[INACTIVE][FUN/MECH] road v0.1 - Highspeed railways, Booster launchers, Aerial faith plates [766]

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  1. road - Highspeed railways, Booster launchers, Aerial faith plates
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin allows you to use a stack of rare blocks to produce special effects:
    These stacks may be buried underground, and won't be intrusive since the top block can be any block.

    • Highspeed railway:
      Stack 3 blocks in the following fashion to create a highspeed railway:
      Any block above a glass block above a gold block
      picture (open)

      Hold down sneak on the railway and travel forward at extremely highspeeds! A very convenient way to travel around a huge world.
    • Booster launchers:
      Stack 4 blocks in the following fashion to create a booster launcher:
      Any block above a diamond block (57) above a glass block (20) above a lapiz lazul block (22)
      picture (open)

      Stand on the launch pad to get sent high into space! Better suit up or you just might die
    • Aerial faith plates:
      Stack 3 blocks in the following fashion to create an aerial faith plate like seen in portal 2!
      Any block above a brick block (45) above an iron ore (15)
      picture (open)

      Next, attach a redstone repeater above the top block. The direction of the repeater is the direction the plate will launch you towards.
    Download The Test Plugin

    Pictures (open)

    A line of several aerial faith plates:




    Version 0.1:
    • Created plugin
    Known Issues:

    • Aerial faith plates do not accurately send you in the correct direction:
      This issue has to do with a discrepancy between the server and the client. The vector of your trajectory is programmed correctly, but it is up to the client to interpret this. Currently, there is no fix for this problem. =[

    Updated the picture links, they should be viewable now.

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    Hey! This plugin also looks very interesting! You're well on your way to becoming a plugin dev. The highways looks very cool and so do the other two additions. I've got a quick question. Where did you learn to program and/or code plugins? I'm interesting in learning, yet it seems rather confusing.
  3. I'm glad you like this plugin, I built it as a solution to traveling around my HUGE medieval world private server.

    I first got into programming in highschool when I took an introductory java course, after which I was hooked. I started experimenting with the language on my own and created many little java games in my spare time. Now I am a second year computer science major at UC Berkeley and do many programming projects / part time jobs at software companies on the side for practice.

    In my opinion, the best way to learn is simply to experiment. It's also good to look at some open source projects as a starting point, and ask questions whenever you get stuck. The good thing about software development is that there are so many resources at your disposal online. stackoverflow.com is a great site to ask programming questions, and these forums are very helpful in asking specific bukkit implementation/api/integration questions.

    It's good practice to read and understand the bukkit API and documentation well. I actually skipped through this step and am just learning it as I go, which might bite myself in the ass in the future, but eh I'm kinda lazy. :p
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    You're missing a CB version in the title, please use the latest recommended one.
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    Sounds pretty awesome, but I have no idea. Video maybe?
  6. I tested this with the newest release of craftbukkit, proud to say that this plugin is officially compatible with version 733! :)
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    I need to know how to put the blocks down. Text just doesn't cut it, video, or pictures maybe?
  8. Alright, I put up pictures showing what the block stacks look like. In my pictures the blocks are stacked above ground, but remember that you can hide them underground and out of the way. The good thing is the top block can always be any block you want.
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    Connor Williams

    Hey please could i ask

    What texture pack

    Coz at the mo i am using angelcraft but bricks look bad?
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    I like the plugin but i have an extensive road on my server and when i set it up to eh highway thing, it worked for about 10 seconds then u stop and it doesnt work anymore till u leave and jion again. I did not recieve an error either

  11. Hmm, that's interesting.
    Make sure that when you are holding crouch over the road that you may have to move a little first before the road starts sending you forward. (The road plugin detects movement)

    If that's not the issue, can you tell me what other plugins you have? Also, if you have any client side mods that might cause an incompatibility also.
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    I am using the zombe client mod and zan's minimap mod. The plugin list is to large to say but he the only one taht may conflict is movecraft, craftbook, and maybe world edit.
    It did work but it stoped after 5 or so seconds. Then u had to go tp to someone and tp back for it to continue working for another 5 sec.
  13. Ok, based on this information zombe's client mod is most likely the culprit.

    The interaction between server and client in terms of velocity is actually quite convoluted, and from the server's standpoint there isn't much the server can do to control accurate setting of velocity. Of course, I can look into this and hopefully come up with a solution, but as it stands there's nothing that can be done if the client is interpreting velocity incorrectly/differently.
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    Clever Trevor

    Railway doesn't work backwards. :(
  15. Yeah, you can only move in the direction you are facing. There is no way to control player speed from a server plugin, so I can only do the next best thing: push the player in the direction he/she is facing.

    Technical Note: This is accomplished by setVelocity(), which takes a velocity vector. The client receives this information and interprets it however it wishes. There are no guarantees for accuracy of the movement. Practically speaking, this means that a plugin cannot set a player's movement nor speed but can only "punch" the player in a certain direction with a certain force.
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    Codex Arcanum

    The Pitfall link in your sig leads to this thread. *Downloads both plugins*
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    hey, i seem to have noticed that while running essentials with nether active the server, it stops the high-speed road from working. any known fix atm?
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    Could you add feature for animals/mobs?
    Add at confing file somethink like "LaunchAnimals/mobs=false/true"
    And make changeable blocks in config file
    It's also pretty fun to make traps with that :3
    I'm really sory about my english S:
  19. This is due to the way that speed interacts with the client, but I will try to find a way to fix this.
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    this sounds really cool! but will the ariel faith plates launch other things like sand, gravel, and tnt?
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    Aerial faith plates launch me upwards for some reason. Not forward.
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    I love it, I really do. The only thing I want improved is can you make the faith plates constant in the way they jump? At the moment they are random which is really annoying.
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    The Aerial faith plates don't seem to launch me in the right direction it shoots me straight up
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    Last seen May 26th. Is the developer dead or something?
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    Plugin still works (CB 1240/1337)
    And 1.0.0-R1
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    I can validate columb's comments, it does indeed still work in 1337
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    Still work on 1718.
    After 952 bukkit builds this plugin is still works, magic...

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