.X they dont. If they needed it permissions would of broke for me along time ago and never worked. Never the less I will try putting them on your things.

    After doing as you said. No change the plugin is still non functional.

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    augh, your making this tough on me since no one else has had any issues. lol. even better type the command and take a screenshot immediately after. post it up on here so i can see what exactly happens. use imageshack and post the embed.
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    Im new with permisions so can you make a video on how to set this up and how to make people mods. If you could that whould be great! Thanks.
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    UPDATE! : V3.0
    MultiLanguage! Has Complete Config To Edit Messages For Other Languages :D!
    Configurable Colors Will Maybe Be Added -" Takes awhile "

    UPDATE: wOOt? just added another feature! Jailing System! Theres a major bug that needs to be fixed! ill try and fix asap!

    Give me some feedback/suggestions. need help? just ask :D! this plugin is getting majorly heavy and may need to be organized correctly! ill try and get Github Running! BTW how do i fix a broken github tree? :D

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    Whouw, looks good! I will try it soon :)
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    Hi, Chernoby! I love your idea, but I'm not sure how to install it! I have some difficulties on installing some bukkit-plugins, so can you help me out? Thanks!
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    ok i finally figured out how to type out the github wiki. so now theres a help page if someone needs it. Tomorrow ill make a video and to youtube.

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