[INACTIVE][FUN] HerpaDerpDisplay v1.2 - change everybody's name to HerpaDerpaDerp [677]

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    HerpaDerpDisplay - change everybody's name to HerpaDerpaDerp
    Version: 1.2

    HerpaDerpDisplay changes everyones display name to HerpaDerpaDerp its a very fun plugin and gets people questioning and going nuts! This is my first plugin and there are more features to come in later versions so Have Fun with HerpaDerpDisplay Herp A Derp

    Changes Display names to HerpaDerpaDerp at all times so when they talk HerpaDerpaDerp: Hi
    HerpaDerpaDerp: We both have the same name?!?!?

    Download Version 1.2

    Version 1.1
    • released
    • Add a login message not customizable yet
    Version 1.2
    • Added the console message
    • Added Colors to login message and names in game
    • Get a custom login message which will be editable for you guys
    • add a config
    • Get a command where you can trigger it on groups and people
    • Color Support....Done! just not customizable yet
    • most important your ideas
    • Gives an automessage saying derp when a user places a block
    • Add a timer to the plugin so it triggers at the time set
    Added an irc channel #HerpaDerpDisplay :D
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    Display name? Or Chat name? I highly doubt you mean the name over a players head :/
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    Cleaned up thanks for the notice Juze hard to write a forum on here :p
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    LOL, win
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    haha thanks v 1.1 is a success add a login message :)
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    If it is the display name make it cusomizable and this would be an awesome plugin. If it is just the chat name then it is not that useful.
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    its still a work in progress and the display name when u aim at a guy with crosshairs not one person has pulled off soon i am adding a command and a config to make it however you like

    version 1.2 has been released :)

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    Can you make the person say 'HERP DERP' (or something) randomly when placing or destroying blocks while this is enabled? That goes right with changing everyone's name, lol.
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    I approve. DEEERP

    Oh, how bout a timer, so that at a set time during the day the herp derping automatically begins, and then ends just as suddenly.
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    i can try lostsoulfly i will half to add a whole new thing tho :p and jason like the idea i will add both to the todo list

    jasonznack i am actually working on that now maybe will be released monday? but if not definately tomorrow

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    It has been done in the past, but with the change you also change the players 'link' with minecraft.net and as an effect their respective custom skin. Just like working with NPC's
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    Daniel Heppner

    You should upload it to GitHub.
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    I will thanks for telling me
  15. make it toggeable for funz? :p


    or something to that effect
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    i am working on that now it will be /derp for on and possibly /derp for off or /herp
  17. /herp /herp I like it :)
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    would you like me to notify you when its done?
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    Daniel Heppner

    GitHub can be extremely annoying, I found this tutorial which is nice, you should check it out:
  20. sure why not, I wonder how my users will react when suddenly, herpaderpadurrrrrr everywhere... xD
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    Download link broken :(
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    Second: Download link broken
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    updating now adding a command

    update will be released tomorrow having some problems with the code

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    download link broken
    any one care to supply a download link?
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    cb 677 - inactive

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