[INACTIVE][FUN]mcdCarpeteer v0.1 - Fly Wherever You Want With A Woollen Carpet [953]

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    mcdCarpeteer [953]

    Version: 0.1

    This plugin allows the user to travel in the air by a carpet made of wool. The users can access this carpet by using the command: /mcdc or /carpeteer.
    This will then create a default woollen carpet of 5X5 and they can move upwards by pressing the space bar or downwards by crouching (pressing shift). The user can also activate a surrounding light around the woollen carpet by typing in /mcdl and the same to deactivate the light.

    The user can make the carpet bigger by using the command: /mcdc 7 or /carpeteer 7
    and can make it smaller by using the command: /mcdc 3 or /carpeteer 3.

    • The ability to fly by carpet.
    • Can use the command: /mcdl to activate a light surrounding the carpet.
    • Permissions support.
    Permissions Nodes:
    • mcd.carpeteer (allows the selected user/usergroup to use the command /mcdc)
    • mcd.carpeteer.mcdl (allows the user/usergroup to use the command /mcdl)
    Plugins downloads
    Source downloads
    • v0.1 - Release!

    - First of all i would like to thank Android for his Magic Carpet source!
    --- Take a look at his awesome plugin(s) here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-magiccarpet-v1-5-5-take-yourself-wonder-by-wonder-677.704/

    - Secondly i would like to thank Lolmen for his help with my struggles :)

    - and finally Bukkit for their awesome forums :D
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    @Jessicadawn , I am currently developing the v0.2 where the user gets an option for the block type of the carpet. They can really choose any type of block that is walkable on.
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    Make sure its not anything like tnt, bedrock, lava fire lol! And should deff make it not breakable x.x
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    haha @Jessicadawn
    well its really up to the players what carpet they want to use i guess, its the servers owner to decide the block type and wether he/she wants to be stupid :p
    but i will try my best to make it so that tnt and bedrock lava, etc... are illegal characters to not be used :)
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    Thank you ! [cake]
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    If not maybe a config option?
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    @Jessicadawn what do you mean a config option? I am interpreting the "Block_type: **" in the config.yml... so you want it to have a item_type blacklist?
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    I like it, but i'd much prefer glass instead of wool for the base of it. It makes building and seeing where you go A LOT more easier. I think what you should add for the next update is in the config file a line something like "BlockMaterial = x" x can be the default wool so you would find the ID of a number and put it as X this would bring a lot more use for every one and you would top other carpets out there.
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    Yes there is, thats the idea for the next version @Dirt_Ball .. Im still working on it as i got GCSE's going on now, and also my new minecraft realm mod - The Space Realm! :)

    Updated to Latest Recommended Build! [860] but still works from [818-860].

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    yeah something like that :p
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    Awesome, Making this out of glass would be epic!
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    Yea just hang on tight everyone :)
    GCSE's are nearly over :D
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    Fuck off. This is 10x better than magic carpet. Magic carpet failed for my server. Always left tracks of glass.


    I love it. But .. i break my carpet and i get glowstone/wool x.x can we fix this?
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    @Drakia @Jessicadawn
    Dont fight please... and its fine,
    my new feature isnt going to be a config file, but going to be an addon to my command, so itll be /mcdc *size* *blockid*
    and i might include an item blacklist so some random Angry Moderator with /god on and a lava carpet doesnt happen ;)

    And yes @Jessicadawn Its a problem with using wool or full-in solid block types like wool... It actually depends on the type of block, which determines what the carpet does... - atleast that is what i have seen in my new v0.2 beta test today :D

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    Lol :p
    And yeh, alright @Jessicadawn... the new version should be ready after a few bugs.. just need 2-3 more days to test each block in the game to make sure there aren't any trails etc...
    So hold on lol... :p
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    this idea just randomly came to me... if you had a configurable block ID, and say i used 46...(TNT)
    then i flew around and started left clicking the tnt... (Optionally with tnt nerfs on)
    I'd turn into a bomber?... THAT WOULD BE AWESOM!!
    idk, just a suggestion for a fun feature
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    Yeh i will make a configurable black list i guess then... If people want it, i would have to extend the release 1 day cuz i need to figure out how to code it, then code it :p
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    @SwearWord @Drakia @madcrazydrumma
    I deleted all the nagging/flaming (took almost half of the thread!).
    This is a plugin release and support thread.
    Unless it is against the rules, please do not bash the developer for what he does. Although your points are somewhat valid, it does not belong here. Either PM him, create a topic somewhere or just let it go.
    Or do I miss any rule being broken here?
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    @Plague @SwearWord @Drakia The new Release v0.2 will be released in no more than 48 hours... Please just wait and dont flame... i didnt reply earlier because i was sick of it..
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    Sorry guys, the new update has to be in another 2-3 days... :L
    The config is giving me so many errors after the beta trial -.-
    Trying to get no bugs...
    Just hold on...

    Here is my errors, anyone know how to fix? :
    Carpet.java file:
    The underlined items are the errors...

    Here are some other errors:
    mcdCarpeteer.java file:
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    What's the difference between this plugin and the other MagicCarpet plugin that's been on for a long time..?
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    This one started off as being no different as was just a test plugin, but now is going to have an implemented config system to change the block of the carpet...
    But i'm getting errors so, so far its no different but will be as Android is not determined to make a configurable block type for his carpet plugin. But just wait :)
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    Well looking at what you posted I think one of the errors is you are missing certain imports....
    Also there's a super cool feature in Eclipse that shows what the errors are. It should be at the bottom....or you can just mouse over the underlined sections and it will tell you what the error is and might even be able to fix them.

    If you're trying to parse the string in the configuration file to an Integer you need to remove parseString and replace it with Integer.parseInt

    Just calling attention to the code he posted, sorry if I'm spamming you.
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    Yeh i tried that but then i replaced all of wool with 'material' without the speechmarks and it asks me to change it to 'int' (w/out speechmarks) and that just messed up the whole file @SwearWord
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    .....................That's not what you're supposed to do at all. I don't even think it's possible to help at this point.

    What type of object is 'material'
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    I have no clue... Just let me try and figure it out...
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    now I truly get the recommendation by admins: do not give out plugin developer titles just because they released a plugin...

    Anyway, no need to call me here, there's nothing wrong going on ;)
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    What for.... This is magic carpet except for Material.GLASS changed. check out Mc's source
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    Dude read all the posts before, we have had all of these arguments with people earlier on... please dont start them again...

    Confirmed! :
    • Works with Builds 818 - 928
    • Compatible with new events and Imports added in by new version!
    • Healthy and stable plugin so far!

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    Awesome plugin thanks!

    Please add '818-928' in the title please =)
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    i love the mod, but how to i make it so my server allows flying? it says its not allowed, so you get kicked if you fly for too long

    got it working. btw LOVE it. :D my whole server is exited

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