[INACTIVE][FUN/MISC] PrivateLotto - v0.14 - Permissions and iConomy Lottery [531]

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  3. When permissions is supported (right now its veeery similar to the original)

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    PrivateLotto v0.14 is the latest version!
    I will place the download link when i have finished adding permissions.
    For now let me know what you think of the permissions idea on the lottery?
    This is a cleaner version of Erbros' Lottery plugin. Soon i will have permissions support, just got to hook in.
    [531] is the CraftBukkit Jenkins build # this was tested against.

    Version: v0.14

    Type /lottery to see when the next draw will be!
    Type /lottery buy to buy a ticket!
    This hooks into iConomy [Tested with 4.4.7] and uses your currency!
    You can set the price in the configuration file!
    Big thanks to Erbros for releasing the source :D

    • Has a lottery Draw ever 24hours
    • Reloading/rebooting the server does not interfere.
    • Users can buy tickets and a winner is announced at the end.

    Version 0.14
    • Re-added iConomy support (i broke it before)

    Version 0.13
    • Removed iConomy support temporarily

    Version 0.1
    • Cleaned up code and chat interface and Released plugin!

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    tha d0ctor

    No Link?
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    Mmm Octopie

    Where is the link to The plugin
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    Nice work, but put a link for test! XD
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    hey guys! the lottery plugin i made does not have a permissions hook yet!
    But i will put a link in a few mins :)

    EDIT - Just going to add permissions before i upload.
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    So we are waiting and waitng :D wheres the link ?
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    So where is that link? I want to gamble already in my server.
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    you can gamble just fine in erbro's version.
    Im just really busy with professions. I still have this in eclipse and i will work on it as soon as i get a dataholder finished for professions.
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    considered inactive

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