[INACTIVE][ECON] VendingMachine v1.0 - Buy and Sell to Server with Signs! [953]

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    VendingMachine Version 1.0
    Buy and Sell Items to the Server with Signs! (With iConomy 5.x)
    With this version of VendingMachine, ops can create signs (vending machines) that either buy or sell items at a specified price. These have infinite items and money in them, so you they're basically maintenance-free!
    • Create Signs that Users can Buy and Sell Items From!
    • Create Vending Machines Once and They're Ready to Go!
    • Items are Bought/Sold in Quantities of One.
    • Non-Integer Prices are Supported!
    • Works with All Items/Blocks! (Except Those with Extra Id Values. ex- different dyes, colored wool)

    Version 1.0:​
    • Release!
  2. iConomy of course?
    EDIT: Clear up OP, makes no sense.
    Bit.ly is not allowed on these forums
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    screen shot? hot to make the sign?
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    I suggest using the Register API in order to account for all modern major economies.
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    Please update the title to the latest RB [1000]
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    Hm.. OP should be more descriptive, and have a guide on creating the signs. This plugin sounds great, but we have no idea how to use it lol
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    Moved to inactive/unsupported until you can update this to the latest RB.

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