[INACTIVE][FUN] SurpriseEgg v0.1 - Get randomly blocks or items when throwing an egg [1060]

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    SurpriseEgg - Get randomly blocks or items when throwing an egg
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin adds a funny thing to Minecraft. Always when you throw an egg a randomly block or item will pop out. At the moment you can get every item from eggs, but I'll add soon a blacklist.

    • Randomly blocks or items from eggs
    Download SurpriseEgg

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    1. Download the jar file and place it in your plugin folder.
    2. Then just restart, start or reload the server.
    3. Enjoy :)

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin.
    • Add blacklist for items and blocks
    • Add permission support
    • Add chances for getting something
    If someone finds a bug or an error or something like this, please let me know.
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    Download and test now. Sounds fun :D

    Made a test and did throw 16 eggs. I got
    1 gold block
    1 diamond pants
    1 bowl
    2 redstone
    1 pork
    1 chest minecrart
    1 minecart
    1 sign
    1 book
    2 irondoors
    2 half step
    1 water
    Something more.. dont really know what.

    I think you should make better stuff like gold and diamonds more rare and make it possibel too get nothing

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    @KlumpKlumpen yes i now that. i'm currently working on the blacklist. after i finished i will add the different chances of getting items or blocks.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    moved the CB tag to the right place
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    Great plugin, you should really add a possibilty for server owners to make there own blacklist, players can get lava and water and unnamed items...
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    this would be cool for a holiday event easter egg day :]
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    Yes i'm already working on it
    Currently i'm on vacation
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    Signature for current information
    Sorry again :(
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    Well i put the plugin in the folder then i stopped my server and now i can't start it ;/ Do u know why ?
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    This can't be my plugin. Never got problems.
    Try to remove the SurpriseEgg.jar and try then to start. If it still don't work, just remove all plugins (don't forget to backup them) and try then to start.
    If the server is able to start, reactivate one plugin after the other to check wich is causing the problem.
    If not post a thread in the Bukkit Help thread.
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    I'm loving this plugin btw! cant wait for permissions (so i can enable where only certain groups can use it!) as well as black list! getting portal blocks, bedrock and lava is a bad thing in my server! Hope u update soon! looking forward to it!
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    Currently I finished the blacklist for the items which you can't get without cheating. The blacklist you can configure will be not so soon coming. I'll start working on permissions tomorrow and I think I'll be complete with permissions on Sunday. I don't promise anything but I think it'll be so.
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    can you add on config a option to change the "Egg" to a id?
    That way i can use it to set it up with a custon item from Ultraitems.
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    This is a really old thread. I used to love this plugin! Does it still work? If it doesn't can you release the source code so that some people may update it?
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    The download link seems broken... However, if someone could provide me the actual jar file you put in your plugins folder, ill decompile it and rebuild it for up-to-date bukkit...

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