[INACTIVE][FIX/FUN] SlimePlusPlus 0.2 - when you want more from your slimeballs [1000]

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    When you want more from your slimeballs

    Download Link: Here
    Version: 0.2

    video by @TheGamePlaza

    Commands: /slimey - if you have 64 slimeballs in your hand, a giant slime is spawned in front of you
    Other Features:
    • Left Click with a slimeball in hand + compass in inventory: area to area teleport - like the worldedit compass - uses up one slimeball per use.
    • Right Click with a slimeball in hand + flint and steel in inventory: throws the slimeball as a burning ball of fire, can cause blocks to be destroyed or catch fire. (Very similar to a ghast fireball!) - uses up one slimeball per use.
    1. Does this plugin use permissions? No! This plugin gives everyone an incentive to hunt slimes, as well as giving your players the ability to short range teleport, without giving them silly things like worldedit powers.
    2. Will you add permissions? Probably not. The source is included in the .jar and if you really really desperately want permissions - knock yourself out.
    • 0.1 - 13/06/2011 - private testing
    • 0.2 - 15/06/2011 - public release with /slimey spawning fun :D
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    i know the plugin is named after slimeballs but since voxeldoop uses the slimeball as its paintbrush could you please make it so you can change the item? config possibly?
  3. lol remember my reaction in irc? it looks good btw xD
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    No, if you want to do something like that the source is in the jar :) have fun!
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    This is funny plugin, but I really need you to make those slimes you create don't hurt you! And better, if no one except you can hurt them :)

    Fire slimeballs VERY lags and create holes in ground. I don't want my players allow to use that :( Need permissions or just config file ;)
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    Slimeballs = fireballs :p thats kinda the point

    Also please read the FAQ in the OP.
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    But that lags too much and create holes D:
    Where? :eek:
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    It's supposed to give players a reason to hunt slimes - if players can spawn items on your server - this isn't a plugin to have. The holes are intentional.
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    Okay, btw, what about disable damage by your slime?
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    I don't track who made the slime, but I'll look into it.
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    with TNT and slime ball can u makea ghast ball? fire and a BOOm
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    and giant slime doesent spawn only the puny one
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    pitty this doesn't use permissions :(
    now it is useless for me
    isn't optional an option?
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    Read the FAQ :)
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    Bump! Keep 'em coming, B! Great plugins!
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    Slimey still hurts :<
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    Are you SURE you don't want to change the name to BananaSlime(s)?
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  19. wtf is use from 64 slimeballs to turn into a slime which wont give anything? waste of slimeballs?..
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    I didn't say that it was terribly useful anywhere did I?
  21. no but its useless , u should make it do something else.. why would someone waste slimeballs into that ? :E
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    See the [FUN] tag? That means this plugin is for a bit of a laugh. Spawning a slime on top of your friend can be fun if you time it right.
  23. that doesnt make me laugh .. :/ and is there permissions for the exploding slime balls? its not fun if ppl start exploding places with it :D
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    Sounds like fun to me! Using flowerpower hasn't destroyed my server. Going to swap that out for this.

    Why do people want permissions for this? If you don't want your users to use it don't install it, admins can do far worst damage than this with other plugins. I just don't see the point of permissions in every single plugin.
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    Request: Add damage or configurable damage to the flint and steel when shooting the fireballs?
    sounds simple to add , thanks :)
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    Good job on this, lots of fun. Don't know why people are complainin, its for fun not for serious. If you are worried about holes dont use it, if you consider it a waste of slimeball then dont use it. Brings me back to halo 3 personally except I'm spawning slimes on friends instead of tanks :)
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    As you know this is now inactive due to not being maintained if it is on Bukkitdev or you wish to revive it tag me.
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    About the explosions:
    If Ghast Fireball Explosions are disabled in Essentials config, the slimeball explosions also turn off.
    I like the plug-in. The teleportation feature is less restricted, you can even click on the sky and find yourself in a cave. If you want out, you just click the "sky" again.

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