[INACTIVE][FUN] WolfNames v1.1 - A simple wolf naming plugin [670]

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    WolfNames (Razor) - A simple wolf naming plugin
    Version: v1.1

    This plugin was made per request found here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/req-wolf-names.11244/

    Ever wanted to name your wolves you've tamed? Well here is you chance with WolfNames! Now you can treat your wolves as if they were real pets! By using the Bone after taming a wolf you can issue the set or show command and right-click the wolf to either name it or show its name.

    • Set names of tamed wolves
    • Show names of tamed wolves
    • Permissions support
    Download v1.1 [670]

    Previous Versions:
    Download v1.0 [617]

    • /wolfname set <name> - Set the name of a wolf
      Parameters: <name>: Name to give the wolf
      Example: /wolfname set Frank - Set the wolf's name to "Frank"
    • /wolfname show - Shows the name of a wolf
      Example: /wolfname show - Show the name of the selected wolf
    How to Use:
    Set wolf name:
    Make sure the wolf is tamed. If not tame it and be sure to keep at least 1 bone for setting the name.​
    Issue command: /wolfname set <name> where <name> is the name you want to give your tamed wolf.​
    Right-click the wolf with the bone in hand and Viola! If it does not give a message then try to right-click it again until it gives you a message that the name has been set.​

    Show wolf name:
    Make sure the wolf, of which you wish to find the name, has been tamed whether by you or another player.​
    Issue command: /wolfname show
    Right-click the wolf with the bone in hand as you would to set the name of a wolf.​

    wolfnames.set    # Allows user to set the names of his/her tamed wolves
    wolfnames.show   # Allows user to see the names of any tamed wolf
    Example config with notes:
      enabled: false   # Enable use of permissions plugin if it exists.
      OPonly: false    # Allow only OP's to use this plugin if Permissions support is disabled.
                       # If enabled and OPonly are set to false any player may use this plugin
    • Add this plugin as a base to the WIP plugin WolfPack
    • Add persistence for wolf names
    • Add ability to rename wolves
    • Fix bug of trying to use a command when the previous one has not cleared yet
    • Keep this plugin up-to-date and working with the latest craftbukkit build
    Version 1.1 - Codename: Razor
    • Fixed minor bugs with Permissions
    • Fixed bug where anyone could name any tamed wolf regardless of owner
    • Fixed on wolf death message to only the owner receives a message instead of broadcast
    Version 1.0 - Codename: Snark
    • Added Permissions support
    • Had to remove wolf name persistence as entityID's chance on reboot
    Version 1.0a - Codename: Skawk
    • Initial release. Too buggy to release to public
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    Tyvm, good sir!
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    You are quite welcome. If there are any bugs please don't hesitate to let me know! Also check back periodically as I am working on a really nice plugin that allows wolf trading as one of the many features :)

    Oops. I accidentally uploaded the wrong copy of WolfNames. It should still work so you shouldn't need to worry.

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    is there any way of desplaying the name over top the wolf like a player name showss up?
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    Sorry but that is not possible with bukkit. That is only possible with a client mod as Bukkit does not render any graphics for the client including overhead names.

    Attention Permissions Users
    If you downloaded this before April, 7th at 14:30 UTC time, there is a great chance this will not hook onto Permissions. If you use Permissions and downloaded before the previous date please redownload to get the fix that will make sure the Permissions are used

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    Just started up my server for the day (I have to shut it off at night since I'm running off of the family PC). Whenever I run it, I get this error:
    And no folder/config file appears.
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    Hmm that sounds like the jar failed to download correctly. I'll take a look again and I'll make sure its working.

    Edit: Ok its fixed now. I forgot to include the plugin.yml file when i repackaged it with the permissions fix. Just simply redownload it now.
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    Okay, it works now! Just a small glitch. Sometimes, the text will delay or just not display at all when working with more than one wolf.

    I named one wolf Sabre just fine, then did /wolfname show to test it, also worked fine. Then I moved to the wolf next to it and tried to name it Lightning, and nothing happened. I tried /wolfname show on Lightning, nothing still. Then I did /wolfname show on Sabre and all three texts (Say hi to your wolf..., say hi to..., and say hi to...) popped up all at once. I then tried to name my third and final dog (Sev), and the text was absent again. But unlike the previous time where it successfully named the other dog, but just didnt display the text, i used /wolfname show on Sabre and it told me "You cannot name dogs that already have names" and "Say hi to Sabre!" at the same time.
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    Hmm. I'm not totally sure why it is doing that other than It may have a lot of load on the server but it may be due to the fact that it has to check to see which entities are in that block area and then find out the EntityID of the wolf. I am looking for an alternative that is faster but nothing has shown up yet without first causing damage to the wolf.
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    It's cool, I'm patient, lol. Aside from this occasional glitch, it works great. Also one of my users requests a renaming function, as he misspelled one of his names.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this.

