[INACTIVE][ECON] SimpleVend v1.2 - Vending with dispensers + iConomy/3co [860]

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    SimpleVend - Create vending machines with dispensers and iConomy/3co
    Version: 1.2
    SimpleVend is a plugin that somebody requested and I felt that it was about time that I learned how to create a plugin that works with iConomy or 3co. All you do is make a sign 2 blocks under a dispenser that defines what item is given, how many, and how much it costs (not per item, overall).

    • Dispenser vending machine
    • Permissions
    • iConomy 5.x
    • Lightweight
    Usage (open)

    To use, create a dispenser and a block under it. The block under that should be a sign, like this:
    The text on the sign should be as follows:
    For an example:
    The above will dispense 1 stone, and charge the player 10 dollars (or whatever your iConomy currency is). If no itemname is specified, it defaults to stone. If no item amount is specified, it defaults to 1. If no cost is specified, it defaults to 0.

    Video Demo:
    Video (open)

    Permission Nodes:
    • simplevend.create - To make a [VEND] sign
    • simplevend.edit - To edit the inventory of the Dispenser, it clears it on item dispensing anyways
    • simplevend.free - To not charge the player when they get something from the machine
    The source code is included in the .jar (/com/awesomevilleserver/SimpleVend/)

    Planned Changes
    None so far :)

    Version 1.2
    • Added 3co support, the plugin works the same
    Version 1.1
    • Added a check to see if the player has enough money, if they don't, they can't buy the item.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)
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    Could you please make it so peole could sell their stuff with these? So they put the items in the dispenser and they get paid if someone buys it (You could make this configurable with the sign like instead of the item code you must type USER or something :D)?
    I hope you will add this!
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    This wouldn't work with iConomy 6 :( It says Sorry, you don't have enough money every time I try to buy something.
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    I also wanted to report this. but you already did it
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    just some advice or whatever for ppl using permission v.3x as it was in my first try...

    i was setting up the dispensers and everything was working fine with only 1 thing. it just wasnt charging me for the items i checked my group permissions... hmm no .free node there.. i deopped myself.. still not charging...

    thing was in the user config i had the '*' permission by default cu im admin so that was the reason it didnt worked for me;P

    as i can see some of u ppl got the same problem with no charging maybe that could be the reason
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    i have the same problem with Tarmon11 but i have iconomy 6 (celty)...
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    This is incompatible with the latest version of iConomy, which is iConomy 6.

    If you want this to work then go to this link.


    Remember to delete your iConomy folder so it'll create a fresh one.

    Happy vending =))
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    When I play in my server and I click on the dipenser i have not got enought money but I have 100,000:00.
    Can somebody help me?:(
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    Read post above your's

    Why don't you update this plugin :( and make it compatible with iConomy 6 ??
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    Does it work with Iconomy 6? Does it work with PEX? i did everythign u did on the video, But when people right click it, and left.. Nothing happens
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    Did u add the wool , dye and etc. change so we can sell them ? Please I need it ! If someone finds a way to fix this please tell me :)
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    Should make it compatible with Vault :)

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