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    Version: v0.7.1

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    This plugin when enabled automatically divides half the online players to "Humans" and the other half to "Zombies".

    The goal of this game is to have the zombies kill the humans and become human once more, and the humans to become zombies.

    WARNING: When using this plugin, if the player dies they WILL lose their inventory. I am considering keeping track of user inventories for when the plugin is turned off. However this is currently NOT implemented.


    As of 0.4 I basically rewrote this whole plugin from scratch to allow support for multiworld. A new file will be created in the plugins directory labelled ZombieTagMultiWorld as opposed to pre-0.4 being in ZombieTag.

    If you decide to upgrade to 0.4 please note that this is VERY early in the stages and there may be issues, and you need to remove any previous versions and their corresponding directory before installing this one.

    0.4 allows you to run multiple instances of Zombie Tag. How it works is that you select a world to run Zombie Tag on and it will handle each world as a seperate tag session.


    This plugin requires no additional plugins.

    Permissions support has been added as of 0.4

    Text File Syntax:

    Located in /plugins/ZombieTagMultiWorld/ (after starting the server with the plugin installed once) you will find a text file labelled config.txt the following syntax is used:

    onenable:ZombieTag has been enabled on <world>!
    NOTE: Using <world> will allow the plugin to replace this with the appropriate world name.

    ondisable:ZombieTag has been disabled on <world>!
    NOTE: Using <world> will allow the plugin to replace this with the appropriate world name.

    onhuman:<player> has become a human!
    NOTE: Using <player> will allow the plugin to replace this with the appropriate users name.

    onzombie:<player> has become a zombie!
    NOTE: Using <player> will allow the plugin to replace this with the appropriate users name.

    onplayerkill:<player> has been killed by <attacker>, <player> has become a zombie!
    NOTE: Using <player>,<attacker> will allow the plugin to replace this with the appropriate users name. <player> = victim, <attacker> = attacker.

    setFire: This will set a zombie on fire while in the sun (otherwise zombie takes "invisible" damage while in sunlight) (Default=false)

    damage: This is the damage modifier for zombies. If a normal hit takes 1/2 a heart setting this to 2 will take a full heart per hit. It ONLY accepts integers > 0.

    zombieimmune: This will allow humans to hit zombies if set to false. If true, it will make zombies invunerable to being hit by humans (Default=false)

    compass: This will allow the compass to point to the nearest opposing team player (Default=false)

    permissions: This will allow players that use Permissions access to this plugin (Default=false)


    NOTE: Commands can only be used as an OP, considering adding support for Permissions but as of now it only works with OP's.

    ZombieTag [world] [on]/[off] - Turns ZombieTag on or off (Default=Off)
    @new - Zombietag [world] [infect]/[cure] [player]
    @DEPRECATED - ZChange [world] [cure]/[infect] [player] - Manually forces the selected player to become either human or a zombie


    ZombieTag.State - Allows user to turn off or on
    ZombieTag.CureInfect - Allows user to cure or infect another player


    * Automatically handles switching of user "type" (Human to Zombie, Zombie to Human)
    * Zombies take damage in daylight
    * Zombies have x1.5 damage modifier (Each hit will take 1.5 hearts)
    * Allows manual control to change the user "type"
    * Allows the change of displayed messages on certain events
    * Can run multiple instances on one server when there is more than one world.
    * Compass can point to nearest player of opposing team


    * On a RARE occasion, a player will be deemed "dead" before reaching 0 health. If you see this can you please post as detailed a description as possible as to when and what led up to this?
    * If a human kills another human, they will become a zombie.
    * Throws null pointer on occasion when player logs out and hasn't properly been delisted from array. Does not crash server.
    * Human doesn't become zombie upon being killed by zombie


    Version 0.7.1:

    * Updated plugin to support newest CraftBukkit Build
    * Modified commands so that they're more consistant
    * Fixed an issue with the plugin not disabling properly

    Version 0.7:

    * Plugin now automatically creates and fills the config with the necessary information

    Version 0.6:

    * Added ability to make compass point to nearest player of opposing team

    Version 0.5:

    * Fixed issue with zombie dying from normal circumstances and losing zombies traits

    Version 0.4:

    * Added MultiWorld Support - THIS IS BETA, there WILL be bugs
    * Added support for Permissions

    Version 0.3:

