[INACTIVE][FUN] Snowballz v1.6 - Giving snowballs meaning! [617]

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    Version 1.6

    Tags - Snowball, Snow, Ice, Permissions

    I love the idea of snowballs, and wished there were more to do with them. I also like the looks of ice and snow as decorating tools. I searched and found a thread similar to what I was looking for, but it didn't appear the mod had been built out very much. So, I built my second plugin and I hope someone finds it to be useful/enjoyable/cool/all of the above.

    Features (currently always on):
    • Destroying snow tiles with your hands (i.e. air) will result in the snow tile dropping a snow ball. Yes Virginia, you CAN make snowballs with your hands!
    • Blasting most solid block tiles with a snowball will result in snow-covered blocks as long as that block does not already have something above it.
    • Throwing a snowball into a full water block will result in the water freezing into ice.
    • Throwing a snowball into a partial water block will remove the partial water and affect the underlying full block based on that block's type.
    • Snowballs will now do 1 point (1/2 a heart) of damage to living targets.
    • Snowballs maintain their knockback ability that is their default behavior.
    • Snowballs will put out fires on living targets. This includes monsters.
    • Standard physics events will still apply to snow/ice. For example, if you hit the ground next to a torch with a snowball it will become snow-covered, but will then melt.


    The snowball targeting is based on the players current target and is limited to a range of 10 blocks in a straight line. However, this player targeting is linear and may cross through blocks sooner than where you think your reticle is based on the angle of your head and the trajectory to the target. This means that you could possibly hit the square you wanted to place snow with a snowball on from a long distance, but since you actually "saw" the block in front of it first in your line of sight then that would be the targeted block. In other words, you may need to move around and play a little to get EXACTLY what you were expecting in a few cases.

    Usage: If it is installed, it is on. Optional permissions support.

    If you currently have Permissions installed on your server, you will need to add 'snowballz.*' at a minimum to allow your players rights to this plugin. The detailed permissions used in this plugin are:
    • snowballz.aremadebyhand (make a snowball with your hands)
    • snowballz.changeblocks (cover with snow, make water ice)
    • snowballz.dodamage (do damage)
    • snowballz.putoutfire (put out fire)
    Download Snowballz: Snowballz v1.6
    Source Code: GitHub

    Latest version tested against: 617


    v 1.6
    • updated for latest version of Bukkit
    v 1.5
    • accounts for event cancellation on entity damage
    v 1.4
    • accounted for event cancellation on blocks
    v 1.3
    • added Permissions support
    v 1.2
    • Bug fix for block above target
    v 1.1:
    • Added properties support
      • snowball
        • damage
        • range
        • abilities
          • dousefire
          • freezewater
    • Dynamic creation of properties file with defaults on first run
    v 1.0:
    • Initial release.
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    Looks fun, ill try it
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    1.3 ready?
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    Yes, I will update the title to reflect [432]
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    this really needs built in to the game imo. Good job
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    XD. This is awesome.
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    Soul Reaper

    cool plugin, can you put in a way to disable some of the features?
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    Which features were you interested in? I can put in configuration for all of it, but just wondering if configuration for configuration's sake makes sense. For example, if you were wanting to turn on and off what it did to each particular block I could do so, but IMO it makes the configuration file itself a bit messy having so many entries. The ones I was thinking of adding would be:

    Snowball damage [1..n]
    Targetting range [1..100]
    Douse fires [yes/no]

    Would those cover what you were thinking as well or were you looking to turn on/off whether individual blocks were "frosted"?
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    Soul Reaper

    damage is my main thing, can't have people gunning down folks during minecart drive-bys ^.^
    control over frosted would also be helpful, but mainly damage hehe.
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    minecart drive-bys sound like fun. right now it is set at 1/2 a heart so figure that means it would take 20 hits in a row to take someone down. Hope there aren't any boosters on that minecart! I will see what I can do for adding the configs I mentioned above. Again, thanks for the feedback!
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    Soul Reaper

    with the number of carts running around in one my servers, 20 hits would be relatively easy to come by xD It was like mariokart on rails :O
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    Haha thank you very much for this plugin :)
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    Neat plugin, very nice to be able to make ice pathways over water.
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    Version 1.1. is now out there. See changelog for details in original post
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    Soul Reaper

    errr link still says 1.0? I'm going to assume its the new version >.<
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    yup, just my inability to remember what all places I need to update things lol. did you run it and get the config.yml generated?
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    Does this mean zombies are immune? :confused:
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    lol, well technically they are under the LivingEntity umbrella in the code so no they are not immune. Now if Bukkit ever provides an UndeadEntity interface...
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    Fun and cool.
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    Soul Reaper

    yup its 1.1 :D

    now all i need is a snowball geyser for dispenser and the fun will being on my minecart tunnel xD

    edit: gah dp

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    I like this, hopefully it'll make it to the releases.
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    Is there criteria for releases? I thought that was just their thread organization?
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    hmm, looks like there is a bug in my code that looks above the target, I had taken care of that early on but maybe there is something I missed. Will check it out :)
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 9:10 PM ---
    Actually looks like I removed the code by accident when I refactored. Fixed now
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    There a jar file for this?
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    Just click on the download link in the original post
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    Lol, Why you no plugin dev? This rocks! Thanks, MizLiv
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    Hey, i love this plugin, i was wondering though, if you could make it so.. like only admins could use it, or a certain gorup.

    So then i can make them do 10 heart damage, and play like hide and seek with them :p
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    @MizLiv - I don't know what the requirements are for that title, this is their site so that is up to them :) Glad you like the one, check out my others! I am working on getting a Wiki going as my DropBonus and Philosopher's Box plugins are generating lots of interest!

    @Plasma - Sure, I have added Permissions support to two of my others this week so will add that here as well. The way I do it is if Permissions is installed then it will look to make sure the person has permission. I will have to figure out some groups for this one as it isn't as straight forward as the other two for a natural grouping but I can make it happen :)
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