[INACTIVE][FUN] NeoMeteorites 0.4 - meteorites falling from the sky [798]

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    This plugin will spawn meteorites falling to the earth. On collission with the ground they will explode and leave a random ore covered by obsidian.
    The default spawning rate is a chance of about 8% per minute (one player online).
    Version: v0.4
    Supported builds: 740, 766, 798


    • Randomly spawns a meteorite
    • Allows shooting on targets
    • Generates a configurable ore on impact

    0.4 [JAR] 0.3.1 [JAR][SRC] 0.2 [JAR] [SRC] 0.1 [JAR]


    Edit the plugins/NeoMeteorites/config.yml
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: Sets the chance of a meteroite getting spawned.
    The chance is set at 1 / (likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk / chunksThatAreLoaded).
    If set to default (6000) and there is one player online, there is a spawning chance of ~8%. At 12000, it is ~4%. When more players are online (means more loaded chunks, the spawning rate will increase).
    blocks: The block ids a meteorite can consist of.
    shell: The block id of the material which covers the blocks obove.
    fancyExplosionSize: The size of the explosions that are caused when the meteorite is in the air.
    explosionSize: The size of the impact explosion. Set it to 0.0 to disable it.
    numberOfExplosions: A meteorite can explode several times on the ground (it makes more damage).

                - 'NeoMeteorites.CallMeteorite'

    /meteorite - Will spawn a meteorite somewhere
    /meteorite here - A meteorite will hit the block you are looking at
    /meteorite playername - Self-explanatory

    • You can't see meteorites, when they are too far away (explosion particles won't be displayed - When making the screenshot I was using a client mod, which disabled that). You can still hear the explosions.
    • Sometimes meorites will only fire if you come close.
    • One time for a server start you have to left click in the air to get meteorites working (I don't know why, also comfirm this please)

    Version 0.4
    • Fixed several issues
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    Version 0.3
    • Fixed spawning positions
    • Ores will spawn correctly again
    • Meteroite core is now generated correctly
    • Added WorldGuard support (experimental) - Meteroites shouldn't hit areas where creeper-explosions are disabled
    Version 0.2
    • Added options: blocks, shell, fancyExplosionSize, explosionSize, numberOfExplosions
    • Addes the possibility to force a meteorite spawning (supports Permissions)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    • Make landed meteorites looking better
    • Multiworld
    • Way better options
    • Optional Towny protection
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    I am sorry but I didn't read all the pages. Now that is cleared I won't ask anymore so thank you for your respond.
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    You're welcome. But, please, take the habit of reading at least the last 3 pages of a thread, before posting such a question. It would help reducing the number of useless questions in the forum. :D
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    I am Re making this plugin with someone, we are starting over from scratch because the methods have changed some what since [798]. I will post here when i am done.
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    Good Luck.
    I'm looking forward for this plugin so please PM me when you fixed.
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    Alright will do...Adding as friend so i don't forget your name.
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    Do you think you will start NeoMeteorites back up? I love this plugin, however with build 953 it only makes fire, no ore deposits. :(
    Anyways, answer back. :D
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    I appreciate this. My rewritten version however didn't work properly.

    Would be nice to see if you make that better.
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    I would really love this addon. Sad it doesnt work at the moment. I would really appreciate it if it would be rewritten!
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    If you put up a request in plugin request section I will support your thread greatly.
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    What do you mean with that? Excuse my behaviour, I´m new here, after I´ve taken a quick look around on the forums I havent seen a plugin request section.
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    Ok, I think I will request it to be rewritten there. Thanks.
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    Well, KillerSmurf already said he'd do it, so I don't see the point in requesting it.
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    I am working on it at the moment.
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    Oh, good, so there is no need for that.
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    Hehe whoops should've read a bit up. Thanks for picking it up. :)
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    No problem.

    This is my progress so far, there is a random generator that selects a player, then randomly selects a point within a 50 block radius. its 8% every minute.

    The amount of obsidian that covers the ore will be configurable, same with what ores that are generated.

    Finished heres the link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...te-meteors-that-crash-to-the-earth-953.26510/

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    Does anyone knows how to create a meteorites falling from the sky just like what happened to Russia?
    I heard it was erupted over Russia last week, raining fiery meteorites over a big, populated area. There were not deaths, but there was a ton of damage to properties.

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