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    PwnCraft - The RPG PvP Plugin:
    Version: v1.06

    PwnCraft is an advanced system of classes and leveling that grants unique abilities as you level. You can gain experience by mining, placing blocks, killing monsters, and especially killing players. PwnCraft adds a RPG and PvP experience to your server unlike any you have ever seen. Even if your server isn't PvP oriented, the RPG aspect of PwnCraft is still amazing due to our fantastic class system. Watch the video below for a preview of the Wizard.

    * Advanced class system

    - * Choose your class upon reaching level one.
    * Gain unique, class specific abilities as you level.
    - Advanced leveling system
    * Receive EXP for mining and placing blocks, and killing creatures and players.
    * Level up upon receiving a set amount of EXP.
    - Amazing Help Menu
    * "/pc help" for an awesome help menu
    * "/pc command list" for a list of available commands

    * A Rock-Paper-Scissors Balance System

    - * Assassins are powerful against Wizards
    * Wizards are powerful against Warriors
    * Warriors are powerful against Assassins

    * Assassin class
    Show Spoiler
    - * Level 1: Stealth (Become temporarily hidden from enemies with a feather)
    * Level 2: Enhanced Agility (Temporary sprint and half falling damage - SHIFT)
    * Level 3: Pick Pocket (Chance to steal a random item from a player with a slime ball)
    * Level 4: Poisoned Blades (Sword attacks do additional damage over time)
    * Level 5: Murder (Heal for 2 hearts on killing an enemy player)
    * Level 6: Crippling Poison (Sword attacks have a chance to slow enemy movement)
    * Level 7: Back Stab (High chance when attacking from behind with a sword to do 1.5x damage)

    - Warrior class
    Show Spoiler
    * Level 1: Battle Vision (You see your enemies' remaining HP on damaging them)
    * Level 2: Ferocious Charge (You uncontrollably rush forwards with your axe - SHIFT)
    * Level 3: Block (Small chance to block an enemy's attack)
    * Level 4: Combat Training (You passively do slightly more damage)
    * Level 5: Thick Skin (Immune to damage over time effects like fire and poison)
    * Level 6: Decisive Blow (High cooldown strike for 2x damage with your sword)

    * Level 7: Counter Attack (Small chance to counter an enemy's attack)

    - Wizard class
    Show Spoiler
    * Level 1: Blast (Blast a small section for low damage - Torch)
    * Level 2: Blink (Teleport forward a short distance - SHIFT)
    * Level 3: Frost Bomb (A small frost explosion for low damage that slows enemies - Snow Ball)
    * Level 4: Nature's Grasp (Nature temporarily encases a small area - Sapling)
    * Level 5: Lightning Strike (Lightning strikes the ground in a very small area for moderate damage - Redstone Torch)
    * Level 6: Bone Shield (Create a protective shield of bone around yourself - Bone)
    * Level 7: Time Warp (Halts all enemy movement around you for a short time - Clock)

    Wizard Preview:

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Co-Developer: Danton
    Danton's Profile: http://forums.bukkit.org/members/danton.59135/

    * Download the latest Minecraft Server
    * Download the latest CraftBukkit.snapshot
    * Place the CraftBukkit.snapshot in your server folder
    * Run the CraftBukkit.snapshot that is in your server folder
    * Download the PwnCraft.jar
    * Drag the PwnCraft.jar into your plugin folder
    * Shut down your server all the way
    * Re-launch your server

    Planned Features:
    * Paladin
    * Cleric
    * Monk
    * Ranger
    * Party System
    * Races (Possibly)

    Special Thanks:
    * Crash for helping me with the "behind" an enemy algorithm.
    * Samkio for making awesome video guides to get Danton and I started.
    * Anyone and everyone who posts feedback and supports PwnCraft.

    * Spread the word! Tell your friends about PwnCraft to help spread this awesome plugin!
    * Please, post ANY bugs that you find in PwnCraft! I will be checking this thread every day to fix any and every bug.
    * Have a suggestion for a class/ability/other? Post it! If we like your idea, we will incorporate it!
    * Like PwnCraft or the troubleshooting we post here? Then like it!
    * Of course, you can always DONATE to help support the development of PwnCraft.

    Show Spoiler
    Version 1.06
    * Wizards now gain experience by casting spells to compensate for the cost of reagents
    * All of the warriors abilities have been fixed (There was a miscommunication on file transfer between Danton and myself, causing most warrior abilities to bug)
    * Assassins are now slowed in stealth
    * Player kills now grant between 10 and 50 EXP per kill
    * Mining gold ore now only grants 4 EXP per block to prevent exploiting the experience system
    * Blink is now only usable on a targeted block within a 40 block distance
    * All instances of the class "Soldier" instead of "Warrior" in the help menu have been changed
    * Added the armor limitations to Wizards (The limitation is leather armor only; it was on Assassins before and I forgot to add in the line to limit the wizard as well)
    * Blast now affects a slightly larger area to ease targeting issues
    * Many wizard cool-downs have been lowered to foster more active spell usage

    Version 1.05
    * Changed the OP fix to no longer require logging in and out
    * Changed the OP fix to no longer require "offlineOPs.txt"
    * Greatly simplified the logic of checking for OP (Should work much more smoothly now)

    Version 1.04
    * Adjusted the reward for killing players to prevent kill trading "power leveling"
    * Nature's Grasp now begins to despawn after 10 seconds
    * Fixed the issue with never ending slows and sprint
    * Fixed all issues with joining as an OP (This includes Essentials and pretty much every other conflicting plugin) (If you are an OP you must join your server, close Minecraft, and rejoin your server after every server reset to make it work. If you have logged in since a server reset, you do not have to do this.)
    * Added "offlineOPs.txt" to prevent any loss of OP names due to the new compatibility fixes.

    Version 1.03
    * Adjusted the ordering in the onPlayerJoin method to hopefully solve failure to initialize players into the HashMap
    * Added back the "/pc help leveling EXP" command that I accidentally deleted
    * Prevented NullPointerException from the checkTS method

    Version 1.02
    * Fixed the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using certain commands
    * Fixed the nullPointerException onPlayerMove
    * Added the hook for Permissions support

    Version 1.01
    * Fixed the nullPointerException onPlayerJoin.
    * Hopefully fixed the nullPointerException onPlayerMove.
    * Grass blocks now grants 1 EXP for breaking them.

    Version 1.00
    * PwnCraft initial release
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  2. Hey this is an awesome plugin and the players on my server just love it but when are there coming some new classes
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    Guys... He hasn't commented since APRIL!
    He isn't going to continue this mod anymore.
    We need a fork, someone else who wants to continue it.

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