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    VoidMage - the goofy admin plugin

    Version 3.0.3

    Download at the bottom of the post.

    VoidMage is the perfect plugin for any server Op that gets sick of their users while potentially benefiting themselves. This plugin offers a few spells, with more coming, for the Op to amuse themselves with.

    -Plummet - pl - Vault your target skyward and watch them fall to their demise.
    -Decimate - dem - Your target will have a blast! (Destructive)
    -ArrowVolley - av - a volley of 40 arrows to show you mean business.
    -ArrowStorm - as - a blizzard of arrows to show that you don't care about your server or them ;) - (toggleable)
    -AntiCake - ac - removes cake in an area around the player. Deprive them of tasty! (not perfect - toggleable)
    -AntiFire - af - Helps with fire removal (toggleable - not perfect)
    -DowZee- dz - prevents the player from placing - (toggleable).
    -slay - sl - kills the target.

    Spells waiting for reactivation
    -Void - v - Like plummet but with a different sort of love.
    -Cakewalk - cw - lots and lots of cake. (does not despawn, be wary) - toggleable

    How to use:
    /vm [Spellname/shortcut] <TargetName1> <TargetName2> <TargetNameN>

    Now supports multiple targets!

    /vm pl darknesschaos //This will send the player darknesschaos on a sightseeing trip.
    /voidmage plummet darknesschaos //as will this
    /vm pl jim sue bob, //This will cast plummet on jim, sue, and bob!
    /vm //this will list spells that are currently available for (ab)use

    First, make sure you are an op of the server. Then, simply enough, for spellname/shortcut all you need to do is put in the spell name (spell it correctly or you will suffer) and for target put the target player name, be careful with putting in your target name or the spell will backfire. The shortcut can be used instead of the spell name if you wish. The shortcut for /VoidMage is /vm.

    Permissions Support (*Not required!*)
    • Permissions by @TheYeti supported (Version 2.5.3 tested)
    • Note: There are a bunch of permissions plugs going around. I don't want to keep track of them all, so if you have one you want me to support please request it with a link to the plugin page.
    • voidmage.anticake - for anticake spell
    • voidmage.anitfire - for anitfire spell
    • voidmage.arrowstorm - for arrowstorm spell
    • voidmage.arrowvolley - for arrowvolley spell
    • voidmage.decimate for decimate spell
    • voidmage.drowzee - for drowzee spell
    • voidmage.plummet - for plummet spell
    • voidmage.slay - for slay spell
    • Make it so that the spells are individual plugins. (prio: low)
    • MOAR SPELLS (prio: med)
    Problem Solving

    If you have an issue, don't panic! There are a few steps I would like you to take before posting.
    1. Type "/vm" and go through the pages of spells to find the one you wanted to work.
    2. Type "/vm [spell] (player)" replace [spell] with the long name or abbreviation name of the spell and (player) with the name of the player you want to target.
    3. If the spell did nothing, post what it did say along with any errors in the console if there are any (or say that nothing was said at all)
    4. (Optional) Take a picture of the console and of chat. I liek pictures.
    5. Check your permissions nodes if you are using them, also, check to see if you are op or not if you aren't using permissions.
    Any questions? requests? feel free to ask!

    Source - Download is at the bottom of the page.

    Version - 3.0.3
    • Compatibility with 617
    Version - 3.0.1
    • plummet bugfix. potentially others.
    Version - 3.0
    • Completely changed the spell system, working towards something quite nice.
    Version -2.0
    • Updated to be compatable with the new command system.
    • Added a new spell "antiblock"
    • restructured the code base
    Version - 1.1
    • Added a few new spells.
    Version - 1.0
    • Initial release.

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    yep, totally working on it now
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    Oh timing bonus... I just came to see if there was an update to this and it's being worked on as I type this. This is why I love bukkit and the whole plugin team so much. :D

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    I have the new system working for the most part, just gotta convert some of the old "spells" and add in permissions and that will be 3.0!
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    I should be in bed, but I am going to wait for this update :D

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    dont. please. [​IMG] I will have it out by the end of today (9am now) so please, rest.
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    Ah yes, the dreaded time difference thing! OK, I'll get some shut eye and check back tomorrow ;)

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    Looking forward to the update -- Thanks for sticking with this plugin, I've found it to be quite entertaining to use on my server. xD
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    and pop goes the dragon!
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    Awesome work as always! One small problem though, plummet does not seem to work. The command issues fine, but returns no message (usually it says something about vaulting, and glee...) and yields no glee. :(

    Slay works rather well though, a nice simple new addition.

    Also is it true that arrow storm works now? I'm too chicken shit to try it xD

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    @Sol - yeah, it works (at least should). and I could swear plummet did. is your server public? I would like to see it "work".
    oh, and it isn't too hard on your server either. just in testing when it was bugged it crashed my server (infinite arrows!)
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    Sure come on in man.

    IP - survivalcraft.keep.se

    It's "public" but with protect and permissions etc
    I can give you perms though if you want to test it out.

