[INACTIVE][FUN] FortressAssault v1.2.2 - Build, Attack, Defend Group PvP Game [670]

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    Fortress Assault - Group PvP Game
    Version: v1.2.2

    Major thanks to codezen for providing v1.2.0+!
    Note: This post has not been fully updated to represent the changes in 1.2.0. It will be updated later tonight. For full list of changes, see this post.

    Join with a group, build a fortress, and try to destroy the opposing team's Gizmo while defending yours!

    During this initial phase of the game, you and your teammates construct the fortress that will house your Gizmo. The Gizmo is a special Sponge block that may only be placed once per team, so be careful of who/where it is set down.​

    At the start of the phase, all inventories are saved and stored away and the players are provided with building resources. Everyone participating is made invulnerable to prevent fall damage and protect against over-zealous enemies.​

    When time is up, the next phase begins. But make sure the Gizmo is placed. Any team that has not placed it will automatically lose!​

    This is the time for PvP!​

    Inventories are once again replaced with the patented BattlePack that provides all players equal armor, weapons, food, and other useful items.​

    During this time, all PvP between players is monitored, so that at the end of the game the stats (kills/deaths/destructions) can be printed.​

    But nothing else matters other than destroying the other team's Gizmo before they get yours! Simply hit it and it will begin a 5-second self-destruct. If no one on the opposing team has canceled the self-destruct (by hitting it after you have), then you and your team wins!​

    Also during this phase, when a player dies and respawns they are provided with replacement gear so they do not have to enter the battle naked.​


    /faTime <IntegerValue>
    Set how long the Fortify phase lasts. Default 5 minutes.​

    /faResource <1-3>
    The amount of resources provided at the beginning of the Fortify phase. 1 = little, 2 = normal, 3 = lots.​

    /faAdd <TeamColor> <PlayerName>
    Adds the specified player to the team. BLUE or RED teams only.​

    Begins a game. Each team needs at least one member.​

    Stops the current game and returns original inventories.​


    Minimum two players (1 for each team).​

    If possible, do not play on the 'Peaceful' setting. The automatic replenishing health interferes with the pre-death check and will cause premature awarding of PvP kills/deaths.​

    There is also no guarantee for the safety of your original inventory. Disconnecting or rare bugs may cause the mod to fail to restore your inventory when the game is over.​

    Because of this, if you are carrying something you can not afford to lose, stash it before playing.​

    Generally though, there should be no issues with this.​

    • /faQuit, /faSwitch, /faTimeLeft commands
    • Maintain an external inventory list in the event of server shutdown during game.
    • Cleanup/Optimize code
    • Any other suggestions that come up.
    Known Bugs

    • Mod forgets about players when they die. They are re-added to the mod when they respawn but this delay may prevent players from appearing in the battle report if they are at the 'dead' screen when the game ends

    Initial release to Bukkit Forums
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    I'm using WorldEdit for this kind of things. With the snapshot tool you can reload an area from a backup of your map.
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    so do you need PVP On to have the PVP Work during the game or not? because i have PVP off and when we go to the second stage (fighting) we can't hurt each other.
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    Yes you need PVP turned on
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    We here thinking of using a .dat file to save/load the map everywhere but it still on the todo list and it is not top priority.

    I guess you didn't read all the posts.
    There a command /fasave which saves the map 50x50x20 (20 up and 20 down)
    Every time you restart you server, you have to /fasave your "arena" . then make your game. And when you finish, use /fareset to reset the map exactly how it was when you did /fasave.
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    Would it be just easier to make that when you start the game it save automatticly and after the game end just get the old file?
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    kinda new to this topic, so ignore me if this has already been suggested or already implemented...

    Can you make it toggable what blocks can be destroyed during the Assault Phase?
    (Ex: make dirt able to be destroyed so that a team could tunnel into the other teams fortress)
    maybe even make it so that only an engineer can tunnel....
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    Does anyone know if this is still being maintained?
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    I just wanted to report a bug I found maybe to help others. If you are using a nick name for any players signed up you will get a internal error message. You can not use nick names with the plugin
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    does this work with MV 1.5 and B733?
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    Hm it doesn't really look like it :(
    I wanted to create an huge arena just for this! So lets hope i'm wrong..
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    Is there a config file where I can pick what I want to have for my fortifying and assault? Is anyone taking over this plugin because it doesn't look as ssell is doing anything?
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    This sucks that this fell behind. This plugin was a one-of-a-kind in the PvP world.
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    i want this plugin. anyone testet it on #740?
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    considered inactive
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    SSELL! Don't leave us! T.T
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    OMG this needs to be updated :/

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