[INACTIVE][FIX/MECH] BananaPortal 0.2 - Funky portals of different shapes and sizes [860]

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    BananaPortal 0.2
    Funky portals of different shapes and sizes

    Download Link: Here
    Version: 0.2
    How to use: Just create a larger than normal portal and light the middle with flint+steel!

    Contributors: Fright01 VGFreak97


    • 0.1 - 15/06/2011 - released to the wip-and-development forum
    • 0.2 - 15/06/2011 - released to the plugin submissions forum
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    Lol this looks like a fun little plugin :)
    Downloading now
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    This is tight so this is kinda like a fork of ancient gates, but not one way set portals? Nether? I guess. :D
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    It's not a fork of ancient gates, all the code is mine.
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    but yeah where does it go nether??
    cuz dis looks AWsm i would get it just if i knew where it goes
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    It works EXACTLY the same as a normal portal...
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    srry i did notice that after i commented xD
    but still pretty cool..

    ONLY one thing when you get back you land above the portal how bout in it like a normal one

    But still an awsome plugin

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    Inspired by the client mod, much? I was about to do this plugin, oh well, thanks. :D

    By the way, there's a bug. I don't care really since fire and more importantly is nerfed, but if you lit a single block of obsidian, the fire doesn't keep on. Instead, it disappears instantly.

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    I can't seem to return from the Nether

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    I dont no, but the plugin dont work.
    No Erros and no Command.
    I hope You can help.
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    This looks promising, awesome work.
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    Second screenshot... OMG nice building!
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    so funny !!
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    Could you give out permission nodes so only specific players can create these awesome portals? :3

    does not work on the latest bukkit btw d:

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  16. on my server it did work on the latest RB(935) I was unlucky to spawn too close to a lavalake and fell down almost immediately.....:oops:

    by the way can i download that awesome portal from the picture

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    Anyway you could Incorporate a custom portal mod into your custom size addon?

    So be able to create ur own portals that go from A>B [target too target] and have them any size and any material?
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    There is another plugin that alrdy does that i think creative gates
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    Creative gates works by a chain of portals, and its target defined by the same material portals in that chain, unfortunelty not by setting targets with commands :(

    Ive looked at every portal/telportation mod around and there doesnt seem to be one that has exactly what im looking for :

    Custom shapes
    Any material
    "active" portal state - ie portal swirls or water
    Command based target location/ or sign based
    Cross world support

    they all exist...just not neatly bundled into one portal addon :(
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    I think this has to update :/
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    Umm... i can't even make a normal portal now:'C
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    Ohh sorry bud =/ ill keep my eyes out for one like you want tho :p if i knew how to code plugins id make it but sadly i is a noob at it ):
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    got a link to the portal in the picture? it would fit in very well with the dragon theme on my server ^.=.^
  24. This seems to work properly now except that when you land in a special portal you land on top of it instead of inside it. That might be a problem for when you make a very tall one :(

    I'd really love to have this plugin properly working though... Keep up the good work, I'll keep an eye on this :)
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    Update please:)
    You can't make eny portals now:(
    Need this plugin for my server:)
    Btw Awesome!!!:O
    And i like the 2th pic:)
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    It's easy to make for OPs without this plugin.
    (World Edit:
    //replace 0 90)
    But,it's imposible to players,so this plugin is pretty good :3
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    Hmm the plugin I am working on incorporates all of those because I feel the same. I looked through all the existing portal system plugins and decided what worked best. If someone is actually interested, I could finish it. First... what do you mean by "active portal state, portal or water?"
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    I love the fact someone has decided to take this on :) and i'm very interested in helping anyway i can...bug testing ect ect..unfortunately i know nothing about java coding so i cant help in that respect :( but would definitely be interested in seeing this through to completion :)

    As for the Active portal state, i was referring to how the portal would look like once u had created it, either having the space filled in with "portal" blocks or "water" blocks like i have seen some already. The issue with portal blocks is that some coders have found using them interferes with the normal Nether portal system. While others use water too fill the gap. ( preventing it from flowing obviously)

    reply here or send me a personal message and we can talk further :)
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    hey codename, i will test this one on build 1000 as well.

    it works on 1000, only 'issue' is that when using the portal to come back it deposits you above it rather than in it.

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    Are you updating this plugin? if no why not to put a source here

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