[INACTIVE][FUN] NeoMeteorites 0.4 - meteorites falling from the sky [798]

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    This plugin will spawn meteorites falling to the earth. On collission with the ground they will explode and leave a random ore covered by obsidian.
    The default spawning rate is a chance of about 8% per minute (one player online).
    Version: v0.4
    Supported builds: 740, 766, 798


    • Randomly spawns a meteorite
    • Allows shooting on targets
    • Generates a configurable ore on impact

    0.4 [JAR] 0.3.1 [JAR][SRC] 0.2 [JAR] [SRC] 0.1 [JAR]


    Edit the plugins/NeoMeteorites/config.yml
    likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk: Sets the chance of a meteroite getting spawned.
    The chance is set at 1 / (likeEveryXMinutesPerChunk / chunksThatAreLoaded).
    If set to default (6000) and there is one player online, there is a spawning chance of ~8%. At 12000, it is ~4%. When more players are online (means more loaded chunks, the spawning rate will increase).
    blocks: The block ids a meteorite can consist of.
    shell: The block id of the material which covers the blocks obove.
    fancyExplosionSize: The size of the explosions that are caused when the meteorite is in the air.
    explosionSize: The size of the impact explosion. Set it to 0.0 to disable it.
    numberOfExplosions: A meteorite can explode several times on the ground (it makes more damage).

                - 'NeoMeteorites.CallMeteorite'

    /meteorite - Will spawn a meteorite somewhere
    /meteorite here - A meteorite will hit the block you are looking at
    /meteorite playername - Self-explanatory

    • You can't see meteorites, when they are too far away (explosion particles won't be displayed - When making the screenshot I was using a client mod, which disabled that). You can still hear the explosions.
    • Sometimes meorites will only fire if you come close.
    • One time for a server start you have to left click in the air to get meteorites working (I don't know why, also comfirm this please)

    Version 0.4
    • Fixed several issues
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    Version 0.3
    • Fixed spawning positions
    • Ores will spawn correctly again
    • Meteroite core is now generated correctly
    • Added WorldGuard support (experimental) - Meteroites shouldn't hit areas where creeper-explosions are disabled
    Version 0.2
    • Added options: blocks, shell, fancyExplosionSize, explosionSize, numberOfExplosions
    • Addes the possibility to force a meteorite spawning (supports Permissions)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    • Make landed meteorites looking better
    • Multiworld
    • Way better options
    • Optional Towny protection
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    Houra ! :)
    I love you furekusu :p
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    anxiously awaiting multi world configuration :D
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    Would it be possible for you to tie this in with Towny? So meteors just land in the "Wilderness" which will protect towns
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    yeah make them have a fiery look to them and no obsidian made on impact so it's harder to get obsidian and also sometimes the meteors hit the ground and survive and have an awesome use like you find magnate and nickel and other materials you get from meteors
  6. Multiworld support would be nice, so they can be enabled/disabled per world, thank you!
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    I've just get a strange error which have disconnected everybody from the server :
    15:31:25 [GRAVE] java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 4
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain.toInt(NMMain.java:195)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain.getStartPosition(NMMain.java:161)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain.spawnMeteorite(NMMain.java:90)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain.spawnMeteorite(NMMain.java:75)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain.spawnMeteorite(NMMain.java:67)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at de.neocrafter.NeoMeteorites.NMMain$1.run(NMMain.java:52)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:33)
    15:31:25 [GRAVE]        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    15:31:26 [INFO] Connection reset
    15:31:26 [INFO] Player lost connection: disconnect.overflow
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    This looks cool!
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    This mod looks cool i think i will give it a try for a bit
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    I assume you don't understand how Bukkit plugins work:
    -You cant add any new blocks
    -You cant change the look of anything

    Also, there is a config file, you can change it to be encased in any material, for example stone (would be much harder to see it) - I personally use Netherstone (87)

    @furekusu - all our meteors are landing right by spawn and nowhere else on the map. Any idea why?
    Just had to clear the inventory of someone who had got a lot of stuff from them all. We never go to our maps spawn point, so there was a LOT there...
    Oh and another one just crashed (well I heard an explosion while typing this..)

