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  1. DMatchPlugin - DeathMatch plugin
    Version: 1.0b
    The plugin records player kills and deaths, caused by other players or the environment, then show the rankings.

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    All deathmatch plugin commands starts with /dm followed by an option:
    /dm <option>

    Player options are:
    help: shows the list of available options (and also plugin version);
    list: shows players rankings sorted by killing and deaths;
    rank [<player_name>]: shows your rank or the given player rank;
    stat: tells if deathmatch recording is active or not.

    Admin (Op) options are:
    on/off: toggle deathmatch recordings;
    reset: clear all the players stats;
    info: shows detailed information on internal variables.

    Other properties, editable in the configuration file only:
    dm.environment true/false: toggle counting deaths caused by the environment (deafult is true);
    dm.broadcast true/false: toggle death message broadcasting (default is false);
    dm.listsize <number>: set how many players are shown in player list (default 3);
    dm.join.help true/false: toggle show help message on login (default is false);
    dm.join.stat true/false: toggle show status on login (default is true);
    dm.join.list true/false: toggle show rankings on login (default is true);
    dm.join.info true/false: toggle show info on login (only for Ops) (default is false);
    dm.message.header true/false: toggle [DM] header on or off for message (default false);
    dm.hmtimeout <number>: set how long to sleep when checking health upon an event, in milliseconds (default 100);
    dm.dtimeout: set the death timeout in milliseconds (default 5000).

    Other variables in the configuration file:
    dm.enabled: if kills and deaths will be recored (controlled by /dm on/off) (default false);
    dm.list: list of recored players (controlled internally and updated when plugin is disabled, or on server shutdown).

    • Monitor players kills (PvP)
    • Monitor player deaths (optionally environment deaths too)
    • Show player rankings
    Known issues:
    • DM on/off status is ignored. I'll fix it soon!
    Future improvements:
    • Add support for "permissions"
    • Add support for MySQL database
    Download DMatchPlugin
    Source Code
    Project home hosted on Google Code.


    Version 1.0b
    • added join notifications options (the annoying /dm help is now optional)
    • added message header flag (the annoying [DM] is now optional)
    • added plugin low level information for Ops (info)
    • removed variables editing from console (to let it simple once configured)
    • added highlighting online players in rankings
    • forced properties store on server shutdown (onDisable call not being called anymore)
    • added support for longer names (16 chars) and numbers (5 chars) in rankings
    • removed useless debugging messages
    Version 0.9b
    • added "env" option to record all deaths or only PvP
    • added support for ENTITY_DEATH events (not needed but helps)
    • fixed some wrong messages
    • fixed reset now loads currently online players (no need to rejoin anymore)
    • changed option "size" to "listsize"
    • removed shutdown hook, conflicting with the newly implemented "onDisable" call
    • changed configuration file name to "DeathMatchPlugin.cfg"
    Version 0.8b
    • First public version
    The plugin hasn't been tested much: no time and not enough people to test it.
    I was looking forward for a LAN, but it didn't happen, so I went on testing against myself ;)

    That said, any feedback is appreciated.
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    will not the help command get in conflict with alot of other mods?
    EDIT:ignore above, seems like i cannot read! =)
    "/dm followed by command" lol :p

    awesome will try this out soon =)
  3. I changed the description to make it clearer. Thank you for pointing that out!
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    interesting idea wonder if this could be implemented with some kind of bounty system ie:killing the top player rewards you with ___ item and maybe a timer before next item drop
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    This is great with the War mod. Thanks.
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    Nice plugin.. when you first login however it says /pvp help in the announcment screen and should be /dm help?
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    sweet, I'll use this with the SDK gun mod
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    Why does the message you get when you log in say to type /pvp help? shouldn't it be /dm help?
    just wondering.
  9. Yeah, I know, my bad. The plugin was originally called PvP...
    However version 0.9b should have fixed it, I'll double check.
    Thank you.

    Yeah, 0.9b is fine. Download it ;)
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    could you have a setting to disable the login message? or just show it to admins?

    EDIT: Also could you add MySQL support? would love to have that list on the site ^^
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    The plugin does not seem to save settings to the config file right now.
  12. I've added the settings to configure messages printed when logging in (dm.join.*).
    Specifically for the help message the option is dm.join.help (default to false).
    You can edit these settings from the configuration file (automatically created the first time the plugin is loaded).

