[INACTIVE][FUN]mcdCarpeteer v0.1 - Fly Wherever You Want With A Woollen Carpet [953]

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    mcdCarpeteer [953]

    Version: 0.1

    This plugin allows the user to travel in the air by a carpet made of wool. The users can access this carpet by using the command: /mcdc or /carpeteer.
    This will then create a default woollen carpet of 5X5 and they can move upwards by pressing the space bar or downwards by crouching (pressing shift). The user can also activate a surrounding light around the woollen carpet by typing in /mcdl and the same to deactivate the light.

    The user can make the carpet bigger by using the command: /mcdc 7 or /carpeteer 7
    and can make it smaller by using the command: /mcdc 3 or /carpeteer 3.

    • The ability to fly by carpet.
    • Can use the command: /mcdl to activate a light surrounding the carpet.
    • Permissions support.
    Permissions Nodes:
    • mcd.carpeteer (allows the selected user/usergroup to use the command /mcdc)
    • mcd.carpeteer.mcdl (allows the user/usergroup to use the command /mcdl)
    Plugins downloads
    Source downloads
    • v0.1 - Release!

    - First of all i would like to thank Android for his Magic Carpet source!
    --- Take a look at his awesome plugin(s) here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-magiccarpet-v1-5-5-take-yourself-wonder-by-wonder-677.704/

    - Secondly i would like to thank Lolmen for his help with my struggles :)

    - and finally Bukkit for their awesome forums :D
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    Can you please include an option which changes the material of the carpet ? So i can use glass instead of wool, too ? :)
    Would be fine.
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    Yes i am still configuring this hold on.... i am also working on a command that lets u change block type ingame so every player can have a different carpet...
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    Updated to Recent Bukkit Build
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    I am in no way aiming to disrespect author of original magic carpet however i do prefer this one, This one actually works on my server even if it is a bit laggy however i think thats due to my connection.
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    Yeh :p my plugin enables the user to use it over https connections ... i will release the source code in a month cuz my computer shutdown on me so thanks :)
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    It's actually illegal to release this plugin without the source, considering it is a copy/paste job of a plugin released under the GNU GPLv2 - http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

    And for people who think this works better over MagicCarpet/has less bugs, this is exactly what he changed from the MagicCarpet Source:

    Changes in mcdCarpeteer:
    Carpet.Java - All instances of "Material.GLASS" replaced with "Material.WOOL"
    MagicBlockListener.java - Renamed to mcdBlockListener.java
    MagicCarpet.java - Renamed to mcdCarpeteer.java and replaced a few text strings to make it appear different to users
    MagicPlayerListener.java - Renamed to mcdPlayerListener.java

    That is literally ALL he changed.
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    Umm Drakia excuse me for anything i may have done? but if you actually can read? Read the first posts and realise that this was meant to be a demo plugin.

    I am adding another feature which enables the user to change the block type, which will then be released with a source and an official plugin.
    So please dont bloody complain -.-
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    @madcrazydrumma Your "new version" has been in the works for almost 3 weeks now. Your plugin has been posted for over a month. Saying you'll "release the source later" doesn't exempt you from the license on the original source.
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    Umm ok @Drakia ? i am having problems with github.. idk how to run it off a macbook... i installed git and idk where to go from there... once i fix github then i can actually place in the source. The new version will be released on monday/tuesday as a definite release....
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    @madcrazydrumma ( @Drakia ) since we all agree that this is in violation of GPL, I'd like to be informed when it's solved. So unless I get PMd/repled to/tagged till Tuesday, I'll have to take action.
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    Ok @Plague i will indefinately let you know before tuesday when i will sort this out. But the only reason i dont have a source is because idk how to fully setup github on my macintosh :L i Downloaded it but idk where to go from there..
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    @madcrazydrumma You could always just upload the source as a .zip file for download alongside the plugin, you don't need to have it hosted on GitHub
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    Oh ok will do then and @Drakia can u please start a private convo with me? for some reason i cant start one...

    @Plague @Drakia
    I have now actually included a source for my v0.1 version as v0.2 will be coming out today!
    Just remember what Drakia had said about just changing a few words is true because this was intended to be a test plugin to know what devving would be like. People started to use this plugin so i am deciding to carry it on and update it.. I dont really care if people criticise me but yeh im releasing a source as i dont want to get into any action.

    Here are the v0.2 features --- by the way some of the "fire/InDev" features will be released as v0.3
    [diamond] = Completed
    [fire] = InDev
    [gold] = Starting on it

    • The ability to Change Carpet block type [diamond]
    • In game command to change Carpet block type [fire]
    • Linked to iConomy so in config you can choose to either "all_can_fly" or "people_can_buy" ... -- People can buy is basically people have to buy a carpet in game and also for the "people_can_buy" choice they can choose a selected price.[gold]
    • For "people_can_buy" ability i will include signs so people can buy off the signs, aswell as an in-Game command.[gold]
    • Daily charges for buying a carpet (linked with "people_can_buy")[gold]

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    Updating to newest build... new update v0.2 having errors some im fixing it!
    But plugin works with 804+
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    I think this is my first post on the bukkit forums but being an experienced programmer I hate you for so blatently ripping off hours of someone elses hard work and calling it your own. This plugin is in violation of the original plugins license agreement, and adds no value.
    I have no problems with you creating a plugin from the MagicCarpet source code, but releasing it closed source to the community and calling it your own? That's plain out of order.
    This plugin should be removed by Bukkit staff as the author is likely to incompetent to maintain it when Minecraft updates hit in addition to the license infringement and poor community spirit.
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    The closed-source nature was already dealt with.
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    He gives credit to the original author in his post, so unless the original author says this is not ok (I'd like some feedback please @Android ), this topic will remain standing.
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    The original author apparently has no issue with someone modifying the code for different materials since he has no intention of making the change himself.


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    Even if the original author complains, the plugin is GPL, the name is different, he gives credit where required to follow the license, there is absolutely no reason to remove the plugin.
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    Did not know it was GPL. Can't find it in the OP or his github. Where'd you find it?
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    @Drakia Exactly thank you and still @CheezyArmpit, if you had read thoroughly in my first post, and also EVERY other post, you will find that exactly what you said has been covered. And also im bringing out v0.2 which enables carpet block change.
    So please dont complain if you dont know what is actually going on.
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    @madcrazydrumma I love how not even the mod bothered to read through atleast the last page of the topic, Lawl.
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    haha lol yeh :) but atleast some people would like my v0.2 and no offence to android but it make take over his plugin :) @Drakia
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    Hm? Oh, I don't have a problem with this. He actually sent me a message the day before he posted asking for permissions and the source code, and I gave him the go ahead. Actually hadn't noticed the plugin had gone up until now, though.

    @madcrazydrumma , welcome to the world of plugin developing! Good luck man :D
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    Maybe you don't have the permission to. You need to give yourself the permission nodes. If you did that then I have no idea.
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    Updated to recommended and newest build, and yes it should work. At the moment it will not work with permissions 3.* but you can try and set the all_can_fly option in the config file(s) and maybe that will set it

    @rdemanta @TomLeake
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    Love the plugin thanks so much! Maybe put an option for glass tho?

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