    * Fixed bug where a human could kill a human and they would become a zombie.
    * Fixed bug where human wouldn't become zombie on death
    * Added new config file options: setFire and damage and zombieImmune (See above for implementation)

    Version 0.2:

    * Changed the damage modifier to x1.5 for zombies
    * Added some text to be printed out when the plugin is enabled (How did I miss that in the first place?!)
    * Tracked down some bugs that I found and fixed.
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    Well before I go into adding chat changes I want to check, are you already using some kind of chat plugin? Like iChat or whichever are out there?
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    Really interested in this plugin but I have been unable to download it. I can download .03 but not .06, Mediafire keeps giving me errors. I've waited several hours and tried again but no dice. Do you have Dropbox? A small file like that is perfect for Dropbox and then it could be added to the Bukkit Auto Update plugin list!

    http://dropbox.com - If you aren't a member, have someone invite you and you'll both get some extra free space.
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    Hmm, I've heard of dropbox but never used it! Always happy to try out new things.

    I'll take a look at it for sure. Don't know anyone that can invite me though :(
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    Can you mix this with Vampire.

    Aww no source

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    Couple things:

    Some kind of confirmation would be nice, maybe saying the correct syntax instead of.. nothing. I actually had to restart my server because I couldn't seem to fully disable the plugin even if it seemed to accept the command.

    Is there any way you can play nice with NoDrop? I really dislike losing inventory =(
    Would be cool if each player's inventory was recorded while a Zombie as well as Human, and when they changed sides they got their old inventory back, but I can imaging the difficulty in that.
    Maybe use /Ztag or /ZombieTag for both of them and have it display the available options when just typing /ZombieTag like this for example:
    ZombieTag Help:
    /ZombieTag [world] Enable/Disable/On/Off
    /ZombieTag [world] Turn/Infect <Player>
    /ZombieTag [world] Cure <Player>
    Unfortunately I was alone at the time, so I got killed by the light a few times and had to leave for work. =/
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    Yeah, I'm going to switch all the commands to a similar structure to what your suggesting, if not exact.

    I'll look into it NoDrop to see what I can do about it.

    As for the unable to disable the plugin, that's weird. :S I must have missed something for the off switch :S
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    I'm not sure about NoDrop at this point and whether or not I want to make it play nice with it. Although after exam time I'll probably be more willing to devote time to this. As for now I updated it for the newest plugin release and fixed a couple bugs and revised the commands to what you suggested.
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    Hmm, finally starting up a Zombie survival city, was really looking forward to this to keep the fun going but I can't seem to get it to enable now!

    ZombieTag.State is in my permissions, I'm OP and I don't get any sort of text when I type /ZombieTag (with any sort of case.) I don't see any errors either. Also I've got two folders in my plugins dir "Zombie Tag Multi World" and "ZombieTagMultiWorld" which both seem to be created if one or the other doesn't exist, so i'm not sure which one has the true config that gets read from!

    Hope you haven't abandoned this yet :)
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    I certainly have not abandoned it. I'm just in the middle of finals here at University but my last one is this morning so I'll be able to direct my attention to this after that.

    Sorry that there has been issues. I tested it on the recommended build (pre-670) and it was working but they may have changed some of the method callings. I'll check later today :)
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    CB 670?
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    I updated for whichever version was originally recommended for 1.4, the only difference between that version and CB 670 was fixing an exploit and nothing should have changed. But again, I'll check after my final.

    So I did some testing and it's working perfectly fine for me on CB670, make sure it's /zombietag world on (world being the name of the current world you're in, or world you want it on) default name for starting world is "world".

    Other than that... I dunno, if it's throwing any errors let me know.

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    Ah, it does work then. I assumed [world] was optional, mine is 'Pandora'. And I guess I expected some sort of help output, but got nothing. No errors or anything.

    What happens when everyone is a zombie? Or everyone is human? Does it reset?
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    Umm, it should never become a scenario where all people are humans or zombies because it splits the online users in half at the beginning. When a zombie becomes human the human becomes a zombie so I guess the only case that it's different is when somebody logs out.

    I'll do some scenario checking (so that if it does become the case there are 0 zombies, or 0 humans it'll reset) for the next revision as well as output some help information when you enter something incorrectly. I forgot to spit out an error when you didn't enter the correct ordering for some reason :S
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    considered inactive

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