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    SignTrader - Trade with Signs!
    Version: v1.0.7 - CB (617) tested
    This Bukkit plugin allows servers to use signs as a functioning shop tool. Simply set the sign in the appropriate format, optionally link it to a chest and you can have a sign that either vends from a chest you own or you can set the sign to sell to users items they normally couldn't get as something like a modified /give with a set location. Simply punch the sign to get a little more information to understand what it does and how to use it.

    /signtrader -s p - set the sign that you punch, the 'p' is optional and makes it persist.
    /signtrader -sc p - link signs and chests to each other, must be within 40 blocks and on the same world and the 'p' is optional
    /getdata - returns the data of the item in hand (name, amount, and durability.)

    [wheatsprout]Other Plugin Support[wheatsprout]
    You don't need any of these for this plugin to work.​
    Supports protection from LWC, (2.0 only) with lwc installed SignTrader forces players to sell from chests that they own.​
    Supports Permissions from TheYeti (2.5.4 tested) with the following nodes This defaults to op.txt if not present:​
    • signtrader.MakeGlobalSign - so the player can activate "Global" signs defa
    • signtrader.MakePersonalSign - so the player can activate "Personal" signs
    • signtrader.admin.BreakAnySign - so the player can break any sign (duh)
    • signtrader.Use - so the player can use any player sign or activated Global sign
    • signtrader.admin.SetOwner - so the player can set the owner of signs.
    Supports iConomy (4.0 +) for usage with the local money system.

    [wheatsprout]Sign Format[wheatsprout]
    The sign format is as follows:​
    Line one - Global or Personal - denotes sign type, personal pulls from chests, Global doesn't use chests.​
    Line two - amount:ItemType:durability or amount:$ - this is the payment line (what the chest will get from the player) amount is how much the player wants to recieve, ItemType is the item number of the item they want to recieve from player if the other is chosen it will be the amount of money the sign owner wants to get from the player.​
    Line three - amount:ItemType:durability or amount:$ - Similarly to line two, this is what is removed from the sign owner and given to the player.​
    Line four - leave this one alone, [Activated] is put in the line to show it is an active sign.​
    Example 1) - trade sign​
    Line # - text​
    1 - Global​
    2 - 1:3​
    3 - 1:35:1​
    This sign trades for dirt and gives the user orange wool.​
    Example 2) - Sale sign​
    1 - Personal​
    2 - 1:$​
    3 - 64:3​
    This sign takes 1 of iconomy money from the sign user and gives it to the owner, and gives the user 64 dirt.​
    Example 3) - Freebie sign​
    1 - Personal​
    2 - Free​
    3 - 1:3​
    This sign gives 1 dirt for free to the user​
    Example 4) - Purchase Sign​
    1 - Personal​
    2 - 1:3​
    3 - 1:$​
    This sign takes money from the owner and gives to the user and takes 1 dirt from the user and puts it into the chest.​
    When posting issues here please write the following:​
    * What the sign has written on it.​
    * What output you got from the console. (If any)​
    * What you expected to happen.​
    * What actually happened.​
    * What plugins (and their versions) you are using with this (including version number.)​
    * What version of this plugin you are using.​
    Failure to do these will result in you being called an idiot.​
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.0.7​
    Version 1.0.6​
    * removed the sign breaking prevention function...​
    Version 1.0.5​
    * Fixed an abuse problem​
    * Now protects signs and blocks from destruction of non-op(or permissioned) and non owners of signs (owners of global signs are the ones who placed them.)​
    Version 1.0.3​
    * Updated to be compatable with 600+​
    Version 1.0.2​
    * Fixed link with newest version of lwc.​
    * Null pointer bugfix​
    * Rewired the sign recognition code.​
    Version 1.0.1​
    * Trading sign bugfix​
    * re-added the /signtrader -s command​
    * fixed up command interface a bit​
    * added /getdata so players can find the durability of the item in hand.​
    * added /signtrader -so (OwnerName) needs "signtrader.admin.SetOwner" node or player being op.​
    * now prevents people from linking signs and chests that aren't their own.​
    Version 1.0.0​
    * Monsterous update​
    * Too many to list...​
    Version 0.9.3​
    * Fixed bug where appropriate files were not created.​
    * Cleaned up item.txt creation code.​
    * update to iConomy 3.0 support?​
    Version 0.9.2​
    * Fixed bug where chests weren't detected, possibly other fixes.​
    * still not sure on iConomy, please, someone, let me know.​
    Version 0.9.1​
    * Fixed a bug where signs were not deleted from the sign list when they were destroyed.​
    Version 0.9​
    * Added Sign protecting features​
    * hopefully a fix to iConomy support​
    * now players need to set personal signs.​
    Version 0.8​
    * Added a feature that displays sign information in a more detailed form when the sign is punched.​
    Version 0.7.1​
    * hopefully a bugfix that solves a problem with named worlds​
    * getting chest owner works nicely with LWC​
    Version 0.7​
    * Fixed purchasing and selling to chests (Needs testing.)​
    Version 0.6​
    * Removed incorrect format error.​
    * Chests can now: trade, get donations, give stuff out.​
    * Chests still can't "sell via iConomy"​
    * probably a few other fixes​
    Version 0.5​
    * Release of locking protection for global signs (so not anyone can make them)​
    * signs "should" work fine with chests, however I am afraid they ignore protections.​
    * item blacklisting possible.​
    * permissions support.​
    * iConomy support.​
    * ect.​
    Version 0.1​
    * Initial release of the plugin.​

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    Please add iConomy support! It will be GREAT on mine RPG server! ^^

    If there will be option to sell items:

    1. Player 1 will put sign with material that he want to sell.
    2. Player 2 will buy those items by right click on sign putted by Player 1.
    3. Player 1 will get money (iConomy).
    4. Player 2 will get items.

