[INACTIVE][FUN] Pickpocket v0.2 - Pickpocket your friends [818]

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    Pickpocket - Pickpocket your friends!
    v0.2 - tested against RB #803 + #818!
    Pickpocket is a fun plugin that allows you to steal another player's equipped item. When they aren't looking, you can sneak up behind them and right-click them to pickpocket! It includes fully configurable options, and a leveling system so you can see who can become the master pickpocket! As you level up, your chances in successfully pickpocketing rise, but the challenge to level up also rises! This plugin is GREAT for anarchy servers!
    Download it: here
    Source is coming soon! Inbox me if you want it now!
    To use Pickpocket, just sneak up to someone and right-click them with your hand. You can edit the config to your liking also, but I recommend the default settings.
    */pp help - shows all the commands.
    */pp register - registers a pickpocket account.

    */pp levelup <playername> - ops only, level up yourself or others(optional playername).

    */pp stats - view your PP stats.
    Released the plugin.
    Added leveling system and configuration files.
    Added /pp commands.
    *Hook into Permissions
    *Fix some bugs(Taking too many items, etc.)
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    With a leveling system! I've gotta get this PLEASE update it for 1.3!

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