Inactive [INACTIVE] [FUN/MECH] Wings v1.4 - Simple Flight + Hover (PermissionsEx) [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    I have come to the conclusion that Hawk is much than this, especially the sourcecode, so changing things is much easier!
    I will try to implement your suggestions in there and post a link to the thread with the modified
    Hawk here, as soon as I actually did something ;)
    I'm sorry for not keeping you up to date.

    This is basically the plugin by weasel5i2, all credits to him. I just added support for Minecraft 1.2.3 and switched to PermissionsEx

    Wings - Simple Flight
    Version: v1.4

    This plugin lets you fly around. Simply hold a feather in your hand and right-click with it to toggle flying and hovering on/off. First click will enable flight mode. A second right-click will switch you into hover mode. A third right-click will switch off flying and you will fall to the ground (without damage, as long as you're still holding the feather!)

    You will fly in the direction you're facing, so if you're going to hit that mountain, well.. PULL UP!! PULL UP!!!

    • Flying around in the sky like some crazy bird.
    • Hovering! (mostly..) - while hovering, hold down SHIFT to move yourself upwards.
    Permissions node:
    - ''

    The configuration is located in plugins/Wings/Settings.ini. The file looks like this:​
    * hoverMultiplier: The vector amount to achieve the player hovering effect. Your mileage may vary depending on how this is set.​
    * hoverBoostMultiplier: The vector amount to get that extra upward boost when you press SHIFT whilst hovering.​
    * allowOps: Allow Op users to fly, regardless of their Permissions setting.​
    * flightSpeed: The amount to multiply the flight vector by. Don't set this too high or you may end up extremely far away from your intended destination!​
    * flyingEatsFeathers: (disabled by default) - Set whether or not flying and hovering will consume feathers. Note that the feather must be held in the FIRST hand inventory slot #1 (at least until I can figure out how to get it to see them elsewhere in the player's inventory)​
    * defaultFeatherAmount: This sets how many ticks each feather will last before being consumed. On my server, the default 500 setting makes them last approximately 15-20 seconds each before disappearing from the stack.​

    Download The Plugin v1.4 (JAR)​
    Download the Source v1.4 (ZIP, Eclipse project)​

    To Do:

    Version 1.4 10-Mar-2012
    * Added support for Minecraft 1.2.3​
    * Added support for PermissionsEx (instead of Permissions)​
    * Changed max flightheight to 300​
    Version 1.3 04-Apr-2011
    * Added feather consuming support​
    * Added configuration file plugins/Wings/Settings.ini (see above)​
    Version 1.2 03-Apr-2011
    * Added Permissions 2.5.5 support​
    * Added hovering!​
    Version 1.1 31-Mar-2011 - unreleased
    * Experimental stuff. Didn't work out too well. :)
    Version 1.0 23-Mar-2011
    * Created plugin​
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    Please include latest RB in title as per submission guidelines
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    Uhm. was nice but this kills fall damage. which I understand why. but there is no way to change that. So. yea no good right now. if you could add fall damage toggle or something. I only have it for the few ppl that dont know how to install fly mods. so. not like its a huge deal if you added it or not but for future use if you plan on continuing with this. Thing about adding fall dmg toggle in the config. maybe take no fall dmg if you have the feather in your hand as you can fly around after you take off without holding it. so thats an idea. fall damage off with feather in hand = true
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    Thanks for the feedback, I'm quite busy for the next two weeks but I'll see what I can do :)
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    Its great, but I hope to see that you don't 'vibrate' and go up or down when hovering. Also, if you go to fly mode without looking around or moving, you just stay there.
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    Yes, these are known problems, I'll try to fix them :)

    Very nice and motivating to see, that there are people interested!
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    Yeah it's a great plugin. I prefer it over any other flying plugin.
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    I think this Plugin is Fantastic and has a lot of potential but I do think that there is room for improvement. It would be great if this Plugin became similar to the Zombe Fly Mod. When you right click the feather fly mode should be activated. Space should be to go up and Shift to go down and there should be a way to configure the buttons and change them. When Fly mode is activated you should always be hovering (and fix the vibration thing when you hover) and you could fly with the arrow keys. And you can stop flying with the feather. Basically a rip off of the Zombe Fly Mod. But not everybody (including me) can successfully install the mod and I want my admins to be able to fly! (also do I). So this would be perfect. There is no Plugin that does this yet so this would be very original. I know these changes are VERY VERY far from now. But i'm just giving some suggestions. ANYWAY thanks for making a magnificent Plugin.
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    Wow, that's a lot! Anyways, thanks for the suggestions!

    I really like the Idea of flying up with space and down with shift, I always wondered which keys I could use for this... Key changing would work with changing duck and jump keys client side. I don't have a lot of possibilities because it's only a server mod, everything has pros and cons ;)

    So you want to have only one flying stage and you only fly forwards when you press your forward key? Hmm, not sure about this, I'll think about it!

    And I'll look at zombes fly mod, let's see what awesome things we can copy ;)

    Thanks again for the Ideas
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    Hellow sir! I downloaded this into my server, but all my groups seems to be able to use it! How can I remove perms for all grps to use it? I want it to be for admins only. I did mangdelp on the perm node but they never had it in the first place! Please help!
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    Do you happen to use GroupManager instead of PermissionsEx? That may cause the problem, this plugin only supports PermissionsEx ATM...

    I'll search for a proper solution in about a week, not sure if I actually have to support every single permissions manager or if there is a better solution...

    Edit: It seems as if GroupManager is inactive, so I guess I won't add it...:
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    Ok, I just realized, that there may be a bug with the permissions. But it would still be interesting whether you use PermissionsEx or some thing else ;)

    EDIT: It only happened with craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.1, not with craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.4 and craftbukkit-1.2.4-R0.1, at least not for me
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    I would like to report a bug. I am using latest recommended build, and this is my plugin list:
    izone v7.3
    jcommands v1.0.4
    wings v1.4
    torture v1.5
    worldedit v5.2
    openinv v1.8.3
    lockette v1.6
    worldportal v0.2.3
    permissionsbukkit v1.6
    The bug is, that when I am flying and I then drops my feather, I continue flying.
    And I can't stop flying any other way than reloading the server or gain a feather.
    Could you please fix that or tell me what to do?
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    Wow, that's an issue I haven't thought of, yet.
    I'll try to fix that!
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    I dont know why, but wings totally ignore my permission settings.
    im using latest GM frome ssentials.. only at VIp group but anyone can fly.. why?
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    ok thanks

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