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    TradeCraft - Chest/Gold Based Economy
    Version: 0.7

    • Make infinite shops - place gold or items in the chest, right click the sign, and watch the magic happen!
    • Become entrepreneurs! Have a lot of extra goods? Create a shop to let people easily buy or sell!
    • Change the currency if you don't like gold
    Download and Source

    All credit for the core of this mod goes to the github user jdiamond (injektilo on the hey0 forums). All I'm doing is porting it at the moment, but I'll probably add more features down the road. I haven't been able to test it extensively so far, so expect problems! If you don't have Permissions, it will resort to only letting ops make or destroy shops, but all players can buy/sell at shops. The TradeCraft.txt and TradeCraft.properties files are IN the jar, open it up with a archive manager program and extract them to the same folder as your craftbukkit.jar. I know they should be in something like plugins/TradeCraft, and I'll change that soon.

    For the readme, please go to the source page and look there. It is also included in the jar file if you open it with an archive manager.

    • TradeCraft.canBuy
    • TradeCraft.canSell
    • TradeCraft.canMakeInfShops
    • TradeCraft.canMakePlayerShops
    • TradeCraft.canDestroyShops
    • /setCurrency - use the id number, or the material name (using _ as spaces)
    • /displayCurrency - Shows the current currency
    • /canPlayer - debugging info if there are problems with permissions - outputs to the console.
    • /myShops - displays the personal shops you have and their current inventory/gold
    To Do:
    • Repair shops? Some basic structure is in the old hmod plugin, could probably get it working without too much trouble.
    • iConomy interaction? For example, back up iConomy $$$ with gold or something? Not sure how that would work out, or if people would find it useful.
    If theres any more comments or questions, please let me know!
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  2. Can you change the currency to a different block?

    Like in a config file?
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    Sure, I think that can be done easily enough.
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    Spoiler ([TAKETHISOUTspoiler="buttonText"][/spoiler] OR [TAKETHISOUTspoiler][/spoiler])

    Also, THIS is great, have been waiting for this for a long time :D

    One little thing, does this conflict with iconomy chest shop? I would like to run both iconomy and gold shops.
    Also, some little tutorial would be nice.
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    I suggest you host the downloads on github, since you're already using it, instead of using mediafire with all its annoying ads and delays and stuff
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    Does iconomy use signs at all? If not, it shouldn't conflict. If so, I'll look into it.
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    I'm testing right now! Awesome work!
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    Been waiting on this, was going to port it myself but then you did it. Thank you :)

    EDIT: Why does this generate a config.yml in the plugins/TradeCraft folder when that doesn't even work? It tries to load TradeCraft.txt instead. I had to copy my old TradeCraft.txt into the craftbukkit directory, then it worked.
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    Fixed that, thanks. Also I'm trying to add the jar to the download page of my github project, but it keeps giving me an error, so until I can get that fixed, it will continue to be on MediaFire.
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    Oh...my...god. Thank you! Now we can use our old mall. my hero ;)
    Very big thanks for porting TradeCraft.

    Testing tomorrow.

    Couldn't wait :D
    Our old shops are working, but I had to import my .txt.
    Great, I'm so happy ;)
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    Please add all the files (properties),
    i can get it to work but i cant create shops (permissions?)
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    I'll edit the OP to say that the files (.properties and .txt) are in the jar (open it with an archive manager).

    What do you mean? Are you saying it's not working with permissions? Changing permissions doesn't do anything? More info please and I'll take a look at it.
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    the problem is it says, "You Can't Create Player-Owned Shops!". and the default setting has it on, but i still can create shops even with config files
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    Thanks so much! It works perfectly! The player shops, everything! [​IMG]
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    With the most current release as of March 12th (version 0.2), only people on the ops.txt list may purchase or sell to the shops.
    The permission nodes only affect those players. Even after I added the nodes to the Default group, none of my players were able to use the shops. Only when I removed myself from the ops.txt and set my group to default, i was able to see that they weren't able to but items or create stores.