    Ops (and only ops) can access detailed information on the server using the new "/dm info" command.
    The dm.join.info variable can be used to automatically print such information on login (default to false)

    MySQL support is planned for future release :)

    It surprised me too. It seems newer versions of craftbukkit don't call onDisable anymore :(

    Version 1.0b fixes this problem (once for all I hope).
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    hey bro im having some trouble. it doesnt record deaths/kills and doesnt display the messages when you log on could you help thanks
  14. 1) are you using craftbukkit?
    2) did you correctly put the .jar in your plugins folder?
    3) is there anything in your log showing the DeathMatchPlugin being loaded or errors?
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    can you make an option to turn off all displayed info while the plug-in is off.

    So when my players sign in all they see is the MOTD. not all the info about the DeathMatch plug-in
  16. I see what you mean. I'll add it to the next release.
    Btw, have you already tried the HotSwap plugin?
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    i could use HotSwap but i would like my Mods to be able to run deathmatch Events.
    and my mods don't have access to the hotswap commands
    i don't use the plug-in all the time. just when we wanna have events. Either for a period of time
    or in our Deathmatch arena.

    and maybe you could add a kill limit and reward system.
    so if player1 gets 50 kills the game stops till started again and player 1 gets a reward.
    and maybe have it start on a system like MonsterHunt.
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    I think something similar has been requested for in previous posts, but could you possibly add a way to edit or disable things said in the MOTD for this plugin? As in to disable displaying the leaderboards?

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    hey am i doing something wrong?

    dm.environment false
    dm.broadcast true

    this is my config file above this
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    Hi man!

    Your plugin is awesome. I've been searching for this for a while!

    My suggestion for improvement:
    I really like Beatkidz request for having events triggered by a given number of kills. I thought about it and came to that idea:
    It would be gorgeous if you could add an option to run a shell script when a given number of kills is reached.
    For example:
    Player1 reaches 50 kills. The server will then pause and show the kill-stats and broadcasts Player1 as the winner of the currend Match. Now the server executes a shell-script that makes the server save the current world and rename the world folder to "minecraft_server/world_(date)". Then the shell script brings the server back up so that the Players can re-login and a new deathmatch round starts with a blank new map. The new map will be there until another Player gets 50 kills. Then the shell script is run again to prepare a blank new map.

    Combined with mysql support there are great possibilities. For example: Stats on web page. You could see the number of rounds played and wich player has won wich round. You could then assign ranks etc. based on rounds a player has won or by total umber of kills. If you combine it with Map-Viewing tool that generates .jpeg or .png images from Minecraft maps you could even see what the map looked like, that was played in a specific match.

    Mysql support would also make it unneccessary for you to implement shell-script execution in yor plugin because you could have a shell-script that checks the database for the number of kills. if there are 50 in the database, the world-folder is renamed and a new map is ready for the fight :)
  21. I really appreciate your suggestions.
    I'm working on them...
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    I know it's a long shot but there is still very much interest in the continued development of this plugin!
  23. I'm happy to see interest, but I didn't have any time to work on this lately (or even play in the last weeks).
    I spent a few days (two weeks ago) testing this plugin with friends (thanks guys) along with other stuff I'm working on (an Arena plugin) but it didn't worked as expected (bukkit limitations and poor implementation) and, even worst, it wasn't funny at all.
    I want to release a stable version next week with the new Arena extension, and hopefully Permissions support.
    Thank you for the support, it really matters to me.
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    Thanks for the response! Glad to see you haven't totally disappeared. The Arena thing sounds fun, but I still liked the way the previous one worked where it was just simple no-frills kill/death count. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!
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    treepunch asked in the request board for an plugin like this. so i tried to fix this one.
    its loading properly and /dm, /dm help and /dm info are working, the DeathMatchPlugin.properties file is being created and i get logged. so far so good. but it seems there is no /dm on command, only /dm start which should do what it says. but all other commands return"DeathMatch is currently OFF". i even tried to set dm.started=true manually without success.

    well, here's the jar and the source files (exported from eclipse). to prevent mistakes i changed the version to 1.0c:
    Source Zip

    i would be pleased about some feedback :)
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    everything you stated here is correct. it loaded fine and logged deaths and kills but no matter what i could not get it to start, even by setting dm.started to true. if anybody would awesome enough to look at and figure out why the start/stop function isnt working I believe we'd still have ourselves a working plugin!

    Thanks for the attempt muCkk.

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