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    The BukkitController - A Java based controlling overview for your Server!

    I am pretty sure I won't continue working on this program! That’s why I removed the download link for now! If so desired, I will consider putting it back i! Thank you for your support.

    You know the feeling, when you are a plugin developer and you have to reload your Server over and over? This can cause a memory leak and you should better restart the Server every single time!
    But who has the time for that?

    That's why I created the BukkitController:
    • Simple Start/Stop/Restart
    • Completely in Java, Operating System independent
    • Advanced control over server properties
    • Colorized log
    • Built-In editor with file overview
    • Built-In Console
    And much more !
    You are interested? Then take a look at the features list!

    SCREENSHOTS (open)


    FEATURES (open)
    • Simple file choosing of the craftbukkit file
    • Easy control ? Buttons like Start, Stop or Restart
    • Two different kinds of launcher ? more under Launcher
    • Log of Server-Starts, Server-Stops and Server-Restarts
    • Overview of ALL registered commands ? only InvocationLauncher ? more under Launcher
    • Easy server properties editing:
      • IP detection of computer in network or Internet port
      • Random port or find an unused port
    • Fully colored log overview (build on ANSI)
    • Plugin overview which reads the plugin.yml of a plugin to get information about the developer
    • Built-In editor for easy editing of plugin files
    • Console with extra commands:
      • Start - Starts the Server
      • Restart - Restarts the Server
      • Cls - Clears the console
      • Exit - Closes the BukkitController
    • And another big feature: MULTI-LANGUAGE-SUPPORT!
      Current languages :
      • German
      • English
    You want me to add another language?
    Take a look at How you can help me!

    LAUNCHER (open)
    I programmed two different types of launching. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages and work differently:

    This launcher creates a new process, sends the input and reads the output!

    Restart worksNo commands list
    Craftbukkit can be anywhereNo Server data accessible
    RAM amount of Server can be defined
    This launcher loads all the classes from CraftBukkit and calls their main method!

    Full access to any data of the Server!No restart possible (yet)
    Craftbukkit file must be in the same folder as the BukkitController
    Uses the Max Ram of the BukkitController

    Even if it looks doesn't look so good for the InvocationLauncher, parts of the whole Application are build on this launcher type and can't used without it. So decide on your own, which one you are going to use.

    This list is also going to be changed when I implement new features to minimize the disadvantages!!

    HOW TO USE IT (open)
    This is a written tutorial on how to use the different parts. I might create some video tutorials in the future.

    1. How to install on Mac/Windows?
      • Download the BukkitController.jar
      • Put it into the Server folder (recommended, Necessary for InvocationLauncher)
    2. How to start on Mac/Windows?
      • Double click the BukkitController.jar
      • Use the Java run command "java -jar BukkitController.jar"
    3. How to start the Server?
      • Click the "Start" button
      1. Change to the Console panel
      2. Type Start in the bottom field
      3. Press Enter or click the Send button
    4. How to uninstall?
      1. Delete the BukkitController.jar
      2. On Mac: Go to the folder /Users/YOUR-USERNAME/Library/Application Support/PNGamingPower and delete the folder BukkitController.
      3. On Windows: Go the folder %AppData%/PNGamingPower and delete the folder BukkitController

    KNOWN ISSUES (open)

    #001 - BukkitController exits at Server stop - Fixed in 1.0.3
    #002 - No restart when using InvocationLauncher - Fixed in 1.0.3​

    WHAT'S NEXT? (open)

    [​IMG] Server Status (online Player, internet connection)
    [​IMG] Usage panel (Hardware usage, Connection speed)

    [​IMG] Maybe in future updates
    [​IMG] Built in
    [​IMG] Won't be build in
    [​IMG] Next update​

    HOW YOU CAN HELP ME (open)

    You have a idea? Want me to change something? Send me a private message or leave a post below. If you want me change the layout, please create a simple image with described schematics.
    The size should be 1100x700 and made for resizing.
    Also add your name, the date of creating and your email.

    An example:

    If you want to add another language, please send me a private message and we can talk about that and I can give you the required files.

