[INACTIVE][FUN/MECH/RPG] Fridges v0.3 - Add fridges and anvils to the game! [1060]

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  1. Fridges - Fridges you can put stuff into and anvils you can repair tools with!
    Download Fridges 0.3 ( .JAR )
    Download Fridges 0.2 ( .JAR )

    I will no longer be updating this. If you want to take this over then PM me.

    NOTE: You might think "Fridges haven't I seen this before?" and yes, you have.
    I did get permissions from Jayjay110 to release this. You can find the original here.

    Version: v0.3
    This plugin adds fridges that functions like chests and anvils that can repair tools

    If you are upgrading to 0.3 make sure you delete your old config.

    • Fridges that functions like chests.
    • Anvils that can repair your tools for money
    • Permissions
    • iConomy
    • Simple protections
    Screenshot of an example usage:

    Video of how to build and use:

    Showcase from my awesome mate:

    How to use:

    First you place a chest, then place an iron block ontop and another iron block ontop of that.
    Then you can rightclick the top ironblock to acces the chest at the bottom.


    Place an iron block and place a stone pressureplate under it.
    Leftclick on the iron block with a used tool in your hand to display the repair cost.
    Rightclick on the iron block with a used tool to repair it.

    Config file:
    Base cost is the cost which would be charged if the tool was used completely.
        enabled: true - if anvils can be used
            wood: 50 - base price for wood repair
            diamond: 500 - base price for diamond
            stone: 75 - price for stone
            gold: 250 - price for gold
            iron: 150 - price for iron
        enabled: true - if fridges can be used
    debug: false - if you want extra output to the console
    /fridges reload - reload the config file
    Permissions nodes:
    fridges.reload - for /fridges reload
    fridges.fridge.use - be able to open fridges
    fridges.fridge.break - you need this to break fridges
    fridges.anvil.repair - for when you repair your tool
    fridges.anvil.info - to get the cost of the item you are holding
    fridges.anvil.break - you need this to break anvils

    Posting bugs and errors:
    Be sure to include:
    • Your version of Bukkit
    • Your version of Fridges
    • Any other plugins that may cause the issue
    • The error from the console (if any)
    If you have any suggestion to new stuff i can add or things that needs improvement then feel free to post them below

    • Add iConomy support
    • Fridge protection so you cant just go around and destroy fridges
    • Locks/passwords
    Version 0.3
    • Added simple protection
    • Completely recoded the plugin because Eclipse failed on me
    • Small bugfixes
    Version 0.2
    • Added anvils
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Bravo :D
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    Nice idea!
    could you combine your mod with this one? http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/freezer

    that the food will not change to mushrooms ore bonemeals when they are in those fridges?


    btw, what about double chests as fridges? does that work?
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    I'm having a bit of a problem with this + the TeslaCoil plugin. They both use multiple iron blocks to be identified so when I'm trying to make a TeslaCoil tower it keeps getting recognized as a fridge and as such won't let me place signs/levers to make it work. Instead I just end up with a tower of iron blocks that I can't do anything with. Is there any way to make your plugin check to make sure that there is a chest below it before dubbing the blocks a fridge?
  5. It should already check if theres a chest below.
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    Well here's what goes on. I place three Iron Blocks stacked. I place my sign on the center block then go to place my lever on the bottom one. When I do this I get a "true" message. The same as I get when I go to use a fridge that I set up with a chest except that I don't get an option to deposit anything and it won't let me place anything.

    I also noticed something here while posting this, any blocks that are under 2 Iron Blocks will yield the same results. Doesn't seem to matter what type of block it is. As long as it's under 2 Iron ones it is giving the "true" message and won't allow placing on it.
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    Hello there!
    In the TeslaCoil configuration, the type of block is configurable, so you can choose some other block so as not to conflict with this plugin :]
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    Could you add a way to allow for doublechests to be used? Perhaps by a column of blocks such as:
    Iron block
    Iron Block
    Iron Bars
    Chest - Chest

    Also I would love if the anvils worked like mcMMO anvils in that you need to use resources not money to repair. Repair is really the only reason I keep mcMMO, if I can get another plugin with the same functionality, I'd switch instantly. The fridges here would be a bonus.
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    can you update this plugin to work with iconomy 6
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    iConomy 6 Support plox :)
  11. @Werzieq Sorry, i will no longer be updating this.
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    :( May I try to update it and rerelease it?
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    I just joined a server with this plugin, and when i try to repair my diamond pickaxe, it says Im not skilled enough. Please help

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