[INACTIVE][FUN]mcdCarpeteer v0.1 - Fly Wherever You Want With A Woollen Carpet [953]

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    mcdCarpeteer [953]

    Version: 0.1

    This plugin allows the user to travel in the air by a carpet made of wool. The users can access this carpet by using the command: /mcdc or /carpeteer.
    This will then create a default woollen carpet of 5X5 and they can move upwards by pressing the space bar or downwards by crouching (pressing shift). The user can also activate a surrounding light around the woollen carpet by typing in /mcdl and the same to deactivate the light.

    The user can make the carpet bigger by using the command: /mcdc 7 or /carpeteer 7
    and can make it smaller by using the command: /mcdc 3 or /carpeteer 3.

    • The ability to fly by carpet.
    • Can use the command: /mcdl to activate a light surrounding the carpet.
    • Permissions support.
    Permissions Nodes:
    • mcd.carpeteer (allows the selected user/usergroup to use the command /mcdc)
    • mcd.carpeteer.mcdl (allows the user/usergroup to use the command /mcdl)
    Plugins downloads
    Source downloads
    • v0.1 - Release!

    - First of all i would like to thank Android for his Magic Carpet source!
    --- Take a look at his awesome plugin(s) here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-magiccarpet-v1-5-5-take-yourself-wonder-by-wonder-677.704/

    - Secondly i would like to thank Lolmen for his help with my struggles :)

    - and finally Bukkit for their awesome forums :D
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    server.properties, allow-flight = true

    Nothing wrong going on, but I thought you'd enjoy the hilarity.

    If you can't even tell me what kind of object 'material' is.....
    Just github this already I can write this plugin for you and you can have all the credit.
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    I forked this from Android and I realized it won't compile for the lastest Bukkit. I fixed it now bu where did you get the source from?

    Edit: Never mind, I was looking at an old version.

    It took me more time doing GitHub stuff that it did to add custom blocks.
    Download | Source
    You can use this as long as you use THIS code as your source thereby keeping Android's name in the namespace. Also I want the credits to read "Thanks SwearWord for coding the features. All I did was update the forum post."

    Re-download it, I fixed the message telling you the wrong carpet type.
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    @SwearWord omg thanks so much!! :) and do i have to keep it as androids package?? or can i keep it as mine?

    ill test it now :)
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    You're really asking to keep it as yours? You wrote 0 lines of code in that plugin. You may not use my source unless you use it exactly as it is.
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    No thanks then @SwearWord and please remove that post on this thread as i hate you advertising your own source... lemme just release my own ...
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    I am doing 0 sort of advertising. That source still has androids name all over it. It seems as though many people want custom blocks and since I could give them that in < 15 minutes I posted it here for them. Many other threads have modified versions of the plugin posted for those who want it, I am not doing anything wrong.

    Now if you release your "own" version copying mine when I explicitly denied it then we have a problem.

    To everyone who wants custom blocks grab that.
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    Omfg @SwearWord cant you just leave my plugin alone?
    Delete the other thread and post it some place else and not on my thread -.-
    I wana release my own, trying to make it good...
    so go away!
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    So be it if you're going to be immature I'll remove it. Give me some time to copy it elsewhere.
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    -.- i dont even like you just dont write on this thread again, your so annoying....
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    Updated to latest RB 935

    works with Beta 1.7 on craftbukkit build 950!!

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    Alright people, let's all gather around the campfire and talk about what we've learned in the past few weeks...

    While people are being extremely...rude...about your plugin here, I think its time we adressed the fact that its not really your plugin, but 'your' plugin. It's great that you're trying to learn how to code plugins, and the ambition is always nice to see...however...

    You bit off way, WAY more than you can chew in this one scenario. Based on your remarks to @SwearWord about your 'issues' with the material settings, and your confusion about 'int', I think you need to start with basic java before you continue with any plugin development.

    If you follow EVERYTHING in that post (including the part where it says "if you dont know java, go learn some!", then you should be able to code much more...efficiently.

    @SwearWord (and anyone else harassing him)
    The guy clearly doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, but don't just sit here and mock him so blatantly. I've always thought of this as one of the better online communities, and attacking someone who clearly doesn't really know any better won't solve anything. The GPL issue warranted the uproar earlier, but you're just beating a dead horse by continuing to be a dick to the poor guy.

    Madcrazydrumma, it'd be good of you to go and get a little more experience with Java before attempting to take on a plugin of this size and nature
    Swear Word & company...just leave him be. He'll either figure it out, or he won't. But its not going to do him any good to harrass him (or spoonfeed him the answers)
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    @DrBoweNur ok im going to start learning java right away... i actually think its easy once ur mind is to it... :)

    Ok updated to latest RB 953

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    mcdc and mc dont work anymore with 953, have terrible lags and then player falls some high and get fall damage
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    @blutherz its working fine for me to be perfectly honest with you...

    Actually this plugin just died....
    @Plague @EvilSeph Please place this in the inactive area.... it is actually not working with 953... i cant handle a plugin like this just yet.... please place it inactive and i will bring it to life when i am ready...

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    Moved, but please don't spam EvilSeph like that he has more important thing to do than moderate a forum :)
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    Lol ok ill spam the moderators then @Plague ;)
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    Thanks for the cool plug man ,
    MEGAUPLOAD blows xD
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    No probs ZerG thanks for using it... Ill try and figure this block change thing out by myself then ill make this active again :)
  22. Well. That's 20 minutes of entertainment. Thanks for the laughs.
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    Ok i updated to 2.1 in plugin releases but still fixing some bugs!
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    I used that plugin in my server. for me evrything working fine but when my friends try to use it it doesn´t work. They write /mcdc, carpet show but they can´t jump with it. Why?
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    magaUpload down !!! :(

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