    OK, at time of typing my friend had shown me an area where there was about 15-20 meteorites. Since then, i've found a HUGE METEORITE, which I assume was made of many small ones clumped together (although if it fell as one, i'd have loved to have seen it!)

    I've taken a screencapture video showing around etc, so if you want me to show you that let me know. our spawn is obliterated now, so I'm keeping it as is for a bit. if you want to come join our server for a 1st hand look just PM me and i'll sort you out.
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    Are you using the newest version?

    This was a bug in v0.2.
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    -Correct, but you could add a magnetic effect to a standard iron block that is only available if the iron block was created by this plugin.
    -But you can have fire blocks as part of a created structure if it is coded correctly and you use something that will remain lit such as netherrack

    This is probably due to the fact that spawn remains loaded at all times while the server is running but players online are not remaining in other chunks for as long.

    Please share.
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    I don't think there is any way of tracking one specific item like that.. I might be wrong but I don't think there is.
    And I've tried the latter, right now the config only allows one type of block for the shell. that COULD be changed though and I was thinking of suggesting that myself :D

    As for the videos, I'll upload them later. I have one just showing the various meteors and the king meteor, the rest are focused on the huge one, for example when I used worldedit to remove all the obsidian around it, leaving a huge colourful mass of ore. it was pretty :D there is also one last video of me actually mining it all out, but wont bother uploading that one :p
    There was an exact inventory full in there too, 3 stacks iron, 3 stacks gold, 8 stacks lapiz, 2 stacks diamond and then all the other stuff too :)
    When did the update come out? I got this plugin about 4 days ago.
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    As far as tracking a specific item no but you could fake this by giving the player an ability upon harvesting iron blocks placed by this mod which would then allow them to right click an iron block to magnetically charge it. It would take a completely new set of coding and isn't necessarily what the dev will be concentrating on but it is doable from what I've seen on other mods i.e. Runecraft, MagnetBlock

    I believe the update is only 2-3 days old.
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    I'm using /meteorite here, and I dont see a meteorite coming to hit. Is there some kind of modification I have to do client side?
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    Same here + I do not get any error into the console. Any idea? :S
  17. Did I happen to inspire this? I made a similar request thread. Great work!
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    doesn't work, Cmd doesn't even detect a plugin called "neometeorites".....
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    Ah, that would work and be pretty good. so each time they mine the iron they get one "magnet charge" which is saved to a file with their name? that would be pretty awesome :D

    and I'll get the new update now ;)
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    That's exactly what I was thinking. And it could be restricted to only blocks added by this plugin.
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    Anyways, got the new update, but removed it again. To be honest the plugin is pretty much unusable without some sort of protection system...
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    Or even just multi-world support
    That way you can have a dangerworld where everything tries to kill you twice as hard and the sky rains explosives.
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    none of the commands appear to work with 766. /Meteorite here returns message "a meteorite has spawned" but nothing happens in consol and nothing on screen. checked the two spawn points for the world I know about (others said they were hitting spawns) but I couldn't find anything?
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    Yes, it's not working atm.

    I'm trying to fix it, but it's pretty hacky.
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    Love the plugin, do you think there is any way you can set the cfg so we can provide weights to the meteorite content? i.e 90% coal, 10% diamond?
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    Do the meteorite some damage to constructions/building? :/
    I see in config that we can disable explosion... if it's disable, there is no damage to building? or i need another plugin of protection ?
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    PROTIP: BigBrother :p
    If the explosion is off, it will not destroy any blocks or do damage, but the meteorite itself with a core will still spawn

    Anyway this sounds like something gorgeously epic, nice plugin, I'll give it a shot!
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    We have big brother, its just effort to go and remove each meteorite when it hits...
    And explosion off means it wont do any damage, but the meteorite spawning itself still replaces blocks so if it embeds into a building it will still do damage.
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    looking forward to multiworld support.
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    Try iZone then, I use it to protect the buildings, it should be able to prevent changes... I think block-spawning is plugin-side though, so it propably can't even be traced by anything :/
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    yeah exactly :( thats why I was asking for a method of protection.

    as a sugestion of how to work it, there could be some sort of rune we could add to a chunk to protect from a meteor, so a meteor wouldn't land in a chunk like that. It can still fly over, just wont land in one...

    Also @furekusu - are you ever going to make that client mod public to see the explosions at a distance...?

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