    I'm running build 527. With the latest permissions plugin
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    Sounds neat though I'm still trying find a chest trade barter system. The players writes on the sign what they want to trade for and what they got to trade for it lol..
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    got it all fixed, works great
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    Same here.

    Thanks for your work on this so far! We're pretty close to putting our shops back to work!

    CraftBukkit #531
    Permissions 2.5.4 ( http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...ow-with-real-multiworld-permissions-522.5974/ )
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    How do we change the money currency?
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    I get the following error:
    [WARNING] Plugin: TradeCraft does not support the onLoad() method
    [WARNING] Error reading TradeCraft.txt

    How do I solve this?

    EDIT: never mind, I've put my tradecraft.txt into the wrong folder T_T
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    I am having trouble with TradeCraft, when i try to sell, i get "You are Not Allowed to Sell to Shops" i tried promoting to op, and i am using Permissions 2.5.4 (Phoenix) does anyone know how to fix this?
  22. Also getting this message!
    And I have given the permissions to sell, to my default group with "TradeCraft.canSell" in the permissions file.

    Also thanks for making this plugin for bukkit!
    If we manage to get rid of this permissions issue on our server, it would be absolutely great :D
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    i used the essentials permissions to get this to work but it broke all my other permissions
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    New version up. It *should* fix the permissions problem, please test and let me know if it didn't :)

    Also for the currency, you theoretically can add a property in the properties file called currency-id, using the id number of the desired currency. I don't think that works right now, I have no idea why, thats why I added the command /setcurrency. Again, use the id number, or you can use the material name (using underscores instead of spaces, basically). Use /displaycurrency to check what the current currency is. Also, there is /canPlayer playername to check what permissions a player has. It prints it to the server console, so it's more for helping me debug things if server admins are having trouble with permissions again.
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    Thanks, it works great now!

    A suggestion to add: support for the damage bit in the config file, so we can trade colored wool, different logs, etc. I think Bukkit is starting to have support for that (at least MinecartMania now uses it).

    Oh I forgot to mention something else.
    Maybe you could print a notice for if you cannot buy or sell an item (0:0) set in config/sign.
    Sigh and something else I forgot.
    It seems this plugin doesn't handle disable/enable too well. It does reload the config. But all messages are printed an extra time per dis&enable.
    Ok, just one more thing, really! :)
    I read in the README: "No "change" is given. If you put too much gold in the chest, the excess is
    lost. Likewise, if you put more items in the chest than what would give you an
    exact number of gold, the excess is lost."

    But that's quite harsh in my opinion. It shouldn't be too hard to keep the remainder of either gold or the item in the chest after the swap, should it? I do think the hmod version did this neatly.
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    Why'd you update this to #554? Nobody uses that build at the moment considering it breaks most plugins. The recommended build is #531 to my knowledge. Too bad.. I was really looking forward to trying this out
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    It works fine on our CB #531 though.
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    How the heck do I even use this plugin? I can't find any documentation on how to set up a shop or anything?!
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    That information could indeed be displayed a bit clearer. But I guess the developer assumed mostly people who used it on hmod would be using this one.
    Anyway, there's a README in the jar, or, here in the source tree: https://github.com/mjmr89/TradeCraft/blob/master/README.txt
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    Glad the update works!

    Sorry, I meant to upload the readme in the OP sooner. I'll do that right after this. Also, with the updates, I forgot they were supposed to be on recommended builds and all, I'll fix that. But for this recommended build, I'm going to take ArmEagle's word for it and assume it works on 531?

    I hadn't even thought about doing colored wool, because colored wool wasn't mentioned at all in the original. I was in port mode, but now I think I can start to be in new stuff mode :). What do you mean about your suggestion regarding selling/buying stuff for free? You mean in personal shops, don't let freebies/donations if set in a properties file? Sounds a bit odd to me, could you explain? Regarding the change bit, I think he actually fixed that without noting it in the readme. I'll test it out soon.

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