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    Trade - Trade Plugin:
    Version: v0.3

    This is a command based trade plugin allowing players to access simple trades. Trades available
    are controlled by server ops. These simple trades are ideal for allowing players access to otherwise
    difficult/impossible to obtain items. If you have mobs turned off, you may want to set up a trade
    so people can swap wool for string, or coal for sulphur.


    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade help</font>
    lists commands available to player.

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade display</font>
    lists the trades/offers the player has access to.
    Offer 1 : 4 WOOL gives 1 STRING
    Offer 2: 1 GOLD_INGOT gives 1 GLOWSTONE_DUST
    Offer 3: 1 WOOD gives 64 WOOD

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade offer [num] (x [num])</font>
    initiates the trade.
    <font color="rgb(51, 204, 204)">/trade offer 1</font>
    would attempt to trade 4 wool for 1 string.
    <font color="rgb(51, 204, 204)">/trade offer 1 x 10</font>
    would attempt to trade 40 wool for 10 string.
    <font color="rgb(51, 204, 204)">/trade offer 3 x 35</font>
    would attempt to trade 35 wood for 2240 wood.

    Op Commands

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade add [num] [object] gives [num] [object]</font>
    adds an offer to trade list. Object can be given by name or id number.
    <font color="rgb(51, 204, 204)">/trade add 4 35 gives 1 287</font>
    would add the offer 4 WOOL gives 1 STRING to trade list.
    <font color="rgb(51, 204, 204)">/trade add 4 wool gives 1 string</font>
    would also add 4 WOOL gives 1 String to trade list.

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade remove [num]</font>
    removes individual offer from the trade list.

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">/trade clear</font>
    clears the trade list of offers.

    * Enable players to trade for items.
    * Server ops can alter options in game.

    To Add
    * Support for Colored Wool (Inventory Data).
    * Offer * n feature which repeats trade as many times as possible.

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    Source Code - attatched


    Version 0.3
    * Plugin released online

    PS. This is my first plugin, please leave feedback no matter how obvious.

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    umm, so players cannot trade other players? Just op's?
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    It is not a player to player trading plugin. It just enables you to swap predefined materials.

    The ops have access to the commands which define what swaps are possible.

    Sorry if this was not clear, and thank you for the feedback.
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    Needs iConomy support ;)
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    I've added Trade.jar to my plug ins but I cannot get the /trade command to work. The only other plug in I'm using are the essential plug ins. What could I be doing wrong?
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    Hi Amisten.

    Unfortunately this plugin had become outdated since I released it.

    I have now updated it to comply with the latest version of bukkit.

    I hope you will give it another go, and hopefully it will work smoothly.

    I really want to thank you for alerting me this wasn't working.

    Best Regards

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    Hey, this is a really under-appreciated plugin. I'll be using it as a shop (for my small private server for friends) where feathers are used as currency to buy things like weapons and food (Also got that Gastronomic hunger mod, bMod for spawning only Zombies, portableTorch, ProperTime for keeping it mostly night) and it makes for a very nice Zombie survival server.

    Thanks for this plugin, I hope to see it working into the future too :D
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    The download for the .jar doesn't load.
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    Edit: Nevermind, this isn't what I thought it was.
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    Last seen Mar 11 :( Getting some errors now, sad that I can't use this anymore.
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