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    Version 0.1
    • Print any text to the Chat
    • Add color support.
    How to install:

    Just download the jar and drag it over to your plugins directory.


    echo - type "/echo " and anything you want to print to the chat. If you want color support you should install another plugin such as ColorChat.

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    /echo hello


    will be seen as "hello" in the chat.


    You can do this if you have a color plugin:

    /echo &eNotch has joined the game.

    &e = color Yellow


    Looks like this on Minecraft


    This plugin works with bukkit's default permissions system, but I'm not sure about Permissions.

    If you do not use any permission system this will default to OP

    Permission Nodes:
    • Echoer.echo

    This is my first plugin for bukkit :p

    Link to Bukkit dev
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    And how do you use it? ..
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    So it prints stuff to chat like when you talk... No offence, but I don't see much purpose in this.
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    iiiii dont get it.....
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    srry for me answering late... i've been quite busy.
    You simply just type the command "/echo " and then after that, anything you want to print to the chat.
    If you have a color plugin such as ColorChat installed you can print msg's in colors ;)

    This was not going to be anything big. I used this to fake some login msg's such as "Notch has joined the game."

    I made this just to test if i could make anything to work with bukkit, and when i were done i thought to myself "why not post it?", so i just posted it :D

    (Sorry for my bad English)

    This is just for FUN!
    If you don't understand me feel free to ask and/or read the other commants ;)

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    I tested it:

    You can make for example: /echo <Notch>My update politic sucks hell
    and than it prints/writes this as you wrote it
    but witout your own name, so just:
    <Notch>My update politic sucks hell

    I would rename this into FakeEchoer or so on.
    It gives more sense to it.
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    Naa, i don't know if i should change it. It sounds good just as it is, but if there will be any other plugins that have something like "Echo" in it's name, i surely will change this :D

    Thanks for explaining a bit more though, diamonds for that comment [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    pleeas use some bold fonts in the post, this is just bad for my eyes
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    Done! I didnt realize that it was hard for my eyes, but as soon as i looked over the whole post I realized.
    Thanks for helping me out :D
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    Don't work for me... BUKKIT 1185
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    What is not working?
    The command or the permissions?

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    The colors don't work for me. If I type in "/echo &eNotch has joined the game.", it will appear as "&eNotch has joined the game.", instead of "Notch has joined the game."

    EDIT: Never mind, I just saw the post about needing a plugin like color chat.

    EDIT 2: Okay it still isn't working, even when I have the ColorChat plugin
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    Color support added to the TODO list
    If you want any other features just PM me ;)
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    I used the essentials buildt-in color support. try with that. If even that doesn't work i will simply start the update of this plugin for color support :D
    Remember to use a color node(ex. "&e") before the sentence you want to print :)
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    I'll just go ahead and mark this thread as INACTIVE. Sorry

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