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    SquidLimiter - Stop squids from taking over
    Version: v1.1

    This is a fork of VicWhiten's MobLimiter, with three main changes:
    • No Permissions/GroupManager support -- didn't need it, too lazy to figure it out
    • No "mob blacklist" feature
    • Only applies to Squids
    I wrote this for a very specific purpose: I have some multiworlds that are mostly water, and the squids were spawning in massive amounts (500+), causing clients (not the server mind you) to lag to death. Like 30+ seconds between breaking a block and getting a drop and so on. All the other mob control plugins were either outdated, buggy, or didn't do what I needed. So I took MobLimiter and modified it to suit my needs. Posting it here in case others find it useful

    • Puts a limit on the number of Squids that can exist per world
    Download SquidLimiter
    Source Code

    Version 1.1
    • Initial public release

    Run the plugin once, and it'll create a config file, with a single option, mob-max. Setting it to -1 means no limit, setting it to 0 means no squids at all, otherwise pick a number that you want to be the maximum number of squids per world. 50 is probably a good number, but you can try whatever you want. Once there are that many squids in a world, it will block any more squids from spawning.


    Type '/moblimiter purge' to kill all squids on your current map. Do this only after setting the limit, otherwise there's a chance they'll re-spawn again right away.
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    Hmm....will check this plugin out when there is a water world generation plugin.
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    I've done it manually by pre-generating a large world using either BiomeTerrainMod or MysticIslands map generators, then importing those worlds to my server with multiverse /mvimport
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    Can I make a little questiona bout your water world?
    Every time I tryed to generate a big one, client when aproched massive amounts of water he got a disconect.overflow error.
    How did u got aront that? How much water does your map have btw? I triend a really big water map, downloaded skylands map and replaced the void of the botton with 5 blocks height water.
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    90%+ of the map is water, and in most places it goes all the way down to bedrock. Never caused a crash for me so I dunno. Maybe in your case you were getting lagged out from too many squids?

    (PS: Your avatar really freaks me out every time I see it. I don't know why, something about the proportions and angles are not quite right)
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    Reason of plugin! :)
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    how many squids will spawn? what does your plugin change exactly?

    EDIT: Ah, i saw now the config. but if i let it default on "-1", then all squids will spawn like before without plugin or is by default something changed?
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    THIS! :confused: I dunno what's goin on there, but it creeps me out.

    I can't wait for a plugin that allows for complete control over all mobs spawns.
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    Meh, when I get around to updating my server again I'll update this post. I try not to do it more than once a week, or unless I'm hitting any bugs, because it's a hassle to have to redownload, unzip, etc all the plugins
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    There can be breakages between 670 and 677, as EvilSeph said. Though very highly unlikely.

    EDIT: Alright, I forgive.
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    how dos this work? i want no squids on my map because no one bothers with making black wool anyways? is -1 mean theres none or?
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    Sorry for not being more clear. The config is similar to MobLimiter. -1 = no limit on squids, 0 = no squids, any other positive number: maximum number of squids per world.
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    Is it possible to get the actual number of squids?

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    you sir are a genius, work on the underwater city can now safely resume without being mugged by 50 squids every step :D many thanks
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    Yes it's possible, no my plugin doesn't have this feature. Try "Crowd Control", type "/crowd list population" should show how many you have of everything in the current world
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    Any chance you could add Ghasts? Our server had the nether available for a while as an adventure world, and ghasts were spawning out of control, causing lag. We had to close it, and now our players are begging for us to bring it back. A slight change to your plugin would be the perfect solution.
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    i set it to 0 and there was still squids on my friends screen....
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    It only stops new squids from spawning. If you want to remove old squids, try typing "/moblimiter purge" and see if that does it.
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    when it says all mobs it really just means squids right? or will all monsters disseapere and respawn?
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    Should just be squids, but even if it were everything they would respawn
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    alright i been running it, so far i havent seen any squids... ill wait and see thanks!
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    I squee'd like a schoolgirl when I saw the name of your mod, but, unfortunately, it doesn't do what I'm after.

    There are plenty of squids that farm, but squids (and ghasts etc) all spawn buggily due to lack of despawn. -any- chance you could throw in a despawn feature? Ghasts and slimes are also similarly bugged with regard to lack of despawn, and there's a good deal of interest for this sort of thing.

    Thanks for even thinking of it!
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    Why do you need despawn? Isn't just setting a max limit on how many can exist good enough? How would de-spawning them affect gameplay etc?
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    Well, since they don't despawn, the max limit will have the effect of not letting them spawn where they should be spawning, since they're "stuck" in unloaded chunks. There's a reason why the other mobs are handled by despawn as opposed to "only spawn until a limit is reached." In fact, I thought there was already a cap of some kind, at least effectively, in the code somewhere. Here's why.

    I have a squid farm I'm building, and I've made a test 50x50 bedrock to sky water area in my actual SMP world. A pack of squid spawns in it maybe twice a day. Any time I /butchered (before that became a wolf-murdering command), there would be IMMEDIATE squid spawn, which would then stop as soon as it happened. There were around 3,000 monsters in my world before butcher, and after butcher, it would jump back to (almost) this same number within a few minutes, and then stop.

    The true way to fix squid issues, and ghast/slime clogging issues, is by making them despawn properly. Unfortunately, this plugin does not exist. Note this may very well make them "too common," which I may handle by adding a culling percentage with something like crowd control.

    Sorry for overly detailed response, this is something I've spent a LOT of time thinking about. ;)

    Also, as a friend of mine wisely said, a simple command to kill off all squid and only squid in the world (preferably accessible by a script) would be a much easier way of accomplishing my goal at least temporarily.

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    @Da_Norc Ok thanks for the detailed explanation. I think a plugin to despawn squids, ghasts, etc would be possible, but it would take a lot more work than this simple spawn limiter. Right now all it's doing is:

    on creature_spawn:
       if too many squids:
          cancel spawn
    Instead, what we would need to do:

    every 10 seconds:
       look at every creature in the world
           if the creature is in an unloaded chunk (is this possible to know?), or is too far from any player
               destroy creature
    I might consider taking it on at some point.

    I didn't really document it, but typing "/moblimiter purge" should kill off all squids. Also crowd control, if you have it installed, typing "/crowd nuke squid" should do the same thing. I think CC only causes problems when you start trying to use the "mob replacement" feature (due to what appears to be a new bug in bukkit, spawning a creature in response to another creature spawn event causes things to bug out)

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    Thanks, /moblimiter purge will be a godsend for now! I'll probably install your plugin just to use it. I'd seriously recommend listing this as one of the assets of the plugin- there are other admins concerned with the number of squid clogging their server, and those looking for a lightweight, wolf-proof solution might be interested.

    Based on the wiki, "/crowd control nuke" hasn't been working for a while, but you're right, I've not seen anyone complaining about anything but /replace in the actual forum. That could be helpful too.

    I certainly would be overjoyed if you decided to tackle the despawning bug, as many others would too, but I understand it's a much bigger task- and only really a problem to those paying attention or who have a nether spawn-camped by ghasts.

    Thanks so much for this tool and your time!

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    I think "/crowd nuke squid" DOES work -- the problem is, without a limit on number of squids, there's nothing preventing 500 squids spawning instantly after that
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    Is there any way to get this exact plugin edited for ghasts then? I do not mind the squid as much as I hate the ghast blitz every time you go into the nether.
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    I second this.

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