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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    This mat seem a very stupid question but i am running the latest recommended build of craftbukkit (Build 592 if im not mistaken) and it seems even after the 2 hours to get the mysql set up figured out and running, i am unable to use the commands (/npcx "insert command here") and recieve no error. Am i running the wrong craftbukkit build? If so how do i go about getting the (602) build?
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    iConomy is now optional - if you have it installed it will use it

    Yes it independent - just make sure your new world name is the same as in the file

    From mysql its: drop database npcx; then create database npcx;

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    Not trying to rush, just trying to confirm! So we can ensure we are utilizing your possibilities as well. Thanks again.
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    i've added in a check for iconomy now, if its not there it fails and uses the inbuilt economy - i'll add bose as the second check after iconomy when i get a sec :)
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    For this error:

    21:27:17 [SEVERE] com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Tab
    le 'npcx.merchant_entries' doesn't exist
    It's saying that for your database named 'npcx' the table 'merchant_entries' does not exist.
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    i wonderd if you could add support for Factions. So NPC could be part of Player factions.
    And attack just those who are in an enemy guild. The opposite for selling and buying items.
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    you will need to recreate the missing table that was referenced by its full name - just wipe out your db by removing the npcx folder and using the latest version of npcx which no longer references that
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    I see that there is a column in mySQL, labeled "coin", may I ask if this does anything? It would be nice if the "bad guys" dropped coin upon death, and not only items.
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    Is there a way to make the merchant's stock of items infinite? This plugin would work perfectly for me if there was.
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    ok ill add that now
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    i'm using bukkit556 and NPCX .243 and all the NPC's i create, they can't seem to have weapons without a helmet. If i remove the helmet, it removes the weapon, if I add a weapon, then add a helmet, both show up at the same time.
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    I think you updated to the RB too fast, since all my plugins are running 556 , they won't be compatible with 602 now... Anyway, they won't be compatible at all when MC 1.4 comes out!
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    sorry, if this is a repeat post, but doing a reload via console or /reload causes the NPCs to respawn but does not remove the original NPCs. Also causes them to lose function.
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    added in 0.317 - /npcx merchant category MERCHANTID nolimit

    It gave me time to write the civilization system

    added new config options

    nospread=false - disables firespread when true
    nocreeper=false - disables creeper explosions when true
    nations=false - enables player land claim (/civ buy) and protection systems when true
    nowild=true - prevents players from building in the wild when true and nations are enabled

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    Um...Seriously? We can't choose the name of the database? My host prefixes my database names... :(

    If anything you should be prefixing your tables with npcx_ and allowing us to use any database name we want or use an existing databases. I highly suggest you do this.
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    you can?
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    Thanks for this plugin, me and my players have been enjoying it, just a few questions though. Is there a way to set the spawn timer for spawngroups, it seems the npcs respawn rather fast. Also is there a way to set an npcs health and damage? Id like to be able to make some dungeons that get harder the further the groups go in.

    Also some of my users have said that when they get killed by an npc they don't drop their inventory, or rather their inventory is gone after they respawn.
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    any way to delete npcs or to reset the table if we chose?
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    you can edit the entries just like a spreadsheet with mysql workbench which is free :D

    just make sure you clear up any references in other tables first
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    ahh, well.... MySQL is rather new to me so this is a revelatory experience as i learn it.....

    I'll try to get this workbench thing running on ubuntu
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    I love reading comments like this :D Yeah i want to set a timer on the spawngroup, maybe an extra argument coming soon - also the hp i have been working on with item damage - you may have noticed the health of npcs have gone up - sadly hps have only 200 hp so im tweaking around with how much damage people do to see how tough the raid style bosses should be

    dungeons is really what i would love to see working :D im going to add EVENT_WAYPOINT to triggergroups soon too so you can have your npc say something when he reaches a pathgroup point - this could be good for little scripted sequences, also wanna get npcs talking to npcs :))

    As for dungeons themselves, ill try to get you some stuff in for the mobs, like aoe of effect damage from the bosses, area speech and some ability to SPAWNMOBID from an event - also trigger words on EVENT_HP10 -20-40 etc should be able to make some nice boss events with this kind of scripting

    if you have apache on linux just install phpmyadmin its what most people use to edit databases with websites

    it might even be in your repo manager

    Has anyone managed to make themselves aggro to a positive faction npc yet by decreasing their faction to -1000 or below?

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    I've only read the instructions and what other people wrote. It says to create a database named npcx. Then I read a player say he can't use an existing database and that he doesn't want to create a new one just for this mod. So if you can set the database name then great!
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    this is exactly what i needed! Thanks! also, could you add something that causes npcs to wander within a fixed radius or something? just to look like they're busy.

    also, could such an npc be coerced into following you and acting as battle support maybe? it'd also help if i could configure strength and hp as well as keep my inventory from disappearing.

    also, one more thing. i use Ghostbuster to kick dead players but for some reason death by npc doesn't seem to count.
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    should make mysql not mandatory use a flatfile or sqlite or sumfin :(
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    First of all let me say that THIS is one of the best plugins i´ve ever seen.
    I love it <3333 thanks :*

    All the User on my Server got exicted about your work as well.
    The also love it .. think one of them was near a .... but doesnt matter :D

    I have some ideas you could change.

    1.) Some Color for the [help] [item] etc words in brackets.
    2.) i would be grateful if you could add some permissions support. Its nice to be OP but it sucks with the chat plugins :D
    3.) Also the walking along the paths could be a bit smoother :D But its pretty cool at all.
    4.) Could you try to make some easiere commands .. its okay for me .. but you know Minecraft users > Technic > Bad ..
    5.) Maybe you are able to fix the radius within the NPCs attack a bit bigger .. 10 -15 blocks would be epic :D

    6.) Nothing .. its so good i cannot find more than 5 things that may change.

    Thanks for your trouble .
    Sry for my bad english ... german at all and heavenly drunk
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    20:20:22 [INFO] npcx : load settings (0.311) begun
    20:20:22 [INFO] jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/npcx
    20:20:22 [INFO] npcx : initialising database connection
    20:20:22 [INFO] *****************************************
    20:20:22 [INFO] npcx : ERROR - Cannot find MySQL Library!
    20:20:22 [INFO] *****************************************
    20:20:22 [INFO] **********************************************
    20:20:22 [INFO] * Load settings failed to load your DB setup *
    20:20:22 [INFO] *                openDB()                  *
    20:20:22 [INFO] **********************************************

    Was there something else I'm missing?
  28. I'm sorry, but I keep getting this error and I tried to follow through the guide. I don't know if I'm using an update MySQL workbench or if I'm just being dumb. Is there a visual guide I can look at?
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    Looks like we're ok on 612, updated to 1.4

    You have some non-standard configuration of mysql? Where did you get it from?

    Yes you're missing the precisely named mysql connector in the lib dir in bukkit - this must be named exactly as it says in the install step

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    If this would work with EssentialsEco, I would INSTANTLY get it.
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    thanks! this post made my morning - i'll look into the increase aggro radius - changed it cause they were trying to path long distances through walls (still bad pathfinding atm!)

    i'm adding permission support but it will be internal so we no longer require other plugins to update between RBs i'll let you know when it's done

    I'll relook at colours on the chat stuff after I finish tidying up the current Civ permissions (working on /civ add atm)

    Easier commands will be done when they work right i guess! I haven't even added delete yet to many of the menus :D When i have fleshed out the plugin more these last two will definitely be addressed :)

    You can use an existing database name if you want but make sure you don't have any same named tables you don't mind overwriting

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