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    Imaginary Bow - The only Limitation is your Imagination
    Version: v1.2

    Imaginary Bow lets you shoot arrows with any item thats in your mind.
    By default the "Bow" is the arrow itself, which allows a dart-like arrow throwing.

    • Lets you shoot arrows using other items
      ATTENTION! The Item will loose its right-click function!
    Download Version 1.3 [Dropbox]

    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    Version 1.1
    • Updated to Bukkit #488, CraftBukkit #604
    Version 1.2
    • Updated to Bukkit #652, CraftBukkit #670
    • Properties added
    • "Bow"-Item can now be chosen in the properties file
    Version 1.3
    • Updated to Bukkit #653, CraftBukkit #674
    • Added Permission imgbow
    • Actions can now be configured (When to shoot an arrow [rightclick, leftclick, ..])
    • Due to a problem with YML only 2 actions can be chosen atm.
    ToDo for 1.4
    • Keep updated with Bukkit & CraftBukkit
    • Use the Damage Factor property
    Please post any feedback or suggestions here, or PM me :)
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    Would it be possible to decrease the damage for thrown arrows, That way with a bow its stronger but its still possible to throw em.
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    @mdskizy, how about distance too..

    Funny plugin :D.
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    I may add both suggestions tomorrow, including a properties-file to configure them.

    Thank you both for your replies :)
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    Please update to latest RB, so I can move this into Plugin Releases forum.
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    Just updated :)
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    Could we please have adjustable damage in a config file? I don't even need permissions support or anything, just a way to crank the damage of arrows sky high :)
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    I'm the opposite - can you set the config so if wanted we can INCREASE damage?
    We have Races on our server, and right now theres no way to stop anyone using a bow, so I want to make Rangers more powerful and i'll give them this plugin.

    Eventually when we get blacklisting i'll use this with lower damage of course, but the option to go either way is nice :)

    there is a plugin which makes arrows shot from a bow a 1-hit-kill
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    Yeah, Mega Bow, and I like it a lot, but it didn't exist when I made that post! Before that I used SuperBow and liked it even more, but the author of that one is awol and it is no longer compatible.
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    Sorry I broke my leg a week ago and will be back home tomorrow, updates coming then..
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    Hope you get well soon and can add all these awesome features and maybe even Permissions!
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    Back home, and here is your update :)

    Updated to latest builds, added properties, renamed Plugin and made the "Bow" chooseable in the properties.

    DamageFactor was not yet included in the code, neither were Permissions. Coming soon :)
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    i only got to play with the addon shortly before you updated it from Dart to Bow.. but werent you able to left click to throw before? i liked that
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    Property for Left/Rightclick will be added in the next update.

    Just changed it to mimic the Bow-function, but yeah will add that.

    Thank you for your feedback :)
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    awesome :) i understand the thinking behind the change but i just thought that left click is more of a dart throwing move then right since im not loading or using anything just attacking, like swords
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    Yeah I will add it tomorrow together with permissions support :)

    And yeah I also liked the animation that looks like throwing :D

    Thanks again.. :p
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    Any update on Permissions? Cant use this without Permissions :(
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    Sorry guys.. my leg got worse.. may take some time to get better..

    But i prepared everything for permissions just got no time to release it :)
    Please be patient.. tomorrow is release <3
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    dayum, well I hope it gets better soon :(
    GET WELL SOON DEATHLY <-- Print it off and glue it to the cast, its just as good as signing it :D
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    Uploading new Version in a second with Permissions added :)


    Action is now also configurable :)
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    No comments yet? Permissions working? everything ok?

    Other things to add? :)
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    Oh how I wish you could add custom sprites and entities to bukkit.

    I SO want to see a guy chuck an arrow in the air and slap it at a guys face with a porkchop.

    Ah well.
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    Yeah, that'd be quite cool ^^

    Let's just wait until Notch starts working on the Modding API.. and maybe.. who knows.. your dreams may come true :)
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    great plugin!

    any way to configure what can be used as ammunition? so it can throw/consume an axe like a tomahawk when you right click with an axe equipped?
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    Well, it's not possible to throw an axe. Sorry :)

    Sure it could consume an axe, but you can only shoot arrows.. :(
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    CB 674 - inactive

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