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    Nether Invasion v0.0.1
    Download @ attachment

    Bring the nether to your world! With this plugin nether will invade your world! Once you build a portal, land and mobs can get to your world by passing the portal.
    The attachment also have some screenshots.
    ATENTION: This won't search for old portals, only portals created after plugins installation will be invaded.

    - Change land near portals to nether land (Caution when building inside your house, you've been warned)
    - Can spawn mobs on portals (Ghasts can grief your world, don't set too many of them. )

    /nitest - Makes invasion on every portal
    /nireload - Reloads config.yml
    /nisave - Save Portals

    netherinvasion.admin - all commands

    Config File:
    TimeCheckAndSave: 20 - Time (in minutes) to save portals and invade then (default 20 min)
    InvasionMaxRadius: 8 - Max distance from portal that will suffer from land invasion (8 is good bacause min range is 3 and the range will be random between 3 and what you set)
    NetherRackChances: 0.8 - Proportion of netherrack (0.8 = 80% rack, 20% soulsand)
    MaxInvasionLayer: 2 - How deep nether land can go.
    LandInvasion: true - if land can be invaded
    PortalInvasionChance: 0.75 - Chance of portal being invaded (land and mobs)
    MobInvasion: true - if mobs can spawn
    FireOnNetherRackChances: 0.15 - Chances of netherrack invade with fire
    - trys: 3 - How many times will try to spawn
    - spawnchance: 0.15 - chances of spawning (every single time)
    - trys: 3 - How many times will try to spawn
    - spawnchance: 0.05 - chances of spawning (every single time)

    - Stop invasion by placing key items in front of portals. - Will work on soon.
    - Maybe round land invasion? - Working on [0% done].
    - Random land invasion with medium radius? -Working on [0% done].
    - Protect some items from the invasion (chests, beds, pistons, tourches, redstone stuff) - Will work on soon.
    - Spread infinitely - Will TRY, if it`s possible, will publish.
    - Correct grammar mistakes? - Will try to learn English
    - Please suggest! I didn't make any of those above because I'm lazy and algorithm for those is a little more boring to think of, but I'll do if you want.

    Known BUGS:
    - none

    v0.0.1 (9/9/2011) - Initial release

    2011-09-09_17.19.32.png 2011-09-09_17.20.47.png

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    His looks hillarous!
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    :eek:Omg....very cool idea
    recalls Elder the scrolls IV: Oblivion =)
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    how about a way to stop the invastion of a portal like flowers around it or sumtin
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    2. Can it spread infinitley?
    3. Will it be able to spread infinitley(configurable)
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    I`ll try to figure out a way to do that, but thats a great challange to make because now the plugin aways change the ground around it, so if you put dirt blocks nearby after a invasion it will be replace by nether land in the next invasion, so it would get more and more laggy, but I can make and option to spread infinitely, but It wouldn`t probably search to changed blocks near the portals.
    Also this plugin changes EVERYTHING to netherland, even tourches, but I`m thinking of protecting itens like chests (cause users may lose their items) beds and etc. (some key items).

    But I`ll work on this after bukkit`s release (since 1.8 is comming tomorrow).
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    Yay!!! i am going to keep a very close eye on this and support it ;)
  10. this would be awesome but im using dimensiondoor which makes no portal needed to go nether :D darn.
    I like your idea! really nice.
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    can anyone help me i don't know how to make it work plz help
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    this is just awsome!
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    how long does it take for the invastion to start?? :confused:
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    I like it, but i think there should be some sort of barrier that prvents the blocks from getting it, like a bedrock box would prevent nether stuff to get inside. Idk.
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    On my last server, every time I built a nether gate I would make it so that the "worlds" bled into each other for a more dramatic feel (i.e. nether blocks in surface world and surface world blocks in the nether). This is a great idea for a plugin!
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    Wow really nice I was thinking of something similar to this when i saw the scarredlands plugin. :D I like it
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    it says bukkit wants to let you do that, but bukkit cant and stuff. Im scared!
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    see now this is something useful.
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    Sorry guys, I`ve been out for some days and I just can work on this plugin @ weekends.

    jonas2691, GunToYourTemple: It take 20 mins between invasions, but you can test it by /nitest , also if you`re shutting down the server don`t forget to /nisave, 20 mins is configurable, so you may change as you wish.

    Mannimal0916: I shall try something related to ShadowX90 idea.

    mastor_elastor: will check the possibilities of that, I may add this as optional, like the idea.
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    Can you make it that the Nether invasion doesn't invade the NETHER!!! Oo
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    Sorry but for me it says that bukkit wont let me do that:S? i cant use any commands of that even if a have that permissions
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    I like it in my world, but its stupid that it invades the nether :D
    When I use the portal everything is full of pigman and ghasts, killing the portal.
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    this is pretty good.
    but is there a way to reverse it?
    I..err... built a few portals then did test =S pretty interesting lol
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    hi it says on me im sorry dave im afraid i cant do that
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    Must fix download link please i want this plugin
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    I downloaded this and even took the chances of spawning up, but nothing shows up in the world. Although when i go to the Nether World there are TONS of pig zombies and ghasts. Why arent they comeing threw the portal?
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    How about if any passive mob walks in the portal it turns into an aggresive mob?
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    does any one know what it means when it says a internal error while attempting to preform this command
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    Where do i download? xD
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    how i can download

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