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  1. MultiGod - Multi-World God Mode With Permissions!
    Version - 1.1
    Any feedback/suggestions/problems? Please post below.
    Another GREAT review by jamescosten ;)
    I was given this suggestion by a friend as while there are many god mode plugins out there, none of them support multi-world permissions. Want to allow users god mode but not in the PVP world, this is for you! The god mode will give the player unlimited health, that is all for the moment, I may look into adding more features.
    To install this plugin simply download above and copy it into your plugins folder, it will automatically create a directory and config file which you will need to modify. By default your config file will look like this.The order of the worlds is not important but you may re-order it for aesthetic purposes. Now to enabled multi-god world permissions you will need to modify the world name and enabled state. So, say I had two worlds, PVP and world, but didn't want god mode to be enabled on the pvp world you would set the pvp world to false.

    Configuration Example
    Name: world
    Enabled: true
    Name: PVP
    Enabled: false
    Name: PVP
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    Name: yourworldname-casesensitive
    Enabled: false
    GodModNotifyMessage: false
    • Permissions
    • Ops do NOT inherit the permission, you will still have to give them the relevant nodes!
    • /mg - Toggle god mode on and off.
    • /mg reload - Reloads the configuration
    • - 'multigod.config' - Reload the configuration
    • - 'yourworldname.multigod.use' - Allow the player to use godmode in the corresponding world as long as 'enabled' is set to true in the configuration, see above.
    Version 1.1 - Option to configure god mode welcome message.
    Version 1.0 - Initial Release
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    can i give my awesome plugin idea?: hook-rod® (® is fake xD it make it looks epic) is a plugin makes a hooshot of a fishing rod (the isnt made before) (yeah there is but not working with a nice roddy and not nice its just tping). with the command /hookrod (turn on/off). itll Calculate how mutch blocks high and far it is. then it will make a nice epic jump to it.
    maybe make also a way to make it free styling. (so you can just swing like he did in the old outdated alpha mod klick hiera: ------> (skip to 1:35 for intrerting stuff) ) and if you hold sneak ull just hang around on the hook spot.
    ull need to make that it wont kick you becuse it is move too fast (the other one dint and ull get kicket with the massage: you are moving to fast (hacks?) :(. so youll see in the video: this can be made with fishing rods! lets make it a plugin. for 1.6! WORKING! (i want to make it with you; if you do. maybe i can lern more shit about the plugin making and it wold be awesome if we can share our ideas about this in a forum page on bukkit so we can make it bigger. i just ask this you becuse you make aweosme plugins + i heve aweosme ideas=freaking epicness if you want to start this project with me: just tell me, it wold be awesome!) (please dont make this idea without me. that wold be horrible and suckass)

    I really hope you accept this plan. :oops: *w8ts for answer*

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  3. @Masterflapdrol This looks like a really cool idea but I'm not sure whether you'd need a clientside modification or not. Is the zipwire coming out of the wood, does that actually happen in Minecraft normally?
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    whats a zipwire?
  5. That black line that shoots out of the fishing rod in the video.
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    its a mod a very old one only working for apha. (btw it isnt working with a rod i heve his own item) bbtw yes it is, but, the black line of fishing rods will be invinsible if it is farther away then 20 blocks. maybe thats why you never saw :p

    ooooops (wtf?) (u ditnt say that! (i did something wrong xD)

    ohmyghood i hacked the code exidentily xD

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    Just curious, any possibility of making a permission node for "always-on" god mode? I have a server with a creative world, and survival world. I'd like to have all players in the creative world automatically have god mode, without having the type in a command, and then loose god mode when they return to the survival world.

    Any addition of items or crafting that don't naturally occur requires a client-side mod.
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    we can also do it without but fishing will be very hard then. so you must be able to turn it off.
  9. I know.

    And for auto-god mode yes that would be possible to do. I'd just have to add some more options to the config file.
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    Shall a make another blog page for the exchange of ideas around the hookrod plugin?
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    does this work on 1.6.6?
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    yup it works great on 1.6.6 and bukkit build 819
  13. Also requesting this, and maybe you could clean up the config a little,
    With worlds under Force having persistence, worlds under optional having to manually turn godmode on and off, and any other worlds just being ignored. Thanks.
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    hey great plugin!
    but i have a problem here. it works almost perfect exept that the admin group with - '*' permission always get the message god disabled for this world or no permissions even when it is enabled. for the users it works, i also tried to add the - 'world.multigod.use' node to admin group or a single user but it doesn't work until there is the - '*' node
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    Hey it doesnt work with premmissions and/or essentials becus the essentials not workin godmode is occupyin the command! :( can you help me ? :) [diamond]
  16. The command is just /mg I'm pretty sure essentials only uses /god
  17. Thoughts?
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    i everytime write godmode and essentials use godmode also :/ so i ditnt kno about mg :) thx!
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    i was i kinda stupid lol sorry :):confused:

    i explain myself agan :) ive focked it up :p

    i hevnt accsess for /mg how can i turn it on? (ive - '*' at my rank :) )

    ive also put -multigod.mg bihind. it wont let me :(

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  20. You know you can edit posts, right?
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    Someone has tested it for CraftBukkit 953 ?
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    Hello, I have worldguard which has a /god command, would this plugin interfere with it because I want to give my players godmode in the artworld on my server but not be able to bring it back to normal world
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    can confirm working fine with CB#1000

    works fine on my server running worldguard worldedit among many other plugins

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    Is this plugin still active? If so, please update your title to reflect the most recent RB it works with. If not, it will be moved to the inactive subforum.
  25. Inactive unless someone else updates it. I am too busy IRL to maintain it myself.

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