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    SimpleVend - Create vending machines with dispensers and iConomy/3co
    Version: 1.2
    SimpleVend is a plugin that somebody requested and I felt that it was about time that I learned how to create a plugin that works with iConomy or 3co. All you do is make a sign 2 blocks under a dispenser that defines what item is given, how many, and how much it costs (not per item, overall).

    • Dispenser vending machine
    • Permissions
    • iConomy 5.x
    • Lightweight
    Usage (open)

    To use, create a dispenser and a block under it. The block under that should be a sign, like this:
    The text on the sign should be as follows:
    For an example:
    The above will dispense 1 stone, and charge the player 10 dollars (or whatever your iConomy currency is). If no itemname is specified, it defaults to stone. If no item amount is specified, it defaults to 1. If no cost is specified, it defaults to 0.

    Video Demo:
    Video (open)

    Permission Nodes:
    • simplevend.create - To make a [VEND] sign
    • simplevend.edit - To edit the inventory of the Dispenser, it clears it on item dispensing anyways
    • simplevend.free - To not charge the player when they get something from the machine
    The source code is included in the .jar (/com/awesomevilleserver/SimpleVend/)

    Planned Changes
    None so far :)

    Version 1.2
    • Added 3co support, the plugin works the same
    Version 1.1
    • Added a check to see if the player has enough money, if they don't, they can't buy the item.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)
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    Have you implemented the button system yet?
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    No, and I have no plans to.
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    What about the wool :)?
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    Durability? sure, maybe later today
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    I keep getting the message: "Sorry, you don't have enough money!"

    I have iConomy and have $5,037 but every time I try using the dispenser that' the message I get.


    Please help!
  7. Got a problem with the charging of OP players on mine.
    ChargeOps: true
    SingularCurrency: Rupee
    PluralCurrency: Rupees
    Is how its setup in the config, the currency value works but the ChargeOps function does not.
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    Do you have permissions installed?
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    Wouldn't be bad if it worked with colored wool aswell :p
    Add pliz? :p
  10. No, from that answer I'm guessing that its a requirement?
    If so I may suggest adding a small statement on your Plugin info that states it is required for ChargeOPs: true to work propperly.
    I'll install it and give it a test and post a reply here.
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    I have no idea if chargeops works, I think it does, but it might not. If it doesn't work without permissions, it definitely won't with permissions.
  12. Oh, ok Had some trouble finding the correct version of permissions to match that of my server. Would there be any update in the near future for a possible fix for this?
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    Maybe, but from the code I think ChargeOps should work fine. I will test it later and let you know.
  14. Smashing, really love the Plugin its very useful especially for A RP server like mine. Would love it for it to be fixed as op/deop has caused some issues with other addons and caused them to not function correctly all the time for example (Chestlock) some player had a problem with chests being unbound to them but thats another devs problem not yours.
    Thanks for the replies.
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    can you put the simple vend 1.1 please?
    the new simple vend give me problems
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    No. The old one is no longer supported.
    What problems are you having?
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    when one player use the dispenser he didnt keep the blocks only ops can keep
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    i find the bug (simple vend have got a problem with default commands 3.5)
    Sorry for my english i am spanish.
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    does this work for colored wool?

    and can you just have air between them?

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    Not yet
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    sorry to bug you but i have iconomy and essentials and it says you are charged x amount of dollars but does not charge.
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    You probably have the permission node simplevend.free or you are OP
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    So it is my understanding from your last post that Permissions is in fact a requirement for this to function? I currently do not have Permission (nor do I want it) but I am the OP and when anyone purchases from a Dispenser it does not charge them. Is there anyway I can make it charge them without having Permission on my Server?
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    My dispensers are somwhow managed by their positions...
    by that, I mean that after 10min of server being on, some dispensers stop working and the only way I can get them to work is by restarting the server. The dispensers that stop working seem to be the ones in specific square areas and I have no idea what is the difference between those areas and the rest of the server.
    I have a enormous general store that sell ALL the blocks/items in the game for certain prices and It is easy to notice that the ones qhich stop working are in square positions

    thank you for correcting this bug
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    I have no idea what you are talking about. This bug is in no way my doing

    Permissions is optional. It is always recommended though

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    How is it then I can make the Dispensers charge my Players on my server? I have changed ChargedOps to true in an attempt to fix this issue but it will not detuct money from me or my players.

    Also perhaps I phrased my last question wrong. You see it is charging (At least it says so) but when you do /money to check to see that it has... you relize it hasn't. So for instance I'll set it [VEND] Diamonds 1 500 (in Appropriate format) and I'll have 1000.00 when I do the /money command before I make a purchase, after the purchase I still have 1000.00. Thus you see it never actually charges.
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    when i make a sign it say "you're not allowed to do that" i am op can some1 help me plzz :)
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    Do you use permissions?
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    @ captainawesome7 I really want to use your Plugin so if you could just answer my last post please with either a "I'm not sure whats going on, your on your own" type of answer or a "try this out" answer.

    Again no disrespect, I just really want to be able to use this. My whole server does : ) Or if you could point me to another Plugin that's commandless and does the same job :) Thanks
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    I'll look into it next time i do some updating

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