[INACTIVE][FUN/MECH] AimCannon v0.5 - Aim with this TNT Cannon [953]

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    Thomas Bucher

    AimCannon - Aim with your TNT Cannon (This is gonna blow you away):

    Version: v0.5
    You Build a Cannon..
    You Load it with Gunpowder and TNT...
    You Ignite the TNT..
    You Trigger the Cannon..
    You Aim at the Target.. (1.5 sec time)
    You have a lot of Fun!!
    And now, turn it around !!

    See a Demovideo here

    Howto Video:

    Sponsored by MadMonkeyCo



    • Build Cannons (2 - ironblock, 1 dispenser, 1 button on the side of the dispenser
    • Load with TNT and Gunpowder (click the dispenser)
    • Aim the Target (45 degrees in front of the Cannone to each side..)
    • Turn the Cannon around with a Lever / Left Right turn by Left Right Click
    • Configurable TNT Speed
    • Having Fun..
    Download The Plugin 0.5 [766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.4 [733-766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.3 [-684] (1.4)

    Download The Plugin 0.2
    Source Code is in the Jar

    • Add Permissions
    • Fix Lag at Fire
    • Left and Right klick turns
    • Blockbased Sizes
    • Groupmanager
    • Multiworld Problem
    • Redstone WireFire ;-)
    • Config for Blocks used
    Version 0.5
    • Left / Right Turnable
    • Added Config Var to allow Shooting "down" (take care with that ;-) )
    Version 0.4
    • Made it 1.5 Compatible [733]
    Version 0.3
    • Config for Speed ( Low Speed = Low Range )
    Version 0.2
    • Now turnable with a Lever..
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing this Funky Plugin
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    Thomas Bucher

    Use another Browser to Download, or set your Browser to "NOT" auto open or decompress downloaded Files.

    I will check that.
    Sincerely Thomas

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    Hi !
    First, i wan't say : AWESOME plugin :D I love the cannon, i search since long long time a plugin like this... so THANK's.

    Second, i have a little suggestion, if they are possible to active the cannon with resdtstone ?

    ( Sorry for my bad english )
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    Thomas Bucher

    I add that to my Todo list.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Can you update this plugin for the new beta update? thanks
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    The ghast attack now animates in 1.6 and looks like a flaming cannon ball.

    Also someone suggested a firework mod in plugin requests... made me think of your plugin. Think vertical cannon with wool and gunpowder(sulfur) required to fire. Rains colored wool at target location.
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    Can you also fire this automatticly with for example a five-clock?
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    You should add sound when it hits something.
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    It goes boom.
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    You should put something like a choice between gold block or iron block to use, because i have mcmmo and it won't let me shot out like it does in the video
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    I also have mcmmo and it works perfectly, I get some anvil messages and stuff like that but it still works.
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    Why not adding permissions about who can shout with this cannon?
    So we can make warriors,cannoners e.t.c
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    Thomas Bucher

    I am busy with other plugins, i will add, when i have the time to do it.
    That is why there is the Todo List.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Great to use with Movecraft
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    can you please hurry on redstone cababiltys i need it for my ship would realy apertite it mabye even donate :)
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    Please please please add permissions, this would make this plugin so useful on the server I help run, we are looking for something literally just like this
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    Its on the todo list.
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    I know, but it is a really crucial thing and is the only thing keeping it off the server, could you bump it to the top?
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    will this work with movecraft?
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    Heya! I haven't used this plugin so this may be a dumb question... but does the ground under you move? when the cannon moves? or just the cannon. I was wondering if i could make a platform the cannon sits on and the platform for the player moves with the cannon? if so I think chaircraft and this would be epic! you could create a chair on the cannon... players could sit, hit the lever and turn and then fire the cannon. :)
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    I am also having a conflict. The second click of the button places a lit TNT on TOP of the dispenser blowing up my cannon. Maybe because one of my plugins is conflicting? MCMMO uses the iron block as an Anvil and MobArena uses it to start matches.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I think an improvement would be if the whole TURRET turned with the cannon so you can turn with it. So if a 5x5 square below the cannon would turn with it that would be great!
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    Is this plugin going to break when it becomes necessary to light TNT with redstone or fire in 1.7?
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    so one problem, i press the button it lights on top of the dispencer and blows up... kinda wrecks the whole thing
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    Thomas Bucher

    If you press the button twice... it works as designed ;-P
    Dont stop press the button dude..
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    oh haha well that would help =P ill give it a try thanks
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    um will this work for the latest version of bukkit? cuz i dont see a link that says 953 next to it so the top download will work for it?

    also can you make it where ops are the only one's who can make cannons like when you click the button it says "your not a op" lol cuz i dont want anybody on my server blowin the livin sht out of my docks and towws XD.also is usable in move craft?

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    Still one of the best plugins out there. So amazing on my server. Keep it up.
  29. ok wtf it works on 1.7.2

    when i change direction of cannon with lever, the button fly off ^^

    also i push button, launch it -> tnt flew 1 block up from tower and started to blink infront of me? :D
    ok and now it exploded infront of my face
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    So does 0.5 work on 1.7.2?
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    Suggestion: Longer cannon barrels = more speed. OR different materials = more speed.
    Even better: Click dispenser more times and use more gunpowder for more speed.

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