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    Challenges - Server-wide challenge system
    Version: 1.2.1
    Download: Challenges v1.2.1
    Dependencies: iConomy v4.x OR BOSEconomy v0.6.2

    Challenges allows admins to start challenges whenever they please. A random challenge is pulled from a customizable file in the /plugins/Challenges directory. A player first has to claim that they have won the challenge. An admin then has to confirm that the player is telling the truth before the player gets his prize.

    • Customizable challenges
    • Choose how long challenges last
    • iConomy or BOSEconomy support for rewards
    • Customizable money amount for iConomy/BOSEconomy rewards
    Challenges supports Permissions versions 2.5.4 - 2.7.

    PermissionsNodes (open)

    • 'challenges.admin' - can use /c start|stop|confirm commands
    • 'challenges.basic' - have access to basic /c accept|status|complete commands

    After installing the plugin, start and stop your server. Two new files will generate in a /plugins/Challenges directory.

    ===== challenges.txt =====
    Each new line is a new challenge. I haven't tested how many characters per-line that a challenge can handle, but do not make your challenge too big (or risk epic-failures!)

    ===== config.yml =====
    time-limit: set the time limit to challenges in minutes
    challenge-prize: set the reward for winning a challenge -- supports decimals

    ***** You can use the command aliases /cha or /c instead of /challenge *****

    Commands (open)

    • /challenge start - start a challenge
    • /challenge stop - stop a challenge before the timer runs out
    • /challenge status - displays the current challenge and its participants
    • /challenge help|? - displays all of these commands
    • /challenge complete - claim to have won the challenge
    • /challenge confirm - confirm that a player has won the challenge

    Known Bugs:
    • None.

    Changelog (open)

    1.2.1 - fixed small bug that I found while mindlessly staring at the code :)
    1.2 - changed '/c list' to '/c status'
    - '/c status' command displays current challenge and current participants
    1.1.1 - removed console spam when BOSEconomy is enabled
    1.1 - added BOSEconomy support
    - added "/challenge ?" alias for those too lazy to type "/challenge help" :)
    1.0 - Initial release

    • Make challenges more "automatic" by hooking into various events
    • add stat-tracking system
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    Hi !

    This plugin work perfectly for me, but I think he's a little bit useless :s

    you can only display text, and you have nothing for make great challenges !

    Is it possible to add "EVENT_BREAK" or other things, for making better challenges ? :)
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    If you mean make it automatically detect if a player completed a challenge, then yes I will be adding that in the future. For now, though, you can customize your challenges in the challenges.txt file, so the challenge possibilities are endless! :D
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    Yeap', So I'm waiting for your update ! :p
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    Haha! Now I know how it feels for those big plugin developers to be pressured! This may be a big project for me, believe it or not. I do not know if I could get a release soon.
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    No, i'm joking xD take your time for make a great plugin ! :)
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    Can we get boseconomy support?
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    Does it have an API that I can hook into? If not, it would be pretty hard.
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    Alright, sounds good. I will implement BOSEconomy support in the near future.
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    thanks, that will be epic!
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    Can you explain the difference of this and Uquest?
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    Version 1.1 Released!

    -added BOSEconomy support
    -added "/challenge ?" alias for those too lazy to type "/challenge help" :)

    *Console spam if BOSEconomy is enabled. Do not worry, the plugin still works 100% with BOSEconomy, but you may experience the same "Successfully linked with BOSEconomy" message more than once on server start-up.

    Is this a bug with BOSEconomy or is it most likely a problem with my code? I'll provide a link to my source if you need to have a look at it.
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    We dont see that with our console or our other plugins that hook into us. Perhaps you can post on our page the code your using to interface, i can have the coder look at it and see if he can help you what the problem is.
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    I figured it was my fault. I'll link Cosine to my GitHub and see if he can find the problem.
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    I VERY much appreciate the BOSEconomy support:D

    Posting here to come back when I have time, because this looks like another excellent plugin.
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    Version 1.1.1 Released!

    -removed annoying console spam with BOSEconomy enabled (thanks Cosine of the BOSEconomy development team)
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    You might want to update your OP ;o
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    Version 1.2 Released!

    -changed '/c list' to '/c status'
    -'/c status' command displays current challenge and current participants

    Version 1.2.1 Released!

    -fixed small bug that I found while mindlessly staring at the code :)

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    Any good challenge ideas? My creativity is not flowing >L<
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    From the description I can't tell what this plugin does... what is a "challenge"?
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    I believe they are like quests you need to do that you assign freely. Without typing all that nonsense to one person you could just type up a command and it'll say the "challenge" plus give you a time limit to complete it. Once the player completes it a moderator will come in to make sure that the person finishes the job. Basically, it's just uQuest but without the automatic reward system, yet you or the players can choose what "challenge" you want.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    steve m

    Anyone want to share their challenge file? I have no friggin idea how to program them in!!
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    Very interesting, will keep this under observation! Looking forward a somewhat more automated system as well. Nice work!
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    I am going to merge this plugin with another I have been working on lately. It may deter some of you from using it, but I have decided it would be best for me to merge the two instead of adding just another plugin to my already large list.
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    so the link isnt going to work again?
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    is there an example of the challanges?
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    cb 684 - inactive

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