    Another this is number system. Ex.

    Player 1 has made sign with selling 32 cobblestone, 1 coin each.
    Those 32 cobbles are removed from his inventory and added on sign.
    When someone will buy it, amount of cobbles will comes down (to zero).
    When it will be 0, sign will be removed or just not active.
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    Fantastic, as soon as permission support is available expect a solid donation from Lucky Kingdom.

    Best of luck in continued development!
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    Looking forward... hope Throk's idea will get includet, with some permissions that not everybody can place signs...
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    have it to where you have a gap in the wall behind. you stick the stuff you wanna sell in that chest. So that way you don't fill your inventory with store crap. sorta like those giant fridges at the store where they load the stuff from the back.
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    How about we let him finish the first function, before requesting new ones.
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    haha, thanks @pudd1nG everything people ask for is in planning, aside from what @Throk suggested. nice idea! however that may be a tad out of the scope of this project, but maybe!
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    I look forward to permissions and iConomy support :D
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    I love this, Hope you can add support for player to player chest trading/shops
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    Need a iConomy support, and how can I sell like 640 blocks for like 20 coins?
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    When I do iConomy support initially the money will just go poof. but iConomy is lower than making authorized signs on the priority list. in the end, I will implement a system where players can sell items on their own.
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    Really love this for my City/Build server! I would really love iConomy support.
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    iConomy support would be nice. But this is great. Nice job.
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    I would really like to see the signs linked to a chest so when a customer buys something the items move from the chest to their inventory and the payment moves from their hand to the chest
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    tbh, I dont like the whole chest thing. but I do understand where you are coming from.
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    I kinda have a problem about people trying to steal things from other people.

    because the signs DROPS the items and not place them in the players inventory.

    So other people can also pick them up.
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    if you have a stealing issue then you have a people problem ;) but when I get around to doing settings, I will do something along the lines of choices for how they want the item dispensed.
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    What do you not like about the chest idea? I'm looking for a way to enable regular players to trade without having to have both parties on-line to actually perform the trade.

    I must admit I haven't installed your plugin to test it yet, but reading the description, as it stands now, it seems more like a system for me as the server admin to dispense items to players from an unlimited supply, rather then a way to enable trading between regular players.
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    That's how it is at the moment (but anyone can make the signs so wait till my next update). Also, I could do a system that is player to player without chests and require players to be online those signs could have an inventory.
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    im using the format -1x(item) and using text Spawn 1x(item) :D

    Works like a charm
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    Thanks, I am reworking how this thing works completely. this was more like a preview or concept build.
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    I hope you fix the iConomy support soon. I am becoming mad~ e.e
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    I am working on a way to protect sign placement. iConomy should work, but what is the point if anyone can place a sign with the cost/effect that they want.
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    private shops, should drain from the inventory or chests. There you got your solution.

    Stop making me feel dumb e.e
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    I have a system that is better, but making the perfect code is taking a while.
  26. Offline


    lol, if you got a better system, what the problem? :p ... I just came up with a quick solution on it.
    and Perfect code is good :) Will still have some bugs thought. There's always the bugs.
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    there is a lot to implement, and watching the football game while tired is not good for coding..
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    Yes it is, if you get someone else to watch football and hire someone to code. After you're done with that, you should buy yourself some icecream for some random reason, and become a pirate. Then yell "yar" at everyone that you meet in the streets. For good messure hit them to make friends. Then take a plane and sit on a toilet for several minutes before returning to the seat, and yell "yar" to the person that's sitting next to you. When you have arrived to your destination, yell aloha!, and start looking around, you will soon find out that you have ended up on Greenland. When you have made your way to Cananda, you'll buy another icecream, but this time give it to your friends that's all over to where you left them. So then you need to buy a plane ticket. In the last minutes, you take the wrong plane. And end up in Sweden, in Sweden you meet Notch and have a nice chatter with him and his coffee. You will then return home again and kill some squirrles, before going to jail. After you have been in prison for one month, you take a cop car and drive into some random building. You will then end up in a hospital. This hospital thinks you're from somekinda strange country and send you back to that county. You will then return home again and repeat this, when you have done so; you're good at programming, and your plugin is done.

    Why are you chatting in a forum post if you're supposed to code?!
    *and sorry, that wasn't funny, that was me being bored~
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    lolwut. and I'm "supposed to" code? I thought this was purely volunteer...
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    Not anymore! :D I force you e.e;

    lol, joking, yes it's volunteer. I think.

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