    OK might have to rain-check you tomorrow... time for bed now (2am) D:

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    I will look into it later... i need to work on my other plugin... people are so demanding XD
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    Awesome plugin, thanks! cant wait to test it!
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    haha thanks. some bugs found so far :(
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    Blarg, did you have to build on 495? Will it work with 493? Hate it when plugins break :(
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    Plummet is broken, it does absolutely nothing.

    Otherwise, nice mod. Good work.
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    it should work :(
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    I'm having the same problem. Everything else works fine, but plummet does nothing and gives no message :(
    Oh, and I miss cakewalk and void! But I totally love this plugin. I use it to keep my roommate on his toes when he's on my server. Inferno is an awesome addition to this already great plugin. Great job!
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    I just found out that the command "/vm v <target>" can cause a ton of problems. It will remove the contents of chest/furnaces/dispensers or anything else that can hold an item, it also destroys latters and tracks, and it also removes the code from color wool resulting in regular wool. I might be forgetting some other problems.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized that there was an update and I'm using and older version.
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    @jmcneely - haha, yeah, I was a little confused. definitely thought I got rid of that.
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    Please support the auto-updating plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate. To do so please provide a permanent direct link to the author of CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    The below is information they provide
    Show Spoiler

    My Plugin didn't supported, how i get it to work with CButD?
    Give me a permanent link to your Plugin, i will add it. That's all no changes at your SourceCode or something else, all I need is a permanent link to the newest version of your Plugin. A good place for this is http://www.dropbox.com/ or for OpenSource https://github.com/.

    I really enjoy using your plugin and would like to see it work well with the above listed 'updater' plugin.
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    Just updated and everything seems to work except plummet, I liked the older version of this command. Also arrow storm is a bit weird, it shoots in burst, seems much easier to just do the arrow volley and just repeat the targets name for firing several hundred arrows at one target. anti fire still needs some work and on your post the shortcut for DowZee is still "ab" when it should be "dz", no big deal to me.

    Also I'm working with build #531
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    arrow storm works as they walk, plummet will be fixed in my next update, i will check into drowzee. And by liked, did you mean more than this current version? Arrow storm and volley are different spells, storm is for something to happen constantly, and volley is for a burst. If what you are saying is more arrows, then more arrows you shall get!
    edit - ab changed to dz for drowzee (posting error.)
    inferno? wut? sounds familiar though :(
    update. plummet fixed.

    I need want spell suggestions :D
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    Hi darknesschaos

    Just wanted to say thanks for popping onto my server for a good around. I will certainly return the gesture and come check yours out as well in the near future :D

    Now, about those suggestions you wanted:
    - Blizzard : Puts snow on everything within a certain range of player (8 blocks?) this could possibly be a toggle spell so you can run around and cause snow everywhere?
    - Tundra : Same as blizzard but also freezes water into ice, and turns lava into cobblestone
    - Isolate : Creates a (temporary/toggleable) barrier of adminium around a given player
    - InfernalBeing : Sets everything around the player within a range on fire (as long as it is flammable) (5 blocks?) This spell would be toggleable, so you can turn it on and walk around like a human torch burning everything around you.
    - Slave : If target player wanders more than X blocks from his "master" he will be automatically teleported back into range. Toggleable.
    - Firewall : Creates a wall of fire that travels in the orientation from where it was cast (using player direction at time of casting). The wall should be maybe 5-7 blocks wide (or more? maybe configurable?) and travel for maybe 10 blocks? Used for a defensive type spell perhaps.
    - McFlyYouBojo : Hoverboards don't work on water... unless you have power! Or maybe you could just walk on water.
    - Hotfoot : Walk on lava
    - MisterSpinster : Turn wool blocks in hold in your hand into string. (Since it makes more sense doing that then the other bloody way around... Notch.)
    - MirrorMan : Target players controls are screwed around with for a predetermined time, possibly set with the spell command. IE: controls are backwards or perhaps perform random actions.
    - SurfsUp : Raise or lower the worlds sea level to the block you are standing on, or perhaps whatever is in range of the player?
    - CreepersAintShit : Make a huge explosion (like 5x bigger than a Creeper) where the cross-hair is aimed.

    I have more... lots more. I can add them later if this isn't enough so far :)

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    could you have a freeze or petrify spell and encase a player in ice or rock? that would rock or even just set them on fire untill they die? love the mod anyway :)
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    I don't know what I meant, I forgot what I was trying to say, haha. But more arrows is fine by me!

    Plummet works now, thanks. But when I perform it, I also get the message
    "[VoidMage] Could not plummet jmcneely."
    Below the normal message that should come up.
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    Using commandhelper i made an alias for what I call fireworks. Doing /fw [playername] in game executes the following three commands in order

    /vm pl [playername]
    /vm dem [playername]
    /vm sl [playername]

    What would be great is if there was a 'slow' plummet, eg one that SLOWLY moved them skyward (maybe over 1-2sec) thus simulating the slower rise of the firework as it shoots into the air.

    This would just make the already kewl '/fw' alias i mad even better.
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    LAWL, that is an amazing use of my plugin! I should look into slow rising of some sort for you!

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