[INACTIVE][FUN] LazyRoad v0.6.2 - Make roads - GUI EDITOR [860-1085]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by adreide, Jun 9, 2011.

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    @Joseph Goodley I won't add that feature, it consumes too much ressources, perhaps another plugin.
    @matthayez011 you really should read before posting as all you said is already built-in.

    @blaize9 good idea but since I already have "my own" storing format, I'll perhaps look into it later.
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    Any update as to when /road undo might be available?
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    This is perfect. I've been searching for a road building plugin ever since I migrated from hMod.
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    sorry for the delai, I currently don't have much time to spend on minecraft.

    So, atm:
    Pillars: 90%
    Undo: 80%
    More Templates: 0%
    New tutorial video: 0%

    I should have a beta version in two days
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    looks like a WONDERFUL mod. testing now! (A clever name would be ViaRomana)
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    version 0.4 is out !

    Undo is still at beta stage, don't work so well when there are stairs, I still don't know exactly why.

    This is a beta stage version, I don't have the time to do a full check list, give me your impressions.

    Caution, the commands have changed, there is now the bridge, tunnel and road command !

    And thanks a lot, 4400 downloads in 13 days.
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    giggity gooo

    hey, i downloaded this awesome plugin today and noticed a glitch, i have a massive area in a giant snow biome, and when using the road simple3, it was building on top of the snow, so the road was a block above normal ground level and has messed up the area because everytime i stepped on a block with no snow, it would build stairs down which are a pain because of how they formed and ive had to delete it all, is there a command that allows the road to be undone or not on a sidenote?
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    0.4.1 is out!

    Still has some undo issues with stairs.

    Fixed snow, grass and all other little blocks errors.

    @giggity gooo It should fix your problem with the snow. As for the undo, there already is one but has some glitches with stairs, working on that.

    0.4.2 is out!

    fixed undo.

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    Awesome plugin!
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    omg, I've been looking for one of these plugins since RoadWalker. thanks!
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    Pillars is not working for me! Please help! I do exactly as the video says, but nothing gets created :p
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    my fault, it seems that correcting the undo problem I messed with the pillars, correcting it right now.

    EDIT: corrected, thanks @Andrew1431
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    Thanks man you're awesome!
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    Is there a way to make underwater roads?
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    It seems Lazyroad causes some major problems on my server. I made sure it is the cause by retrying. For some reason when i create roads in the world where theres just void at the bottom, like skylands or sphereworld. Server freezes, java freezes and whole system freezes due to java using 100% ram and cpu.
    I guess it happens when you create road by crouching at the edge of land while there appears void under you.
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    @creec thanks for spotting a bug. Have corrected it, testing on my local server, should be out tomorrow.
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    Maybe I am just missing something simple here. I can get the plugin running just fine with no errors but I get "You don't have the permissions!" I don't have permissions installed and don't want to .
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    little buggy undoing the steps but other than that great plugin!
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    eno dor

    Awesome plugin ;)
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    What about a reload-command? Would be really usefull.
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    can you change the thickness of the bridge?
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    @Da_clown you were right, I'm releasing a beta right now, it should work with op now.

    @Ryan6900 there already is a reload command but I haven't tested it since the first version, perhaps I have to check it again. BTW thanks for your template, I'm going to modify it a little and publish it in the next release.

    @Drago1128 you can change everything you want, just edit the yml files in the LazyRoad directory.

    Releasing 0.4.4 BETA ! It should correct some bugs BUT since I didn't have the time nor did I have a descent computer I haven't tested anything!

    Waiting for a good soul to test it and report.
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    I'm an op but it says i have no permisions. Plz help
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    i'll test i guess... any risks?

    wait do you need permissions or do they just work together?

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    thanks it worked
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    ok i'll test

    ... any risks that it might shut down my server or somthing? or have any effect?

    sry i worry about my server XD

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