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    Connor Mahaffey

    Mean Admins: By Connor Mahaffey
    Version: 0.3.2

    Jar Standalone ("Mean Admins.jar")
    Zip folder with Jar and Mean Admins Folder ("Mean")

    Mean Admins gives admin players special administering abilities, as well as fun ways to kill some of those pesky users. Whether you use this plugin for good or evil is up to you, but it's the perfect way to help take control of your server.

    Permissions 3.x, PermissionsBukkit, and Multiverse supported!

    - Kill users in a variety of ways (lightning, fire, lava, dropping, tnt, etc.)​
    - Control the weather​
    - Quickly give/remove building rights​
    - Ride animals and other players​
    - Freeze players in place or surround them with blocks​
    - Spawn friendly mobs (Note: Friendly mobs become aggressive again after a server restart)
    - A variety of weapons (ex. point-and-click explosions!)​
    - And much more!​

    Note: This video is very outdated, a new one will be up soon

    More Videos (open)

    By @Magpie

    Command Format:
    All commands must start with /ma, /mean, or /meanadmins
    For the following examples, I'll be using /ma (but you can use /mean or /meanadmins)

    /ma <person> <command> <param1> <param2>
    if it is a non-personal command, like weather or weapon, skip <person>
    Ex. Make everyone on the server (accept admins of course) catch on fire:
    /ma all fire
    Ex. Make it rain
    /ma weather rain

    For all commands, type: "/ma help list <page>" or "/ma help <command>" for individual command help - Command list coming very soon!

    Note: You must have the permission meanadmins.admin to execute any command!

    All permissions use a format similar to the command. To be able to use /ma user fire you must have the permission "". To use lightning as a weapon, you must have the permission "meanadmins.weapon.lightning". Using a * to specify all commands in a node works with both Permissions and PermissionsBukkit.

    List of Permissions

    Mean Admins will use Permissions 3.x if you have it installed. Otherwise it will attempt to use PermissionsBukkit, and if that isn't configured, will default to ops. If you are using PermissionsBukkit and do not want ops to have access to all commands, you must specify which commands you don't want them to have in your config.yml - ex. meanadmins.god: false

    There is only one option in the config currently. You can specify what item you would like to be your weapon by entering an item id. By default it is a stick (280).

    Other Important Things:
    - "all" commands will not affect yourself or other admins
    - You cannot use a command against another admin, though you can use them against yourself

    Known Issues:
    - No limits on spawning or dropping, which could end very badly
    - No way to fill holes created
    - Teleport may do half-heart damage by spawning the player partially in a wall
    - If you try to make an animal ride a player they just kinda attack your face (try it and you'll see what I mean)
    - Admins can ride other admins

    Future Improvements:
    - Add persistence for friendly mobs

    Change Log:
    - 0.3.2
    - Added support for PermissionsBukkit​
    - 0.3.1
    - Fixed TNT so it spawns lit; punching no longer works in Minecraft 1.7​
    - Added some better error messages​
    - 0.3
    - Added Permissions support​
    - Added persistence for weapon, build, freeze, tnt, and godmode​
    - Added godmode, explosion weapon, and friendly mobs​
    - Fixed freeze and ride​
    - Other things I can't remember​
    - 0.2
    - Bug fixes and code improvements​
    - New Commands: Freeze/Unfreeze, Ride/Ridden, Dismount, TNT, Nobuild/Build, and Heal​
    - New Weapons: Teleport, Block, Blockadd​
    - 0.1.1
    - Internal block changing improvements​
    - Fixed conflicts with /ma in MobArena - @garbagemule - typing /ma when both are​
    installed, will check to see if it's a MobArena command or not - and execute accordingly​
    - added /mean to list of aliases​
    - /ma opens help​
    - 0.1
    - Initial Release​

    Author's Note:
    I am 17, and mostly taught myself Java. This is my first plugin, and the first time I've put source in front of people better at coding than me. If you have any suggestions/problems, let me know ASAP. I'm open to anything.

    Special Thanks To:
    @Samkio for his tutorial on plugins and helping me in a PM
    @garbagemule for helping me with setting things on fire
    @Lukeroge for his awesome ideas and comments
    @captainawesome7 for helping me with block changing code
    @masteroftime for explaining why my old code was wrong
    @Tux2 for his awesome fixes, support, and just general awesomeness
    The bukkit community for being awesome in general!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Sorry I'm quite busy. It will be updated in a few days. In the meantime it will work fine, you just won't be able to spawn the new mob types.
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    okay thanks!
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    It won't let me use the commands, it says it either doesn't exist or i do not have the permission
    please help :S
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    Connor Mahaffey

    What permissions system are you using?
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    this is such a gr5eat plugin but it would be nice if you had the spells in the stick or any item and you didnt have to type all those commands you know eh?
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    I have a suggestion.
    Could you add in a Hide Command? so the admins can run around invisible?
    Both me and a friend want this new command because of some fun we had here:
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    Connor Mahaffey

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    Also, I have found that when you are disguised and you kill something EXP orbs drop and float torward you. might want to disable that.
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    Hello, help plz
    wen i try to access a command it keeps saying "sorry, you are not an admin" and there isnt a admin.txt like all the other tutorilas ive seen, so i really need help!
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You need to give yourself permission with a permission plugin, or make yourself OP.
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    Ive made myself an op, and it still didnt work. but i looked in the permission EX (if thats the right plugin) folder and didnt find anything too interesting (or anything i could edit). thanks anyway, and sorry for asking Q's that seem quite n00bish, ive only started my first server 1 day ago
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    Connor Mahaffey

    If you have permissionsEx installed, then you need to give yourself permissions, example: meanadmins.admin
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    yea, the thing is ive never used permissionsEx before, but wen i put meanadmins.admin in the permissions part and tryed a command, it said "an internal error has occerd"
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You need to give me the full error text. But it sounds like there is something wrong with how you set up PermissionsEx. If you have PermissionsEx in the plugin folder, mean admins will try and use it. If you aren't going to use it, delete it, and make yourself OP. Then mean admins will work. Otherwise you'll need to figure out PermissionsEx.
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    ok, thanks

    and sorry for bothering you
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    Connor Mahaffey

    No problem man
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    Is there a command to like /ma weapon spawn enderman?
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH, MAN!! Your source is REALLY helping me made my NEW(!!) plugin!! I'm not revealing it yet but it's called DeathNote and will be EPIC (hopefully)!! Check it out later if you're interested, people!!
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    Is this still working for 1337?
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    This plugin is getting outdated, some mobs have been add and stuff.

    Will you update it to 1.0.1?
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    Are you getting on bukkitDev anytime soon?
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    is it 1.0 compatable?
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    Does /ma ***** not collide with the Mob Arena /ma ***** plugin?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    It does collide. No easy way around it. Actually collaborated with the author of Mob Arena to try and fix it, but it was an unsustainable solution. Just do /mean for mine, I think his will take /ma by default. If not, I'm sure /ma for his works.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I would like to continue to use this, but nervous that it wont be maintained. Busy with school? bored of MC or just busy?
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    The "List of permissions" link doesn't work. Awesome plugin! Love it!
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    I am having trouble with the weapon command when I execute the command I don't get any error messages or success messages but when i try to use the stick (280) nothing happens any help would be very appreciated -Thanks
    all the other commands work perfect just the weapon command

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