    Please remember!! These are considered as ideas! I might build them in, but I don't have to!

    When you issue a bug, please add the version of your BukkitController
    Bugs can be issued in the BugTracker


    Windows Tester wanted!!
    I have a Mac and can't test on Windows. If you are interested write me a private message.​

    If you help me, your credits are going to be listed in the BukkitController and here in the thread!

    CHANGELOG (open)

    v1.0.8 -
    + Improved design of plugin info panel
    + Fixed server.properties file loading/saving issue
    + Fixed bug with ANSI coloring​

    v1.0.7 - Fixed some bugs

    + Fixed wrong version number in language files
    + Fixed properties file auto saving​

    v1.0.5 - Fixed ANSI syntax error & Windows works now!

    v1.0.4 - Removed Apple QuitHandler

    v1.0.3 - Big Update:
    + Log Panel error message now completely red
    + Fixed restart on Windows
    + Windows support is back!
    * Added support for older craftbukkit versions by searching for MinecraftServer.class
    * Ubuntu support!

    v1.0.2 - Fixed Resource loading

    v1.0.1 - Fixed wrong path to properties file on Windows

    v1.0 - First release

    Thank you very much for using my program! I spend a lot of time and hope it can help you!
    I would appreciate any kind of response!!
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    I really do like this, but there is a small bug/glitch.

    When I close Bukkit Controller, then reopen it to run my server and hit run, it just freezes completely the application stops responding and I have to open the task magager to close it.

    Help please?
    And a few more minor bugs:
    1. MOTD doesn't work
    2. The select box options are kind of screw up, as in they rest themselves
    3. I'm downloading v1.0.5 SNAPSHOT, running 1.0.2?
    I am using a Windows Vista(x86), and thanks if you fix these!
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    I am glad you like it.

    I have the answers for your problems:
    1. Fixed it, there was an error in the auto reloading
    2. What do you mean? Please explain this a little bit more :)
    3. The language files weren't updated, you had 1.0.5 but the language files said 1.0.2
    That should be fixed too!

    About the freezing: Do you start the application, start the server, stop the server, application restarts, and then it freezes?

    Thank you for the bug reports!
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    Okay it seems like everything is fine right now and you guys are appreciating this program. Still I would be very happy about any kind of response! :)
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    Looks Great
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    Help me PNGamingPower I can not open this file and writes me that you can not run the archive jar Help Pliss reply
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    Mmmmm, swing. UI design at its finest.
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    Mr_Progress what do you mean? What operating system do you use? Does it tell you that it can't run the jar archive when you start the server? If so, what version of Bukkit do you want to run?

    Sushi yeah I was thinking of changing to JavaFX but stuck with Swing after I redesigned the UI twice... Wait a second was that sarcasm?? ;)
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    URL Shortened links have been removed. We do not allow URL shorteners. Direct downloads only please.
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    TnT okay sorry, can I offer both like I did before? Or is there another way of gathering statistics for myself?
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    You can offer direct downloads only. We do not allow URL shorteners.
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    My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium, and as I click start to me it is written: (help?
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    So i saw the two different launchers that you must choose between, and i must say, would it be possible to use something like, JSONAPI?
    There is a iphone app called adminium that allows you to check your server, all it uses is JSONAPI, a plugin.
    You configure it a bit.
    then you just log in with the ip, port, username-password, and salt on the program, would it be possible to just have this , cause it allows so much control, console, chat, player inventorys, file editor, even dynmap
    Just some ideas
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    Create a mediafire account. That will give you stats
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    Christian77777 Thanks for the great idea! I am going to look into that. But right now I have another project going on which has a higher priority, and it also has to do with this one.

    Ivan Thats a good idea I didn't think off.
    But yeah I was working on another solution the last few weeks. I am going to upload my own website soon, and there it will be possible to download it from.
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    No download link
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    I removed the download link, but I eventually put it back if so desired
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    PLEASE PM me the download link or put it back. I hate the iTerm and Terminal and BukkitGUI is only for mac. Please!
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    Please PM the link also!
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    Pretty nice. Java is a perfect programming language, it's multiplatform.
    Good luck :D
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