    EDIT: Found another bug. I /reloaded the server to see if it would help with the issue, and all wolf names reset.
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    Ok I will try to add a rename command soon. Also I am quite aware of that bug. I sadly can not do anything about it except for randomly naming the wolves on each reload. the wolf's EntityID is the marker that keeps track of the names and it likes to change with each reload. Due to that a wolf with EID of 294 may become 374 and thus lose its name when the restart happens. I hope to find some way to enable persistence, even if it means keeping the names and randomly assigning to a wolf that the owner has tamed.
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    Alright, not a bug, a feature. It's cool, I can just rename every day until a fix is found. Unfortunately, I found one more. After naming a wolf, friendly mobs refuse to spawn in that area. I'm not sure if this is plugin related, but friendly mobs seemed to stop spawning everywhere me or one of my users named a wolf. Enemy mobs still spawned in the darkness, but there were no sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, or wolves in the area even if you stood still in broad daylight for 20 minutes.
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    That is bizarre. after a quick look at my code to double check there's nothing that deals with any entities except when you interact with them with a bone or when they die. My guess would be a glitch with Bukkit or another plugin. If it keeps happening list your plugins and I'll see if I know of any that could potentially cause that.

    Ok I found a bug and it has been noted dealing with naming and showing the names. I thought it was lag but then realized from testing more what it was. If it does not say anything after issuing a command, keep trying moving your crosshair up and/or down a little each time until it responds. It sometimes does not realize there is a wolf in that airspace and it may be different block of airspace than the one you think you are looking at. Moving the crosshair can allow it to see the correct space and be able to select the wolf. As for the double message of you cannot name and the greeting that is due to a bug where the first command was not completed before a second was issued and thus did a name set and a name show at once.

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    Even restarted my server and the problem persisted in the same two areas, the main town and the wolf hunting(finding) grounds. Mobs spawn without problems elsewhere in the same world.


    Mobs were spawning just fine everywhere until today. I haven't messed with any settings except adding WolfNames commands to Permissions
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    That is very odd. The last thing I know to say is try to disable my plugin and see if they spawn in those areas once again. If not it is a glitch in Bukkit, but if so it may be a bug that I must be overlooking.
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    K, I'll do some more extensive testing tomorrow when I have time. I REALLY don't want to blame this on the plugin if it's not at fault (save you as much work as possible), so I'll do some experimentation.
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    Ok. I'll take another look with fresh eyes tomorrow when I get to adding the rename option to be sure I'm not overlooking anything.
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    please update to latest rb
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    Checking it now.

    Edit: Confirmed working for CB-b670
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    Is it suppose to keep the name above the dog or do you have to do the command everytime?
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    The name overhead can only be done with a client mod. I will try to work on that sometime in the future but for now names can only be viewed by using the command.
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    Um... I don't know a thing about coding, but would it be possible to use a database or something to see what wolf names are assigned to someone then give each of their wolves one of the names on server restart? And it would see if the name had already been given to another one of their wolves and would try another name if it had? Would that be too hard, impossible, or impractical for another reason?
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    I am looking into something like this. I will be adding rename option and hopefully a name persistence much like what you said except it will assign names that were given to the wolves but in a random order based on the player that tamed them. This way if player XYZ names his wolves Spike, Blaze, and Hank then those names will only be reassigned to wolves tamed by XYZ and not wolves tamed by other players such as player ZYX nor any wild wolves.
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    What's the point of this plugin if you can write that you have named a wolf but u can't see it anywere no one else can see it and there is no confirmation that it has been named?
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    Brilliant! You should add a feature that when the owner uses the Wolf's name in chat or does a command the Wolf to come over to you. Having other commands such as sit/stay or attack would be nice too.
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    There is no way to show a name overhead without a client mod and I was did not want to broadcast everytime someone named a wolf. But when you use the /wolfname show command unless permissions are set you can view the names of anyones wolves.
    I actually have plans like this in the works in my advanced WIP plugin WolfPack. This plugin was designed for those that wanted the minimal features and WolfPack is the complete pack that can change ownership as well as other cool things.
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    Nice, is there a download link for wolfpack?
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    No, not yet. It is still a work in progress but I will post a link on this plugin pointing to it when it is finished. I will hopefully have it done within a week as I have a queue setup for fixing and finishing plugins and it is 3rd in line I believe.
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    Nice, I'll keep an eye out for it.

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