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    Snowball fight - Have a snowball fight in minecraft!
    version : 0.4
    When someone gets hit by a snowball they lose a life when they have been hit 3 times you are tped to the /arena warp
    Download : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8962011/Snowball fight.zip
    source is in the zip


    /s - shows the snowball commands
    /sstart - starts a fight(ops only)
    /sstop - stops a snowball fight(ops only)
    /sarena warps you to the snowball arena
    /ssetarena - set the arena for the /sarena and where you go when you run out of lives(ops only)

    Change log
    0.1 = first release
    0.2= updated to rb
    0.3 = Bug fix
    0.4 = bug fix and started adding new features

    Known bugs
    There is no way to not take part in a snowball fight:comming soon
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    is there a video?
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    build for 1368 plz?
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    Unsupported. Moved.
  6. So, what if I released my modified version?

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