[INACTIVE][FUN] CaptureTheLapis - a CTF game - v0.1 alpha [218]

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    Capture the magic lapis lazuli
    Version 0.1 alpha

    It's time to play some capture the flag in Minecraft!

    Team A and B will compete against each other and try to steal the enemy's lapis lazuli block after they have hidden their own lapis block.

    This game is still fresh and new, so if you have an idea how to make it better, please post here! :)

    The game:

    - Start of the game
    -> An admin creates a new arena using /ctl create
    -> Players join the game by walking to their team's side of the arena
    -> The admin starts the game using /ctl start

    - First half: *Hide your lapis lazuli*
    -> A giant obsidian wall appears, hiding the enemy's part of the arena
    -> The teams cannot leave their side of the arena
    -> For each team a magic lapis lazuli block will appear in their base, which they now will try to hide
    -> The magic lapis block can be mined and placed freely (but do not yet drop/throw it, see below)
    -> Until the game ends, the participating players will not be able to use any commands but /msg, /who and /kit (this may or may not work, still needs some testing)

    - Second half: *Steal the enemy's lapis lazuli*
    -> The giant obsidian wall disappears
    -> The teams can now leave their side of the arena
    -> The team that manages to place the enemy's lapis lazuli in their own base first wins

    - Cake!
    -> Each member of the winning team will receive cake
    -> The player who stole the lapis block will receive a lapis block :)

    Because Bukkit does not yet support "PlayerDropItemEvent", the game will loose track of the magic lapis lazuli, if someone throws it away (with 'q') => Do NOT throw the magic lapis lazuli block!
    As soon as bukkit implements that, I will fix it.

    This is an alpha version, so be careful using it!

    Download v0.1 alpha

    Source Code


    - /ctl create <name> <areaSize> <time1stHalf> <time2ndHalf>

    <name> : choose a name for the new game
    <areaSize> : how big the arena will be ( it will be a square with 2*areaSize block length for each team) (a number)
    <time1stHalf> : the duration of the 1st half in minutes (a number)
    <time1stHalf> : the duration of the 2nd half in minutes (a number)

    The arena will be spawned at your current location and will overwrite blocks that get in its way, so be careful

    - /ctl start <name>

    <name> The name of the game to start

    - /ctl cancel <name>

    <name> The name of the game to cancel


    Version 0.1 alpha
    • first release
    Currently in development:

    -> force PvP to be enabled on all participating players
    -> limit how deep players can dig down / place blocks
    -> limit how high players can place blocks
    -> add "x minutes remaining" announcements
    -> make a config file for basic settings like allowed commands during game, presents for the winners, etc
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    Sounds.... AWESOME!
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    this is amazing. cant wait to try it
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:59 AM ---
    me and my friend have played this a few time.
    i hid my lapiz in his side of the arena. lol.
    a tree obstructed the obsidian wall causing a hole in it.
    i would like to have more control over things. take the plugin war for example
    they have alot of everything i would want in this game.
    reset the arena after each map (my friend destroyed my side)
    and i would love to save my arenas. i like to build an entire structure in my arena and its hard to get them perfect again. =]

    keep it up BTW. ppl love this game on my server
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    when i try this it just says cant find permissions plugin
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    Can u update this mod pleas its really funny and we play it very often on my server yesterday we have build an amazing statium around the playground
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    It'll be great whenever Bukkit supports PlayerDropItemEvent, but until then I guess I'll wait for it to come out and for this game to be updated!
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    i dont undestand when i steal a lapis from other team where i should place it?

    better to restore blocks that team placed when game finish.
    restore invetory
    reward personalized!
    and unbreakkable red block!
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    really hope to see this updated
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    me too!
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    haha I thought about making such plugin before a month >.<
    I didn't tested it but it's sounds great! :D
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    on my server it doesnt work [​IMG]
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    bakon balázs

    :) that plugin was great...
    why innactive :)
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    Vote for Update :) We've build a great stadium and now its Inactive. Pls Update it!
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    This needs to be updated.

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