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If automatic action-based karma was implemented, would you use it?

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    Karma Alpha 0.4: Player rating

    Karma adds the ability for players to rate other players using a +/- command, and see other players' scores.

    In the not-extremely-far future, configurable features like automatic karma based on breaking and placing blocks will be implemented.

    Download Latest Release (Alpha 0.4)
    Tested on CraftBukkit Build 1060

    Permission nodes:
    • karma.score Access to use /karma commands
    • karma.admin Admin access
    Configuration (Karma/config.yml):
    • karma.interval Time in seconds a person has to wait before changing a player's karma twice (default: 86400, 24 hours)
    • karma.threshold If a player's karma is lower than this threshold, and the player is currently online, that player will lose x hearts where x = karma - threshold
    • karma.scores.[name] Player's karma
    • karma.epoch.[by].[name] Karma uses these values to store time for intervals. When moving from a platform to another (Windows > Unix or vice-versa), you must delete all karma.epoch values otherwise intervals will be off by a few hundred years.
    • /karma Display usage info
    • /karma +/- [name] Increase or decrease a player's karma
    • /karma s [name] [score] Set a player's karma (admin)
    • /karma reload Reload config.yml (admin)
    Alpha 0.4:
    • Implemented thresholds.
    Alpha 0.3:
    • Implemented minimum intervals.
    • Reload command.
    • Lots and lots of bug fixes.
    Alpha 0.2:
    • Added colors to most chat messages.
    • Non-admin players can't change their own karma.
    Alpha 0.1:
    • First release.
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    Good job, but here's a suggestion:

    Add a feature where players with negative karmas get kicked/banned automatically after meeting a threshold.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I added a similar feature in 0.4 that instead of banning you, it will just decrease your health. I might add a configurable option in a later version if it's useful enough.
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    i see you aren't very active, could you share your plugin sourcecode so i could make some modifications which i'd like to see?

    EDIT: I'd like to make that player looses karma after killing other player. And make players to only give karma, not take away.
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    thanks, i'll leave all credits to you :)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Players can *only* give karma. /karma + name
    * Players loose karma by killing other players.
    * Karma limit is +10. (there is no negative limit).
    * If you have negative karma, you loose karma*health every x seconds (x - configurable). Until you have 4 health (2 hearts)
    * If you have positive karma, you gain karma*health every x seconds (x - configurable)
    * You can give karma to yourself if you have negative karma.

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    I have follow error: "Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access command, but Bukkit cannot let you. Bukkit will leak tears :'(" on "/karma" command. Minecraft Server 1.8.1.
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    i guess you're not using my version of it?
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    I got the same thing.
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    This plugin has only been tested on 1060 (1.7.1) and is no longer maintained. I can't guarantee if I'll ever update it and test it on the latest build.

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